Fondos 051 - Town of Capreol

Town of Capreol Minutes, April 15, 1918 to February 10, 1919 Typed Transcript of the Town of Capreol Minutes 1918-1919 Assessment Roll for the Municipality of the Town of Capreol for 1918 Typed Transcript of the Assessment Roll for the Municipality of the Town of Capreol for 1918 Collector's Roll for the Municipality of the Town of Capreol for 1918 Typed Transcript of the Collector’s Roll for the Municipality of the Town of Capreol for 1918
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Town of Capreol

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  • 1918 - 1919 (Criação)
    Town of Capreol

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The Town of Capreol was incorporated April 1, 1918 under the Railway and Municipal Board Order Procedure File 4628. The town was named after the Township of Capreol, which was surveyed by Ontario Land Surveyor James Stewart Laird in 1893.

As an incorporated town, lower tier municipality, the Town of Capreol had a council consisting of an elected Mayor and councilors, varying in number based on the size of the municipality. The Town was responsible for the upkeep of the local road system and the delivery of services including policing, water and sewage. The Town of Capreol controlled the regulation of land and local administration through by-laws. It had the ability to raise money through direct taxation on land and through the use of debentures.

In 1955, the Township of Capreol incorporated. In 1959, all of Lot 9 and part of Lots 10 and 11 in the Sixth Concession were annexed from the Town of Capreol to the Township of Capreol with the consent of the Ontario Municipal Board. In 1973, the Town of Capreol had its borders changed again with the addition of Sellwood and Milnet. The municipality also joined the newly created Regional Municipality of Sudbury.

On January 1, 2001, the Town of Capreol amalgamated with the City of Sudbury, the Town of Nickel Centre, the Town of Onaping Falls, the Town of Rayside-Balfour, the City of Valley East, the Town of Walden and the unincorporated townships of Fraleck, Parkin, Aylmer, Mackelcan, Rathbun, Scadding, Dryden, Cleland and Dillnewly to form the City of Greater Sudbury.

Former Mayors of the Town of Capreol include;
Dr. William Frederick Shaw 1918
William Bell 1919
Henry Clement 1920, 1922-1923
Charles Hart 1921
Walter Jones 1924-1926
Peter Kilgour 1927-1928
Anthony Hall 1929
J. Murray Mills 1930
Percy Robinson 1931
William Gibson 1932-1935, 1944-1946, 1953-1954
James E. Coyne 1936-1943
Alistair MacLean 1947-1952
Harold Prescott 1955-1961, 1964-1968, 1973-1974
John MacLean 1962-1963
Norman Fawcett 1969-1972
Frank Mazzuca 1975-1997
Dave Kilgour 1997-2000

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This fonds consists of administrative, financial and judicial records documenting the operation of the Town of Capreol.

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The Minutes, Assessment Rolls and Collector's Rolls were transferred to the Archives from the Clerks department of Greater Sudbury.


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The petition for the Corporation of the Town of Capreol was filed by Dr. William Frederick Shaw on January 16, 1918. Further materials were filed on February 6, 1918 and the order for incorporation was issued on February 12, 1918 but did not come into force until April 1, 1918.

Nota general

To learn more about the Town of Capreol's first mayor Dr. William Frederick Shaw, see

Nota general

To learn more about James S. Laird (October 1, 1842 – November 21, 1928), see the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors at

Nota general

“The following surveys of townships have been carried out this year… the townships of Capreol…, also in the District of Nipissing, have been sub-divided into lots of 320 acres each.” Report of the Commissioner of Crown Lands of the Province of Ontario for the Year 1893, Sessional Papers, Vol. XXVI, Part IV, Fourth Session, Seventh Legislature, of the Province of Ontario, Session 1894, (Toronto: Lud. K. Cameron, Queen’s Printer), 1894, p. viii

Nota general

“(Appendix No. 21). Township of Capreol. District of Nipissing, Essex, Ontario, December 22nd, 1893. SIR, - I have the honor to submit the following report of the survey of the township of Capreol, in the district of Nipissing, performed under instructions from your department, dated 27th day of June, 1893, together with field notes, plans and account of the same, transmitted herewith, all of which, I trust, will be found satisfactory.” James S. Laird, Ontario Land Surveyor Report to the Honorable A.S. Hardy, Commissioner of Crown Lands, Toronto, Sessional Papers, Vol. XXVI, Part IV, Fourth Session, Seventh Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Session 1894, (Toronto: Lud. K. Cameron, Queen’s Printer), 1894, p. 39

Nota general

The Town of Capreol was named after the township. According to "Town of Capreol 60th Anniversary Celebrations 1918-1978," Cyril T. Young laid out the townsite and the township was named after the former Toronto, Lake Simcoe & Lake Huron Union Railway Company Director Frederick Chase Capreol (1803-1886). To learn more about Frederick Capreol, see the Dictionary of Canadian Biography at

Nota general

In 1955, the Township of Capreol was incorporated with the effective date of September 26, 1955. On January 1, 1967, the Township of Capreol was annexed to Hanmer to form the Township of Capreol and Hanmer. The following year, Wisner Township was annexed to the Township of Capreol and Hanmer and on January 1, 1969, the Township of Blezard amalgamated with the Township of Capreol and Hanmer to form the Corporation of the Township of Valley East. The Town of Valley East was formed in 1973.

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