Toronto (Township, Ont.)



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Toronto (Township, Ont.)

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Toronto (Township, Ont.)

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Toronto (Township, Ont.)

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City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Bert Hoferichter, M. P. A.

Item consists of a postcard showing a photograph by Bert Hoferrichter, M.P.A. of yacht on Lake Ontario, created for the "City of Mississauga Public Affairs Dep't." It was distributed by Promotional Sales Aids Ltd., Mississauga, and also bears the logo of "Cavalier Alex Wilson Publications, Dryden, Ontario, Canada". The verso includes the ID code of "16413 RABC" and reads "Fronting on 18 miles of Lake Ontario shoreline, yachts and yacht races are a familiar sight to Mississauga residents and visitors alike."

Sons of Temperance, Summerville Division, No. 298 fonds

  • Fundo
  • 10 Jan. 1890 - 20 Apr. 1894

Fonds consists of the remaining minutes of the organization. Volume one covers the period of 10 Jan. 1890 to 16 May 1891, and volume two covers the period of 22 May 1891 to 20 Apr. 1894.

Sons of Temperance of North America. Summerville Division No. 298

The Order of The Knights of The Round Table, Table #18, Dixie fonds

  • Fundo
  • 1936 - 26 Mar. 1941

Fonds consists of the corporate records of this organization for young men.

  • File 1: Minutes, 1936-1937; correspondence, 1941; programme, 1938
  • File 2: Minutes, 1938-1939
  • File 3: Minutes, 1939
  • File 4: Minutes, membership rolls, correspondence, 1940-1941

The Order of The Knights of The Round Table, Table #18, Dixie

Day books

Series consists of 6 volumes of day books, recording the day-by-day visits to patients by Dr. Dixie.

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