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Simcoe County Archives

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The Simcoe County Archives, Ontario's very first county-level archives, were opened in 1966 as part of Simcoe County's Canadian Centennial Project. Norbert Moran commenced his duties as Simcoe County's first Archivist on May 02, 1966, and the first transfer of the County's corporate records to its new Archives took place later that month. The Archives was officially opened to the public on November 22, 1966, as the new 2,200 square foot addition to the Simcoe County Museum was unveiled for the first time. In 1973, the position of Assistant to the Archivist was created, and filled by Peter Moran, Norbert’s son.

In January, 1975, Peter Moran followed his father as the second County Archivist. A winner of the J.J. Talman Award for pioneering efforts in the field of local archives, Peter oversaw the evolution of Simcoe County Archives into one of the finest regional archives in Canada. The archives continued to grow, and a specialized 4,000 square foot, controlled-environment detached structure was opened in Dec, 1979.

An addition in 1992 effectively doubled the size of the Simcoe County Archives to 8,000 square feet. Bruce Beacock was named Acting County Archivist in April, 1994, and a year later was permanently appointed to that position, and currently serves as the third Simcoe County Archivist.

The Simcoe County Archives, which was honoured with the Archives Association of Ontario's 2000 Institutional Excellence Award, is currently one of only three purpose-built archival facilities in the entire province of Ontario.

In 2012, a 10,000 square foot addition was officially opened, bringing the footprint of the Simcoe County Archives to 18,000 square feet.

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The Archives has two principal roles. The first of these is the preservation and promotion of Simcoe County's cultural and visible heritage. The Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public, the documentary history of Simcoe County. The Archives' extensive and important collection of maps, photographs, original manuscripts, magnetic and digital recordings, newspapers and other records make it one of the most highly-regarded "regional" archives in the country. The archival collection documents the political, social and economic history of Simcoe County. In addition to private manuscript collections, the Archives houses the records and documentary histories of schools, churches, businesses and all manner of institutions, and its earliest record, an original map, dates from 1540.

The Archives' second role is to provide efficient permanent-records management services to the executive, management and administrative departments of the County of Simcoe. The same services are provided to the municipalities which comprise the County, and also, through a service agreement, for the separated City of Barrie. The Archives provides storage, organization and public access for the permanent-retention, non-active public records of the various levels of Simcoe County government.



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