Port Hope, Ontario



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Port Hope, Ontario

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Port Hope, Ontario

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Port Hope, Ontario

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Philip A.C. Ketchum Fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1910-1964

Fonds consists of records documenting Ketchum's family and professional life.

Included are correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, reports, agendas and minutes.

Ketchum, Philip A.C.

Photographs by Year

Series consists of annual photographs of athletic teams, extra-curricular clubs, and student leadership groups. Some candid photographs with unknown provenance are included, organized by year of creation.

Trinity College School History Collection

  • Colección
  • 1865-?

Collection consists of records documenting the organizational history of Trinity College School, as well as activities and achievements of Trinity College School alumni and faculty and staff.

Included are newspaper clippings, photographs, play programs, reports, notes, and correspondence.

Trinity College School

Old Boys & Girls

Series consists of records documenting the professional and personal activities and achievements of Trinity College School alumni (Old Boys and Old Girls).

Included are photographs, newspaper clippings, obituaries, and correspondence.

School History Files

Series consists of records documenting the history of Trinity College School, including the Weston Campus, the School fires of 1893 and 1928, construction of School buildings and facilities, the Woodstock campus, athletics, the School's houses, cadets, the Chapel, the School's centennial year, the Library, debates and dramatics, the governing body, the Oxford Cup, the Pancake Toss, the Pat Moss Club, and music.

Included are notes, correspondence, reports, briefings, meeting minutes and agendas, and newspaper clippings.

Annual Files

Series consists of records documenting the activities of the Junior School, arranged by year of creation.

Included are reports, correspondence, student handbooks, play and concert programs, notes and reports.


Series consists of Trinity College school promotional postcards.

Oswald George Shepherd fonds

  • Fondos
  • [between 1907 and 1910]

Fonds consists of records documenting Oswald George Shepherd's time at Trinity College School. Included are photographs, photo albums and a school prospectus.

Shepherd, Oswald George

Lennard Family Fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1919-1923

Fonds consists of a copy of the history of the Lennard's Mill and family, written by Graham Lennard, a Trinity College School cap and a scrapbook consisting of personal family and school photos.

Lennard Family

Scrapbook Collection

  • Colección
  • 1865-2019

Collection consists of various scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, photographs and personal memorabilia pertaining to staff, students and family of Trinity College School.

Scrapbook 1897-1906

This scrapbook contains examination records, various memos, and schedules pertaining to Trinity College School during this time period.

Choir Trip to England 1986

This scrapbook contains programs, articles, memorabilia and photographs regarding the Trinity College School Choir trip to Englad in 1986.

Photo Album 1890-1893

This photo album contains photographs of landscapes and recreational pursuits depicting life at Trinity College School 1890-1893. Author unknown.

The Eagle's Nest and Other Stories

  • CA ON00154 2017.31.1
  • Item
  • 1877

Item is a small publication named 'The Eagles Nest and Other Stories' by author A.L.O.E. It was presented to Adam Watson, who was in the Intermediate Class of the Methodist Sabbath School in Port Hope, in January 1880.

Port Hope Methodist Church- Orders of Service

  • CA ON00154 2017.30.11
  • Dossiê
  • 1896

File includes two (2) orders of service for Port Hope Methodist Church.

1) Sunday February 9th, 1896
2) Sunday, October 30th, 1904

Letters from Joseph Shuter Smith to August Louisa Smith

File includes letters sent from Joseph Shuter Smith to his mother Augusta Louisa Smith in 1885 during a family trip

1) Letter sent from Berlin, Prussia on 24 July, 1885.

2) Letter sent from Constance, Baden (Germany) on 10 August 1885

3) Letter sent from Christiania, Norway 28 November 1885.

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