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CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.26 · Series · 1907-1929
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of various military papers belonging to Alfred Henry Clark Long, c1907-1916. It includes: Memorial Card for Capt. Gilbert Edwards; Presentation of Colours to the 136th Overseas Battalion, 1916; Municipal Reception and Banquet to Returned Soldiers, 1919; Invitation to Complimentary Officers Dance, 1916; Mayor's Address of Welcome to Port Hope Old Boys and Girls, 8th Separate Co, 3rd Regiment, 1908; Letter of Condolence to Mrs. A.H.C. Long (Edna) from 136th Battalion Association, 1929; List of Students and Ex-Students in World War I from Port Hope Evening Guide, c1919; Captain's Drills and Exercises, 1910; Battalion Orders from Valcartier Camp, 1916; "West End Amateurs" Army Chorus, undated; Certificate of Military Instruction for Infantry, 1907.

CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.9 · File · 1910-1916
Part of Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

File consists of the military papers of Alfred H.C. Long, 1910-1916. It includes: Certificate of Military Instruction, Infantry Branch, 1910; 46th Regiment, School of Signaling, Certificate of Military Instruction, 28 Apr 1911; Certificate of Military Instruction 24 Jun 1913; 46th Regiment, Certificate of Military Instruction, Field Officer, 1916; Certificate of Military Instruction of Musketry Instruction, 1916; Regimental Fund Account, 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, C. E. F. 1915-1916; Battalion Order # 112. Second page duplicated. Syllabus of training, May 13, 1916 Commanding 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, Port Hope; Militia Orders, 21 May 1910, A. H. C. Long listed, 46th Regiment; Appointments, Promotions and Retirements, Canadian Militia, 1914; Letter to Major A. H. C. Long, junior Major from Lt. Col. R. W. Smart regarding Smart's resignation, 1916.

CA ON00154 2011.10-2013.30.1 · Item · 1913
Part of Marielle Lambert Collection

Item is a yellow ribbon commemorating the 223rd Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne from the people of Port Hope, 1913. It also includes the text "What we have we hold" and "God save the King."

CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.40 · Series · 1900-1984
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the family of Brigadier General George H. Ralston, of Hill and Dale, c1900-1984. It includes: obituaries, a Christmas card signed Billy and Elyse Ralston, Certificate of Registration of Birth for John Stewart Harrah Ralston (1903), and correspondence addressed to General and Mrs. Ralston.

CA ON00329 F 37 · Fonds · 1977-1980

Fonds consists of three series: administrative records, publications, and correspondence. Correspondence contains the incoming and outgoing letters of Alan Dewar, secretary of the Camp X Military Museums Board of Directors. Letters discuss the purpose of the organization, fundraising, and future plans. The majority of letters focus on inviting important people to a dinner held in January 1978 to introduce the plans for the Museum to potential donors and members of the government. Administrative records consist of meeting agendas, minutes, by-laws, and letters of incorporation. Publications includes two published newsletters of the Camp X Military Museums Society.

Camp X Military Museums
CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.16 · Series · 1909-1916
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of four (4) military publications originally owned by Capt. Alfred Henry Clark Long as part of his training and deployment with "A" Company in the 46th Regiment, 136th Battalion, 1909-1916. It includes: "Regulations for the Clothing of the Canadian Militia, Part II," 1909; "Notes on Company Training 3rd Division"; "Tactical Notes"; "Canadian Expeditionary Force Units - Instructions for Governing Organization and Administration," 1916.

CA ON00154 2019.13.2 · Item · 1884
  • this object is a "Master Sailor Certificate" on vellum.
  • the certifiacte is made out to William Wakely, dated Feb. 22, 1884. It has been signed by William Smith, Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries and A. W. McLelan Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
  • this certificate allows the bearer, W. Wakely to sail a fore and aft rigged sailing vessel in the inland waters.
Will Wakely
Edwin A. Osborn fonds
CA ON00154 2011.44 · Fonds · 1939 - 1945

Fonds consists of the military records and artifacts of Edwin Albert Osborn of the Canadian Army. Materials are related to E.A. Osborn's military service during World War II, 1939-1945. It has been arranged into three series: Military Documents; Artifacts / Objects; Photographs.

Osborn, Edwin Albert
CA ON00154 2009.5-2009.5.1.1 · Item · 1917
Part of Frank Arkless Military Collection

Item is an Honour Roll Certificate for Frank Arkless from World War I, 1917. It reads "Pte. Frank Arkless died from wounds received at the Battle of Vimy Ridge" and contains an image of Frank Arkless and King George V.

Arkless, Frank
CA ON00154 2009.5 · Fonds · 1917 - 1919

Fonds consists of one framed Roll of Honour/Death Notice for Frank Arkless, and one "Dead Man's Penny," 1917-1919. See item-level descriptions for more information.

Arkless, Frank
CA ON00154 2016.16-2016.16.2 · Series · 1907-1975
Part of Edward "Ted" Fulford fonds

Series consists of correspondence, notes and invoices related to the Fulford family, and Fulford Bros. Dry Goods in Port Hope, c1907-1975. It includes: correspondence and financial information regarding the campaign for a missionary trip lead by the Methodist Church, and addressed to Harold Fulford; blank invoices from Fulford Bros.; and a hand-written description of Ted Fulford's military service during World War II.

Fulford, Edward Lightle
Harold Wakely
CA ON00154 2019.13.4 · Item · 1945

Harold Wakely as a child in a cadets uniform. Photo from 1945 taken at 118 Charles St. Port Hope. Black and white.

Harold Wakely and Don Ashton
CA ON00154 2019.13.3 · Item · 1945

Black and white photograph of two young boys in Cadet uniforms, 1945, taken outside 118 Charles St., Port Hope. - the boy on the left side is Harold Wakely and the boy on the right is Don Ashton.

CA ON00154 2014.22-2014.22.13 · Series · 1919-1979
Part of "Uncle Tom's Cabinet" Collection

Series consists of five (5) documents. (1) Correspondence between Tom Long and Angus B. Duffy? regarding the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment's Remembrance Service (10 July 1979) (2) Information regarding the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment's Remembrance Service, (2-3) Two programs for the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment's 'C' and 'D' Coys. Officers' Mess Dinner (21 April 1960 at Idalia, Port Hope and 29 November 1961 at Chateau-by-the-Lake Hotel, Cobourg) (4) Correspondence between Ken R. Johnson from the Military Collector's Club of Canada and Mrs Locke regarding information about Stanley Rosevear (5) Program for the Municipal Reception and Banquet to the Returned Soldiers of Port Hope and Vicinity (17 September 1919)

Long, Norman Thomas
CA ON00154 996.21-1996.21 · Series · 1914-1936
Part of Barbara Loucks Family Collection

Series consists of newspapers and brochurs noting military concerns. It includes: (1) Port Hope Evening Guide, 4 Dec 1914 (Letter from Robin Haultain, England); (2) Brochure "Information for Wives of Soldiers Coming from Overseas," c. 1915; (3) Brochure "Canadian Legion Pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge for the Unveiling of the Canadian National War Memorial," 26 Jul 1936.

CA ON00154 2015.34-2015.34.5-2015.34.5.4 · File · 1980 - 2000
Part of Austin Family Collection

File consists of four (4) artifacts related to John Austin's involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 30, c1980-2000. It includes: (1) 40 years of service to the Legion pin and card; (2) Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 30, Port Hope jacket patches; (3) Royal Canadian Legion 60th Anniversary coaster, 1986.

Austin, John