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Sir Gilbert Parker fonds
Fonds · 1902-1915

The Gilbert Parker fonds consists of three folders. The first contains pieces of correspondence, primarily to Col. W.N. Ponton. Amoung the items he sent to Ponton were two propogandist pamphlets by Reverend H.M. Gwatkin and William Arhcer respectively. The second folder contains two of his publications, of which the poem "Was it Some Golden Star" was put to music by Edward Elgar, and two publications directed towards the United States with the aim of bringing them into World War 1 on the British side. The final folder contains items from the Gilbert Parker Banquet in 1902 with items including a menu and an invitation.

Parker, Sir Gilbert
SSM&S #1
ON00120 002-2-6-1 · Item · 1942
Part of Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited

Part one of a two part film of the 2nd Battalion, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Regiment (Reserve) in training at Minnow Lake in Sudbury, Ontario.

00:00 The 2nd Battalion, S.S.M. & S. Regt. (Reserve) in training at Sudbury. In the year 1942, the people of The Sudbury district had become accustomed to the idea that the production of nickel was all important to the war endeavours of the United Nations. There were some too who realized that supplies of nickel could only go forward so long as no enemy action would interfere with the production plants. These men sought to contribute their share to the safety of the district and the country through the medium of the reserve army. Here they absorbed the lesson that directed organization and knowledge of weapons can make men into a power for defence. To satisfy the industrial effort, the customary schedule of two weeks in a summer military camp was sacrificed and the same training carried out in a local camp without disturbance to the men’s working shifts. This innovation in training methods was a complete success and has set a precedent for the war years. Added to the camp training, weekend tactical schemes were performed throughout the training year. The net result has been an infantry unit as inured to actual battle conditions as men engaged in industrial pursuits can be made.
01:53 Minnow Lake Camp: And the first grey of morning filled the east. And the fog rose out of the Oxus stream. But all the Tartar camp along the stream Was hush’d and still the men were plunged in sleep. – Arnold –
02:45 In the lines
03:16 A soldier’s tent
03:31 The pipe band will play the troops to the parade ground
03:51 “Markers!”
04:09 “Outwards Turn!”
04:26 “On Parade!”
04:57 “Markers, Fall in!”
05:11 “Parade, Steady!”
05:17 “Slope Arms!”
05:34 “All present and correct Sir!”
05:54 “Carry on with the syllabus!”
06:21 Pile arms
06:39 Bombing Practice
07:28 Respirator drill
08:19 Loading and unloading by numbers.
09:31 In Out! In Out! Pass through
09:58 The controlled charge
10:27 Over the obstacles
10:42 Bren Gun instruction
11:14 Preparing for parade
11:31 Too many Vitamines [sic]
11:48 That eager look when cookhouse sounds
12:27 Officers Mess
12:55 “All night long the brose was going and the pipes changing hands.” – Stevenson –
13:28 Some of the visiting staff.
13:43 Part 2 to follow.
13:47 End.

SSM&S #2
ON00120 002-2-6-2 · Item · 1942
Part of Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited

Part two of a two part film of the 2nd Battalion, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Regiment (Reserve) in training at Minnow Lake in Sudbury, Ontario.

00:00 A parade in Sudbury
00:51 The firing point
01:16 Inspection of targets
01:31 Five rounds rapid!
02:12 The trenches
03:22 The Bren in action
04:47 A sham battle in the open
06:22 An attack at dawn
06:46 Shell bursts
07:08 The advance is signaled.
07:19 The first objective is taken.
08:40 As daylight dawns, the pursuit continues.
09:06 A sniper
09:21 A mine clears the way
09:50 The staff reviews the action.
10:24 General inspection
10:42 The General arrives
11:04 General Constantine reviews the troops.
11:23 Those rifles were good
12:00 Companys [sic] in line
12:20 The bands
12:28 The General addresses the troops.
12:44 The march past
13:43 We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake – the faith and morals hold which Milton held. – Wordsworth –
13:58 End

CA ON00397 2013.06 · Collection · 1918

Photographs depicting aircraft and airmen of the Royal Flying Corps, principally taken in and around Camp Rathbun, the pilot training camp situated to the north of Deseronto, Ontario. The majority of individuals pictured are not identified, although the captions 'Jimmie Russell' and 'Cadet Mitchell' appear on two of the photographs.

The Oxford Rifles fonds
ca. 1850 - 1989, nd.

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of the Oxford Rifles and is organized into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Administration
a) Constitution/By-laws
b) Minutes
c) Financial
d) History

Series 2: Military papers
a) Regimental/Service/Enlistment Rolls
b) Orders
c) Certificates/General Military documents
d) War Diaries
e) Correspondence

Series 3: Oxford Rifle Band
a) Financial
b) Concerts
c) Sheet Music

Series 4: The Oxford Rifle Association
a) Financial
b) Newsletters
c) Reunion

Series 5: Scrapbooks

Series 6: Miscellaneous

Oxford Rifles Militia
Varpu Lindström fonds
CA ON00370 F0558 · Fonds · 1887-2012

Fonds consists of Lindstrom's professorial and scholarly research files throughout her career, as well as records documenting her academic activities. Research files pertain to her publications and monographs such as "Defiant Sisters : A Social History of Finnish Immigrant Women in Canada, 1890-1930" (both the English and Finnish editions), and "From Heroes to Enemies : Finns in Canada, 1937-1947," as well as book chapters, articles, papers, presentations and lectures, and her involvement with the National Film Board production "Letters from Karelia," and subsequent research. The research files span the activities of Finnish and Finnish-Canadian organizations across the political spectrum, such as the Finnish Organization of Canada (left wing), and Loyal Finns in Canada (right wing). Records include oral history interviews (audio cassettes and transcripts), research notes, clippings, a significant and extensive number of photograph and letter collections passed down through generations of Finnish Canadians, diaries, correspondence, publication drafts, academic and professorial notes, microfilm of Finnish language newspapers published in Canada and archival records, financial records of Finnish-Canadian organizations such as newspapers and post-World War II relief funding bodies, scrapbooks, photocopies of rare and unusual documents such as two volumes of a Soviet register of Finnish War Crimes, a list of persons found in the mass grave at Karhumaki, and Soviet lists of North American Finns who journeyed to Karelia to help build a socialist utopia there, academic and professorial files, publicity files, files pertaining to her work with the School of Women's Studies, and her own papers as a university student. The fonds also includes letters written by Lindstrom as a newly-arrived teenaged immigrant to Canada to her best friend in Finland; many of these letters were published in Finnish with English translation in 'Letters from an immigrant teenager' in 2012.

Lindström, Varpu
W. C. Mikel fonds
Fonds · 1920-1960

This collection represents materials originating or used by W.C. Mikel. The first folder contains three speeches delivered during his time as Police Magistrate and Mayor. The next series of folders contains references and sources for his volume The City of Belleville History. The second folder contains correspondence regarding the book. Folders three through ten contain the notes Mikel used for each chapter. Folder eleven contains the plans for “Quinte City" and documents from the Town Planning Institute among others. Folder twelve contains unattributed reference material and general research for the book. Folder thirteen contains Mikel's collection of material for the 1924 United Empire Loyalist celebration which was held during his first term as Mayor. Folder fourteen contains Mrs. Mikel's obituary, a letter from Mikel to the Bank of Montreal, and a letterhead from the period he served as Police Magistrate. Folder fifteen contains three copies of his book, Godlove Mikel. The sixtenth folder contains a variety of newspaper clippings.

Mikel, William Charles
War Memory Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0012 · Fonds · ca. 1939-2007

The War Memory Fonds contain material relating to the remembrance of Allied military activity from 1914 to 1945. The material includes books, magazines, articles, newsletters, pamphlets, museum guides, maps, correspondence, and photographs which primarily discuss Allied involvement in the First and Second World Wars, including general histories, individual accounts, and battlefield maps.

The War Memory Fonds represents hundreds of individual donations bequeathed to Professor Terry Copp over the past several decades. They deal primarily with the Second World War, but some earlier material exists. Professor Copp has used many records from this collection to write on various aspects of the Canadian Army during the Second World War.

Whit-Knit Club fonds
CA ON00329 F07 · Fonds · 1940-1946

Fonds consists of records generated by the members of the Whitby Knitting Club. Records represent club operations associated with fundraising, knitting, distributing packages overseas, and the resulting incoming and outgoing correspondence. Fonds consists of two series: Administrative records and Correspondence.

Whitby Knitting Club
CA ON00154 2014.48 · Fonds · 1914-1917

Fonds consists of the World War I diary of Wilbur P. Baulch (Bill), and associated documentation, 1914-1917.

Baulch, Wilbur Pennorwood
William Bell fonds
Fonds · 1779-1836, predominant 1798-1829

Most of the papers deal with Bell's activities as part of the Hastings Militia. Bell served under his friend, John Ferguson, and in 1825 succeeded him as colonel in command of the 1st Regiment, Hastings Militia. There is a small quantity of personal correspondence and 23 items relating to his role as Justice of the Peace and Coroner. Also included is a small file of correspondence from Robert Laing, who succeded Bell as schoolmaster on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve. Fonds consists of of the following series: Correspondence, 1779-1836 Correspondence, Public Offices, 1799-1833 Robert Laing, 1795-1823 1st Regiment, Hastings Militia, 1798-1831

Bell, William, 1760-1833
William Grey fonds
Item · [18- ] - 1904, 1964

The fonds consists of records created and compiled by William Grey and is arranged into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Diaries
Series 3: Financial
Subseries 1: Accounts
Subseries 2: Receipts
Series 4: Marriage and Deaths
Series 5: Land Records
Series 6: Militia
Series 7: Miscellaneous

Grey, William
CA ON00031 A967.052 - A971.011 · Fonds · 1914-1915

This fonds consists chiefly of records related to William Victor Tranter (1894-1915), known as “Victor”, and his time serving with the 1st Canadian Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, during World War I. Includes his diary written from December 27, 1914 to June 7, 1915 including his experiences at the Battle of Ypres, four letters written by Victor to family between April 1914 and May 1915, photograph of Victor ca. 1914, death certificate, correspondence from hospital chaplain, Sister Rose, and Town of Southampton to Victor’s parents, William and Annie Tranter, In Memoriam Card, transcript of cemetery registration and gravemarker, photograph of gravemarker at Wimereux Communal Cemetery Pas de Calais, France, and newspaper notice of Victor’s death.

Tranter, William Victor
Fonds · 1940-1946

The fonds consist of two photograph albums and one scrapbook that relate to the years of operation, 1940-1946, of the S-11 Woodstock Advanced Driving and Maintenance School and the S-5 Canadian Driving and Maintenance School.

Crouch, Rupert Bland Col.
Fonds · 1938-2011

The fonds consist of various materials related to the administration and activities of the Ladies Auxiliary for Branch No. 55, Woodstock and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Minutes

Series 2: Financial

Series 3: Membership
Sub-series A: correspondence
Sub-series B: membership applications
Sub-series C: Awards of Recognition
Sub-series D: Service Pins
Sub-series E: Miscellaneous

Series 4: Events/Operations

Series 5: Photographs

Woodstock Legion - Ladies' Auxiliary
WWI Photographs
CA ON00373 MG 30-MG 30 · Series · 1914-1918
Part of Mackenzie family fonds [textual record and other material]

Series consists of images from WWI in which Addision Alexander and his brother Ross, both served. Many photos depict other men from Vaughan, Ontario who also joined the war. Includes some excellent scenes of camp life and the destruction wrought by the war in France.