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CA ON00353 AFC 334 · Discrete Item · 1866-1867

Item consists of a photograph album containing prints relating to the British military garrison at London, Ontario in the late 1860s.

Phipps, Albert Augustus
Albert Edward Kemp fonds
CA ON00370 F0336 · Fonds · 1907-1922

Fonds consists of correspondence of Albert Edward Kemp with political colleagues, government and parliamentary business. There is also financial material relating to Kemp Manufacturing Co., 1909-1923, including financial statements.

Kemp, Albert Edward, 1858-1929
CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.26 · Series · 1907-1929
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of various military papers belonging to Alfred Henry Clark Long, c1907-1916. It includes: Memorial Card for Capt. Gilbert Edwards; Presentation of Colours to the 136th Overseas Battalion, 1916; Municipal Reception and Banquet to Returned Soldiers, 1919; Invitation to Complimentary Officers Dance, 1916; Mayor's Address of Welcome to Port Hope Old Boys and Girls, 8th Separate Co, 3rd Regiment, 1908; Letter of Condolence to Mrs. A.H.C. Long (Edna) from 136th Battalion Association, 1929; List of Students and Ex-Students in World War I from Port Hope Evening Guide, c1919; Captain's Drills and Exercises, 1910; Battalion Orders from Valcartier Camp, 1916; "West End Amateurs" Army Chorus, undated; Certificate of Military Instruction for Infantry, 1907.

CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.9 · File · 1910-1916
Part of Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

File consists of the military papers of Alfred H.C. Long, 1910-1916. It includes: Certificate of Military Instruction, Infantry Branch, 1910; 46th Regiment, School of Signaling, Certificate of Military Instruction, 28 Apr 1911; Certificate of Military Instruction 24 Jun 1913; 46th Regiment, Certificate of Military Instruction, Field Officer, 1916; Certificate of Military Instruction of Musketry Instruction, 1916; Regimental Fund Account, 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, C. E. F. 1915-1916; Battalion Order # 112. Second page duplicated. Syllabus of training, May 13, 1916 Commanding 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, Port Hope; Militia Orders, 21 May 1910, A. H. C. Long listed, 46th Regiment; Appointments, Promotions and Retirements, Canadian Militia, 1914; Letter to Major A. H. C. Long, junior Major from Lt. Col. R. W. Smart regarding Smart's resignation, 1916.

ON00120 049-8-1 · File · 1946
Part of Town of Copper Cliff

File consists of a bound, handwritten and date stamped Bank of Toronto Pass Book for the Town of Copper Cliff. This pass book was used for the municipality's Returned Soldier's Entertainment Fund directly after the end of the Second World War. Also included is a paid cheque to Cochrane Dunlop Hardware Limited, dated November 5, 1946, in the amount of $1,196 and signed by the Town Treasurer as well as a Confirmation of Balance and Vouchers from the Bank of Toronto, dated November 30, 1946, with a balance of $113.47 in the account.

Barrie Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0010 · Fonds · ca. 1901-2002

The Barrie Fonds contain material relating to the Canadian Militia from 1914 to 1945. The documents include fields booklets and pamphlets, photographs, maps, diaries, journals, and newspaper clippings pertaining to both the First and Second World War.

Douglas Barrie
CA ON00154 2011.10-2013.30.1 · Item · 1913
Part of Marielle Lambert Collection

Item is a yellow ribbon commemorating the 223rd Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne from the people of Port Hope, 1913. It also includes the text "What we have we hold" and "God save the King."

Beer family fonds
CA ON00370 F0375 · Fonds · 1914-1919

Fonds consists of correspondence between Captain James R. Allan and Vivien Beer of Strathroy, Ontario before Captain Allan, was killed; press clippings and photographs of Captain Allan and Private Walter Beer while serving in World War I, and scenes of various members of the Beer family.

Beer (family)
CA ON00159 P220 · Fonds · 1912-1971 (predominant 1930-1966)

The Benjamin and Mary Avery fonds contains textual records, photographs, maps and documentation mostly relating to Benjamin Avery’s accomplishments as a Forester and administrator. While some of the photographs depict his stay at Yale and his participation in sports, most are of meetings with administrators of different pulp and paper companies. The newspaper clippings and correspondence pay tribute and document his different roles and achievements in the sector of forestry.

Birth certificate, certificate of Naturalization, and US Army records with diaries documenting 5 years of Mr. Avery’s daily life offer insight into his private life.

The personal and public tributes after his death and the naming of the Benjamin F. Avery Physical Education building at Laurentian University are also well documented and outline his role and the recognition of his significant contribution to Forestry and the population of Northern Ontario.

Avery, Benjamin Franklin
CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.40 · Series · 1900-1984
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the family of Brigadier General George H. Ralston, of Hill and Dale, c1900-1984. It includes: obituaries, a Christmas card signed Billy and Elyse Ralston, Certificate of Registration of Birth for John Stewart Harrah Ralston (1903), and correspondence addressed to General and Mrs. Ralston.

Brown Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0006 · Fonds · 1915-1996

The Brown Fonds contain material relating to Veterans Affairs Canada from 1939 to the late 1990s. The documents include notes, chapters, drafts, minutes, articles, correspondence, and memoranda reports pertaining to the Department of Pensions and National Health, which would split after the Second World War and become Health Canada and Veterans Affairs Canada.

Dr. Shaun Brown
Series · 196?
Part of Ephemera Collection

Series consists of objects and textual records used by Trinity College School's Cadets.

Included are three sports starting pistols, a mechanical stopwatch, and R.C.A.F. record cards.

CA ON00329 F 37 · Fonds · 1977-1980

Fonds consists of three series: administrative records, publications, and correspondence. Correspondence contains the incoming and outgoing letters of Alan Dewar, secretary of the Camp X Military Museums Board of Directors. Letters discuss the purpose of the organization, fundraising, and future plans. The majority of letters focus on inviting important people to a dinner held in January 1978 to introduce the plans for the Museum to potential donors and members of the government. Administrative records consist of meeting agendas, minutes, by-laws, and letters of incorporation. Publications includes two published newsletters of the Camp X Military Museums Society.

Camp X Military Museums
Fonds · 1939-ca. 2000

This fonds consists of the administrative records of the Dutton and Dunwich Branch of the Canadian Red Cross Society, and are divided into the following series:
-Minutes, 1939-1946; 1982-1986
-Correspondence, 1941-1959
-Financial records, 1941-1967
-Miscellaneous records, ca. 1970-ca. 2000
This fonds would be of interest to researchers studying the origin and development of the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross Dutton/Dunwich Branch in particular, the lives of Second World War Servicemen and service organizations in Canada and Ontario in general.

Canadian Red Cross Society, Dutton/Dunwich branch
CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.16 · Series · 1909-1916
Part of Long Family Collection

Series consists of four (4) military publications originally owned by Capt. Alfred Henry Clark Long as part of his training and deployment with "A" Company in the 46th Regiment, 136th Battalion, 1909-1916. It includes: "Regulations for the Clothing of the Canadian Militia, Part II," 1909; "Notes on Company Training 3rd Division"; "Tactical Notes"; "Canadian Expeditionary Force Units - Instructions for Governing Organization and Administration," 1916.