Dossiê 4 - Letter from Lloyd Elsley to Eliza Uffelman

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Letter from Lloyd Elsley to Eliza Uffelman

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CA ON00411 MG-0021-1-4

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  • December 8, 1916 (Criação)

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Reading 9.15 AM
8 Dec 16
Mrs. Jacob Uffelman

[Page 1]
Royal Flying Corps,
Wantage Hall,
Dec 8th 1916
Dear Aunt Eliza,
I just received your socks to-day and I want to thank you so much for them. They are fine and I can assure you that they will stand me in good stead.
As you know I have transfered from the infantry and it is much nicer here. I will be here till February but after that I haven’t the least idea where.

[Page 2]
I am pretty well fed up with this climate so I don’t much care where they send me only I do with I could go to Egypt.
I suppose Willie and Sheldon are still in London and won’t be over here till Spring. Tell them not to be in too great a hurry to get here because it only means that these days of longing to get back to Canada will be longer, I know I was much pleased to leave Canada but I would be much more pleased to be on my way back.

[Page 3]
I get two letters per week from home so I am kept pretty well posted, and the mails have been my regular lately.
I suppose the boy will all be home for Xmas and you will be having a fine time. I hope they appreciate it because they surely won’t spend Xmas next year there. If I am home in two years I shall think I am doing fine. You hear a lot of talk about ending the war

[Page 4]
but don’t look for an end for more than a year yet at the least.
Now auntie don’t let anything I write get into the paper because it may not be healthy for me.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
I close
With love to all,

Nota general

Ezra "Lloyd" Burkholder (b. 1897) is the nephew of Eliza Uffelman. He served with the 118th and 71st Battalions during the First World War. His mother, Hannah Elsley (b. 1858), who married Ezra Burkholder (b. 1859), was Eliza Uffelman's sister. They were the daughters of David Elsley (1825-1888) and Annie Christina Cook (1832-1915).

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