Fondos 2002/26 - Joint Intelligence Committee fonds

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Joint Intelligence Committee fonds

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CA ON00093 2002/26

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  • 1959, 1962 (Criação)

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1 file of textual records

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The Joint Intelligence Committee was created in November 1942 by a decision of the Chiefs of Staff Committee and consisted of the directors of intelligence of the three armed forces services. Although initially it concentrated on wartime security, it was equipped to receive, send, store, and handle top-secret intelligence material derived from intercepted communications of all kinds and was linked by dedicated, secure, landlines and transatlantic undersea cables to London, Washington, NORAD headquarters, and elsewhere. In July 1945, the Chiefs of Staff Committee approved the recommendation that representatives from External Affairs and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police be invited to participate in all meetings, and in 1946 its Chairmanship passed permanently into the hands of External Affairs. In 1959 it was suggested that a senior interdepartmental group of officials from External Affairs, Trade and Commerce, and the Bank of Canada should be created to which the Joint Intelligence Committee would report on economic intelligence matters. A year later, it formed the Economic Intelligence Committee, with the Joint Intelligence Bureau providing the secretariat. In 1960 the Joint Intelligence Committee reported directly to the Chiefs of Staff Committee on military intelligence matters. The committee assembled, evaluated and presented jointly such intelligence as may had been required by the Chiefs of Staff Committee. It comprised a representative of the Department of External Affairs (who was the Chairman), the Service Directors of Intelligence, the RCMP, the Director of the Joint Intelligence Bureau, the Director of Scientific Intelligence and representatives of other Departments and Agencies.

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Fonds consists of two papers entitled "The Maritime Threat to Canada 1963-1973" and "An Assessment of the Low-Level Threat to North America". The former paper estimated the threat from the Soviet Navy and Naval Air Force during 1963-1973 which might had involved Canada and Canadian Maritime forces. The latter paper was an assessment of the present and future likelihood of the Soviets employing low-level penetration tactics in bomber attacks on targets in North America.

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Fonds received 9 February 1975 from NATO Maritime Command Headquarters.


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82/456 – “Soviet and Eastern European air, space and maritime intelligence gathering activities against Canada.” 21 May 1970. [CLASSIFIED]
Researchers should also consult the Kardex catalogue under the heading “Joint Intelligence Committee”.

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