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Supreme Court of Appeal fonds

  • CA ON00003 F004
  • Fundo
  • 1896 -

Fonds consists of the minutes, correspondence created during the case. Includes case material, background material, record of the Registrar.

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Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

  • CA ON00126 F92
  • Fundo
  • 1973-2001-2023

This fonds consists of annual meeting minutes, financial statements, correspondence, curling schedules, rosters, and annual reviews. There are also annual and historical reviews, and miscellaneous tips for curlers.

This fonds includes eight series
Historical Review
Annual Reviews
Curling Schedules
Financial Statements
Annual and Club Meeting Minutes
Digital Materials

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Albert Frank Moritz fonds

  • CA ON00399 49
  • Fundo
  • 1935-2023

The A.F. Moritz fonds contains records relating to his education, teaching, translation and editing work, journalism and other employment, and, predominantly, his work as a poet.

Fonds is comprised of the following series:
Series 1: Education, [195-?]-2002
Series 2: Teaching, 1985-2017
Series 3: Poetry manuscripts, essays and related records 1970-2023
Series 4: Correspondence, 1973-2023
Series 5: Poetry readings, 1975-2023
Series 6: Periodicals containing material by or about A.F. Moritz, 1969-2023
Series 7: Publishing and editorial work, 1979-2022
Series 8: Anthologies containing A.F. Moritz poems, 1976-2023
Series 9: Literary related activities, 1973-2023
Series 10: Translation projects, 1973-2022
Series 11: Personal material, 1935-2022
Series 12: Employment, 1969-2001

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Norman Jewison fonds

  • CA ON00399 56
  • Fundo
  • 1926-2023, predominant 1979-2003

The archive of celebrated Canadian film director-producer Norman Jewison contains photographs and publicity materials, papers and correspondence, shooting scripts and schedules primarily for films directed or produced by Jewison between the years 1975 and 2003. Materials related to the films Fiddler on the Roof, …And Justice for All, A Soldier’s Story, Moonstruck, The Hurricane, The Statement and others undertaken by Jewison are held in this collection.

Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1: Films directed by Norman Jewison, 1966–2003; Series 2: Television productions, 1994–2001; Series 3: Shooting scripts, 1981–2003; Series 4: Films produced by Norman Jewison, 1966–1994; Series 5: Film projects not undertaken, 1971–2002; Series 6: Professional activities, tributes and honours, 1968–2007; Series 7: Correspondence/subject files, 1962–2007; Series 8: Canadian Film Centre, 1987–2004; Series 9: Autobiography, 1953–2005; Series 10: Photographs and posters, [1926?]–[2003]; Series 11: Memorabilia and publicity material, [194–?]–2007.

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Niagara Peninsula hawkwatch records

  • CA ON00259 SC192
  • Fundo
  • 1920, 1975-2019, 2023

Fonds consists of daily report sheets for the Niagara Peninsula hawkwatch. Observations were taken at the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area.

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Earle Toppings fonds

  • CA ON00399 63
  • Fundo
  • 1877, 1946-2022

Fonds contains records related to Earle Toppings' professional career as an editor, producer, news caster and educator, as well as records related to his personal life. It includes correspondence, typescripts, radio scripts, proofs, transcripts of interviews, offprints, programs, notebooks, notes and audiovisual material.

Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Series 1: Typescripts, radio scripts and drafts
Series 2: Correspondence
Series 3: Records relating to "Canadian Writers on Tape", "Canadian Poets on Tape" and "Nightfall"
Series 4: Personal records

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Opera Laurier fonds

  • CA ON00362 RG-103
  • Fundo
  • 1971-2022

Fonds contains records relating to Opera Laurier performances including programs, promotional material, planning material, audio recordings and video recordings.
For many performances, the records include production books outlining stage blocking, lighting cues and other information as well as annotated scores.

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John Arnold fonds

  • Fundo
  • 1980-1986, 2022

The fonds includes Arnold’s records as design consultant and artistic advisor for the project to build the RCAF Memorial Hall of Tribute at the National Aviation Museum (now the Canada Aviation and Space Museum). Records include proposals by artists and architects, a draft of Arnold’s report to the RCAF Memorial Fund, technical drawings, photographs, notes on meetings and other matters, and correspondence with the different actors involved in the project. The fonds is arranged mostly in the order it was received, as reflected by the annotated preliminary inventory that was added at the end of the original files. The archivist grouped some correspondence together by the name of the correspondent, as indicated in the annotations on the inventory.

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Anglican Foundation of Canada fonds

  • CA ON00003 F017
  • Fundo
  • 1955-2022

Fonds consists of corporate documents, minutes, correspondence, financial statements, grant files, photographs, and printed materials. Includes the newsletters AF Report (1992-2005) and Foundation Report (2011-2022), and Imagine that : dreams, hopes, realities ; celebrating 60 years of the Anglican Foundation of Canada, 2017 book and timeline.

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ROM Ephemera Collection

  • CA ON00259 RG144
  • Coleção
  • 2001-2022

The ROM ephemera collection consists of postcards, invitations, advertising circulars and other ephemeral material that does not fit with other fonds. Ephemera is collected by ROM staff or by the ROM Library & Archives. Where possible ephemera will relate to described institutional fonds, therefore ephemera can also be found in other ROM fonds both record groups and special collections.

St. Stephen's Anglican Church (Thamesville, Ont.)

  • CA ON00004 F005
  • Fundo
  • 1871-2022

Fonds reflects the administrative history of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Thamesville, Ontario and its role in the community from its consecration in 1871 to its deconsecration and closure in 2022. These records are organized into six series and three sous-fonds.

Series included:

  • History
  • Administration
  • Ministry
  • Committees
  • Media
  • Building

Sous fonds included:

  • Women's Auxiliary
  • Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen
  • Anglican Young People's Association

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Donald B Smith fonds

  • CA ON00399 80
  • Fundo
  • [197-?]-2022

These fonds consists of research and other records relating to Smith's publications on the history of Aboriginal Canada, in particular Sacred Feathers and Mississauga Portraits. See the finding aid for details.

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Allan McKeeman fonds

  • CA ON00126 F70
  • Fundo
  • 2002, 2006, 2009-2010, 2012 -2013, 2015, 2017-2020, 2021-2022

Fonds consists of photographs created or acquired by Allan McKeeman. The photographs offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the City of Guelph and its history.

This fonds is organized into four series.

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John Reibetanz fonds

  • CA ON00399 45
  • Fundo
  • 1962-2022

The fonds contains archival records as well as published material, and consists of the following series:

Series 1: Literary papers and related records, 1962-2022
Series 2: Published poetry and reviews, 1986-2021
Series 3: Published research material, 1965-2008

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Anglican Diocese of Moosonee Synod Office fonds

  • CA ON00159 P032
  • Fundo
  • 1848-2022

The Diocese of Moosonee Synod Office fonds attests to the work of the administrative body that oversees Anglican missionaries and clergy within the Diocese of Moosonee. The fonds focuses on the James Bay area in northern Ontario and north-western Quebec, although records document the growing importance of communities south of the James Bay over the course of the 20th century. Early records document the work of Anglican missionaries such as John Horden, Thomas Vincent, James Edmond Peck, and G.W. Walton in communities such as Moose Factory, Fort George, and Fort Albany. Missionary accounts of the harsh climate and difficulties navigating the northern terrain are coupled with accounts of religious ceremonies and interactions between clergy and European settlers employed by the HBC in the fur-trade and other industries, as well as interactions with Indigenous populations, most notably the Cree, who were established in the Moose River region prior to the arrival of Europeans. Records contain missionary accounts of daily life in the north and focus on clergy members’ involvement in the community, their family life, administrative matters between the church and the HBC—Diocesan property was leased from the company initially—, trapping and hunting statistics, as well as the basic necessities for surviving the winter months; annual grocery and supply lists sent south are included. As the majority of the content was created by clergy, the records document a Eurocentric-Anglican perspective, although due to the substantial Indigenous population in the James Bay Area, many of the records document changes to Indigenous communities as a result of European contact. The fonds documents some of the earliest interactions between Anglican missionaries and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis populations, although records become more plentiful after the official creation of the Diocese of Moosonee in 1872. The records of various Bishops, Archdeacons, and clergy members illustrate the structure of the Anglican Church and the administrative interactions between the Diocese and the parishes that it oversees. Records also document the financial relationship between the Diocese of Moosonee and the CMS, the MSCC, and the Anglican Forward Movement. These associations provided financial support to Missionary Diocese of the Anglican Church.

Changes in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the many communities that make up the Diocese of Moosonee are also evident within the records. Records track the movement of communities including: Albany’s relocation to Kashechewan and Fort George’s relocation to Chisasibi. The rise in industrial interest in the north, especially in hard rock mining, followed by a boom in immigration to northern communities starting in the early half of the 20th century are reflected in the growing demand for parishes across northern Ontario and western Quebec. The Diocesan administration also wrote about and considered other matters including: changes to provincial education systems, municipal power initiatives, transportation, agriculture, and many other Municipal, Provincial, and Federal issues. Records also document broad shifts in policy concerning Indigenous populations from the signing of Treaty No. 9 in 1905 through the Indian Residential School era of the mid-20th century, the period of Indigenous emancipation starting in the 1960s, and the period of reconciliation in the early 21st century.

The fonds consists of correspondence sent and received by clergy, including all Diocesean Bishops; meeting minutes from Diocesan Executives, Synods, and various other committees managed by the Diocese, as well as those meetings concerning individual parishes. Photographs depicting clergy, residents, towns, cities, cultural activities, hunting and fishing, religious ceremonies and celebrations, amongst many other activities, are included. Videotapes, as well as legal and financial records, missionary and Bishop’s journals, diaries, and account books document the foundation of the Diocese and describe the relationship between the Diocese, its parishes, and the communities to which those parishes serve. The records inform us of the administrative functions of the Synod Office including: hiring clergy and overseeing matters of finance. These records also illustrate the different networking relationships between the Diocese and the General Synod, the Diocese and churches of other denominations, and the Diocese of Moosonee and other Anglican Dioceses. Moreover, the records give insight as to the daily existence and development of the many communities within Northern Ontario and north-western Quebec that make up the body of the Diocese of Moosonee. Liturgical records of individual parishes are not found in this fonds.

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.22 Short Bullet

  • CA ON00428 2022.13
  • Item
  • 2022

Item is one lead .22 caliber bullet. Typically, this item was used with small pocket pistols and mini revolvers.

May Cohen fonds

  • ON00425 2
  • Fundo
  • [194-?]-2021

Fonds consists of records documenting Dr. May Cohen’s personal and professional activities. A small amount of material relates to Dr. Gerald S. Cohen’s career. Included is correspondence, papers, journals, reports, speeches, meeting materials, presentation materials, teaching slides, case studies, newspaper clippings, articles, re-prints, press releases, invitations, programs, videocassette tapes, photographs, a questionnaire, and a plaque. The records reflect a wide range of topics, including Canadian abortion rights, history of women’s health care, the teaching of human sexuality, evolution of sex counselling, experiences of female physicians, aging and sexuality, and the development of McMaster’s Women’s Health Office.

Fonds is organized into the following series: 1. Personal records, 2. Professional and political correspondence, 3. Research and writing material, 4. Presentations and related material, 5. Australian sabbatical material, 6. Professional association material, 7. Women’s Health Office records, 8. McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences activities, 9. Human sexuality curriculum development and teaching material, 10. Subject files, 11. Press material, 12. Awards and accolades, and 13. Gerald S. Cohen records.

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Anglican Book Centre / ABC Publishing fonds

  • CA ON00003 F016
  • Fundo
  • 1932-2021

Fonds consists of ABC products, minutes of meetings, correspondence, administration files, mailings, plans, papers, original SPCK agreement 1932.

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Archival photographs collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C6
  • Item
  • [ca. 1850]-[ca. 1990], [2021?]

This collection consists of photographs collected by the Guelph Public Library archives. The photographs offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the City of Guelph and its history.

The collection is arranged sequentially by an old reference code (A). The item listings of these records found in the Archive's photographic database still retain this old reference code.

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