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Collection of William Notman and Alexander Henderson photographs

  • CA ON00009 F 4357
  • Collection
  • [185-?]-[189-?]

Collection consists of photographs believed to be taken by William Notman or Alexander Henderson depicting scenes in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Photographic subjects include: buildings, churches, trains, waterfalls, rivers and a variety of other urban and rural landscapes and portraits.

The photographs are arranged geographically.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Notman, William, 1826-1891

Memorabilia collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C36
  • Collection
  • [192-?], [197-], [200-]

Collection consists of ceramic ornaments, souvenir tea cups, and plates related to the history of Guelph. A number of the objects contain the image of the Guelph (Carnegie) Public Library or of the City of Guelph’s original coat of arms with the latin inscription "Fides, Professio, Fidelitas". Other plates include the city’s current coat of arms recreated in the late 1970s. Included in this collection is a dollar coin created for Guelph's sesquicentennial in 1977.

Guelph Public Library Archives

Alan Bulman collection of sound and moving image records

  • CA ON00009 F 4631
  • Collection
  • [192-?]-1969, predominant [192-?]-1949

The collection consists of sound and moving image records accumulated by Alan Bulman from 1965 to 1994. The films relate to Ontario locales including North Bay, Fenelon Falls, and Stratford. Other subject matter in the film footage includes: gold production in Ontario; the University of Toronto; Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited; a school bus in Ridgetown, Ontario; aviation in Toronto in the 1920s; a strike at the General Motors of Canada plant in Oshawa, Ontario; the 1930s Hi-Li game craze (a popular game in the 1930s); Red Cross emergency relief work; men from the Eglinton Hunt Club participating in a fox hunt; and the jitterbug dance. Also included is footage of Ontario troops in WWII.

Two audio cassettes contain interviews conducted by Alan Bulman and Greg Hoy with George Patton in February of 1969. George Patton, former Director of the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau (OMPB), discusses his work with the OMPB, Father Joseph Gravelle's purchase of the OMPB's collection of 28 mm films, the OMPB theatre at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), and getting fired from the OMPB in 1934. Patton also discusses his involvement in facilitating the purchase of 28 mm film projectors for every agricultural representative in Ontario, as well as his three month trip to England in 1930, where he made twenty films. In the interview, Bulman also discusses with Patton the content of an OMPB catalogue of films.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Bulman, Alan, 1926-

MacLaren Advertising collection

  • CA ON00009 F 4467
  • Collection
  • [192-]-1999, 2003-2006

Collection consists of photographs, posters, business correspondence, financial ledgers and statements, memorabilia, internal manuals, publications, biographical files, and manuscript memoirs relating to the MacLaren Advertising agency.

The records were acquired, assembled, and created by Edward Enright, the donor, over several decades to illustrate the history of the MacLaren Advertising agency, Toronto, which was run by John A. MacLaren from the early 1920s, and developed into an international advertising business that is still in operation today.

The collection documents the business activities and products of a company that created advertisements, including radio and television advertisements, to sell the goods and advance the commercial interests of its corporate clients. MacLaren Advertising clients included General Motors, General Electric, Imperial Oil Canada, Canada Packers, and the Government of Canada. The collection includes a video created by the company in 1984 as a retrospective, titled, "MacLaren: The Story So Far" (see F 4467-10).

The collection also documents the numerous awards won by the company. It includes photographs and textual records depicting the firm's success in winning the Canadian Advertisers and Sales Executives' silver medal in 1942, numerous newspaper awards in 1963, Strategy's Agency of the Year in 1995, Marketing Magazine's Agency of the Year in 1988 and 1999 and the recognition of John MacLaren as a Canadian Giant in the advertising business. The collection also includes a Tribute to John MacLaren presented as an illuminated resolution by the artist, A. J. Casson, signed by the executive staff in Canada and England expressing their pride in the business and in their leader (see F 4467-1).

Collection also includes MacLaren family records assembled by the donor concerning John MacLaren's illness and death in Florida in 1955, and records related to his wife Christine MacLaren, his sister Audrey Jane MacLaren, and his brother William Hunter MacLaren. Included also are home movies of various family events and the wedding of Barbara, John A. MacLaren's daughter.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

MacLaren Advertising Company

Dominion Stores Limited storefront photographs collection

  • CA ON00009 F 4598
  • Collection
  • [192-]-[197-], predominant 1939-1960

Fonds consists of storefront photographs of branches of the Dominion Stores Limited located across Ontario but not in the City of Toronto.

The fonds is primarily composed of photographic prints, some created from the original negative near the time of its creation, while others are reproductions printed from a copy negative of an earlier print. The impetus behind the creation of these images seems to have varied over time depending on the need of the moment.

The earliest images, consisting of the chain's smaller stores, seem to have been taken in 1939-1940 when they were considered for sale during Dominion's first re-organization. However, notes on the images state that these locations did not actually cease operations until 1957-1960. The larger downtown storefront locations seemed to have been shot in the late 1950s or early 1960s, possibly for reference purposes, by Dominion's property management office. The images of the urban supermarkets appear to have been taken in the mid to late 1960s during the stores' openings or shortly afterward. Several of the images seem to be proofs of advertising campaigns ("500 Lower Prices" and "Cut Food Costs" being the most notable) as the mix of locations all sport the same sales banner.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Dominion Stores Limited

Arthur Henshaw Packer Collection

  • CA ON00335 F2226
  • Collection
  • [194?] - 2005

The collection consists of material documenting Packer’s professional work in the city of Toronto,
including photographs, a report from the Toronto Historical Society Board, and his biography.

Arthur Henshaw Packer

J.H. (Harris) MacLean collection

  • CA ON00093 2009/17
  • Collection
  • [195-] - 2008

Collection consists of an account of Commander J.H. (Harris) MacLean’s naval career including his voyage through the Northwest Passage, and a copy of the eulogy delivered at Commander MacLean’s funeral. Both were written by Ian Greenwood from interviews he conducted with Commander MacLean beginning in November 2006. The collection also includes various black and white photographs of HMCS Labrador and her crew as they erected beacons during their voyage through the Northwest Passage. A black and white photograph of the crew of HMCS Margaree and four colour photos, three of HMCS Margaree, and one of ships moored at Pearl Harbour are also part of the collection. Also includes various group photos from a meeting of the Explorers Club of New York in 1956, a photo of 2nd Escort Squadron Hockey team taken in Tokyo Japan in February 1962, several photos of groups of men from HMCS Discovery and HMCS Kings. Includes black and white photographs of graduating classes from Fleet School, HMCS Naden, Esquimalt. Miscellaneous black and white photos of various ships, people, icebergs, sailors, and planes are also part of the collection.

MacLean, J.H. (Harris), 1920-2008

Guelph Spring Festival Collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C19
  • Collection
  • [196-] 2006

Collection consists of program guides, media releases and announcements, photographs, promotional materials, and newspaper clippings related to the Guelph Spring Festival and collected by the Guelph Public Library Archives.

Audio visual collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C12
  • Collection
  • [196-?] - 2018

This collection consists of audio visual materials collected by the Guelph Public Library archives. These records cover a wide range of topics covering various aspects of the City of Guelph and its history. Included are materials created by Edward Johnson, the Guelph Light Opera Company, the Guelph Youth Orchestra, and Tamarack. Fonds also contains Roger's television episodes, the unveiling and dedication of a sculpture commemorating John Galt, the histories of Eden Mills, St. Joseph's Hospital, and Guelph's covered bridge.

Jacqueline Guerret collection

  • CA ON00093 2012/23
  • Collection
  • 1945-[197-]

Collection consists of photographs and papers from Canada Corner, the welcome centre for Canadian Forces in Paris, France in 1944-1946. Canada Corner was run by the Canadian Forces Hospitality and Information Bureau. The photographs show some of the staff and visitors, including Jacqueline Guerret. There is, as well, one photograph of Jacqueline Guerret taken several decades later. The textual records consist of poems entitled “Ode to a Canadian”, “Cynara”, and “Long Ago”. Also included is a document entitled “Diary of a Canadian on 7 Days Leave in Paris”, as well as one called “If You Marry French Girls!”. These documents are generally anecdotal, save for one entitled “Knights of Columbus Canadian War Services”, which is a simple newsletter that lists senior appointments of the Knights of Columbus War Services Overseas, dated 1 November 1945. There are also two menus, one autographed extensively as well as one with a personal farewell.

Guerret, Jacqueline

Guelph Light Opera Programs collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C28
  • Collection
  • 1956 -[197-]

Collection consists of program guides listing the names of production staff, actors, and members of the orchestra. In some cases summaries of the play or of particular scenes are provided. These textual records document theatre in Guelph.

Gowganda mining photographic collection

  • CA ON00009 F 4594
  • Collection
  • 1909, 1914-[198-], predominant 1909

Fonds consists of black and white photographic prints predominantly showing the development of the Gowganda townsite in 1909 and the exploration for silver in the surrounding area. Shown is the establishment of an overland route into the area; the development of the townsite from canvas tents to log and squared timber buildings; scenes of the newly erected hospital, jail, Roman Catholic church, assay and legal offices, and various waterfront businesses; the exposure and hand drilling of rockfaces containing silver ore, and the construction of headframes, hoist and boiler houses, cook and bunk houses at various mine sites.

The fonds also contains images documenting Arthur Latimer's sport activites from being a member of the 1914 Schumacher hockey team to the Kemptville Lawn Bowling Club in the late 1970's.

The photographic prints have been organized by size and then by subject. The images dating from 1909, which are all contact prints taken from the original negatives, are predominantly either 16.5 x 10.8 centimetres (i.e., 6.5 x 4.25 inches) or 21.6 x 16.5 centimetres (i.e., 8.5 x 6.5 inches) in size.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Local Guelph magazines collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C32
  • Collection
  • [198-?], 1981-1987, 1992-1994, 2000-2003, 2017-2020

Collection consists of locally published Guelph and other magazines collected by the Guelph Public Library Archives. Included in this collection are the magazines Earthkeeper, Guelph Magazine, if magazine, Sparetime Magazine, the Wellington Business Digest, Our Town, Snippets in Ink, The Sovereign, Grand, Toque, Community Captured Guelph, The Loyalist Gazette, Rex, and more.

Collection has been arranged into fifteen series based on the title of the magazine.

George Whitaker Collection

  • CA ON00335 F2107
  • Collection
  • 1810-[199-?]

The collection contains records pertaining to George Whitaker’s Provostship, as well as his final departure to England. It consists of vital records, correspondence, financial records, newspaper excerpts, tributes, manuscripts related to his theology teaching, and photographs.

George Whitaker

Ernest Donat Therrien collection

  • CA ON00093 2012/16
  • Collection
  • [201-]

Collection consists of research material on Ernest Donat Therrien’s experience as a prisoner of war during the Second World War. Includes emails between Janie and Gary Therrien and Dr. Steve Harris listing the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s movements from mobilization until the end of the war. Also includes emails describing different sources of information that were consulted including Library and Archives Canada, The Red Cross, and The Memories Project. The research material contains an excerpt from the book “A Measure of Protest” written by A.H. LeReverend who was a POW at Stalag XIB with Ernest Therrien. Copies of the 22nd Armoured Regiment’s War Diary for 24 October 1944 to 29 Oct 1944, and Orders for 27 October 1944 are included in the research along with emails exchanged between Jakke Arnouts in Essen, Belgium and Janie and Gary Therrien in relation to the precise location Ernest Therrien was captured and a possible tour of the site.

Therrien, Ernest Donat


  • ON00098 MG9 A26
  • Collection
  • 1296 – 1989

Esquesing Historical Society AuthorityRecord

Donald Plaxton collection

  • CA ON00311 PF119
  • Collection
  • 1616

Collection consists of a deed dated 1616, signed by Edmund Bury and written in Latin.

Plaxton, Donald Gordon Wilson

Gary Lumsden collection

  • CA ON00408 C009
  • Collection
  • 1639

Collection consists of a book of sermons by English theologians.

Lumsden, Gary

Legal documents collection

  • CA ON00311 PF118
  • Collection
  • 1698-1973

This is an artificially created collection comprised of miscellaneous legal documents from unknown sources accumulated by the Archives. Included in the collection are mortgages, affidavits, contracts, deeds, wills, correspondence, and stock certificates drawn from the files of various wound-up law firms.

Legal documents collection

Ontario History collection

  • CA ON00351 GA 6
  • Collection
  • 1716-1950

The collection consists mainly of items relating to the history of Ontario with some items relating to other parts of Canada and the U.S. covering the period 1716 to 1950. These were items which accumulated in the office of Ontario History and which were passed to the University of Waterloo. The contents include correspondence, documents including transcriptions of petitions to the Government of Upper Canada for grants of land, pamphlets, clippings, ephemera, maps, photographs and engravings. The topical and chronological coverage of this collection is wide-ranging.

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