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10th Anniversary

This sub-series contains a poem written for the Tenth Anniversary of the Ayr Travel Club. The poem, written by a Miss M. A. Murray, is addressed to Mrs. Chase, the Club founder, who was moving away that year (1921). The poem explains in verse why and how the Club was founded, the countries they have studied, what they do during the Summer and how much they will miss Mrs. Chase. With this is an envelope upon which are instructions that the poem should be preserved with the Travel Club records.

50th Anniversary

This sub-series consists of documents used in the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Ayr Travel Club in 1961. It includes a description of the celebration, as well as some of the documents used in the celebration. These include typed copies of the meetings of the first minutes of the Club, menus used in Burns Night Dinners of previous years, and photographs of Club Picnics from 1913.

50th Anniversary Guest Book

This series consists of a scrapbook for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Blenheim-Dumfries Farm Women's Club in 1970. This scrapbook was made out of a guest book for the event, and contains not only signatures from the attendees but souvenirs, photographs and clippings from the event pasted onto its pages, usually with accompanying captions to identify who is in the photographs.

60th Anniversary

This sub-series consists of documents used in the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Ayr Travel Club in 1971. It consists of a list of former club members now residing outside of Ayr.

Anniversary Celebration Papers

This series consists of documents used at celebrations of the Ayr Travel Club's Anniversaries. Documents include photographs of 'days gone by', old menus for dinners and reproductions of the first meeting minutes of the Club in 1911.
This series contains three sub-series: the 10th Anniversary, the 60th Anniversary and the 70th Anniversary.

Annual Programs

This series contains yearly programs for the Ayr Travel Club. Each member of the club was responsible for hosting a meeting and for also reading a paper on a subject related to the country the Club was studying that year. The programs show the schedule that the members planned to follow for the different upcoming club "seasons". The series is arranged chronologically.

Annual Reports

This series contains several annual reports from the Ayr Travel Club, dating between 1933 and 1940. These annual reports summarized the Club's activities during the previous 'season' , including the number of meetings, how well they were attended, how sucessful the different events were, the nation of study, and other such things that the membership would find interesting. The series is arranged chronologically.

Annual Reports

This series consists of a receipt of payment sent to the Ayr Women's Hospital Aid Association. The receipt in question was from the John Watson Manufacturing Company acknowledging the ten dollars sent by the Association to the Company to help defray the costs of "Dr. Woolner's Night", a fundraising event.

Annual Reports

This series contains annual reports created by the members of the Blenheim-Dumfries Farm Women's Club. These reports were all created after the dissolution of the United Farm Women of Ontario, the organization that created the club. Therefore, these records were created for the use of the Blenheim-Dumfries Club, and were not sent off to a central organization. The Annual Reports themselves cover a majority of the years between 1948 and 1980, though several years are not represented. The reports present a summary of the Club's activities over the previous year. This includes the number of meetings held, the amount of money raised for different causes, the various events organized over the year and the different activities of the members. The series is arranged chronologically.

Ayr Craftman's Club

  • CA ON00247 ACC
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1947

This fonds contains records from the Ayr Craftsman's Club. This fonds contains a book of financial records and minutes of annual meetings for the years 1930 to 1947. The minutes of the annual meetings contain the names of members, an account of the proceedings and motions carried, a notice of who was elected to the executive and recordings of their activities and to whom they rented the Hall. At the rear of this book are finanical records, showing a chronological listing of expenses and revenues, which were mostly from the rental of the Hall.

Ayr Farmer's and Mechanic's Institute

  • CA ON00247 AFMI
  • Fonds
  • 1856-1870

This fonds contains a minute book from the Ayr Farmer's and Mechanic's Institute. The minute book records the activities the Institute engaged in, the names and duties of members, the election of the executive and their proceedings and resolutions.This fonds consists of a single series.

Ayr Public Library Board

  • CA ON00247 APLB
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1968

This fonds contains records of the activities of the Ayr Public Library Board, collected over the Board's lifetime from it's creation in 1899 to its dissolution in 1968. This fonds contains records relating to the Board's routine operation, as well as their role in the construction of the Ayr Library's original Carnegie building. This fonds contains two series.

Ayr School Centennial

This series consists of a scrapbook created by the Ayr School Centennial Committee to collect newspaper clippings, documents and photographs relating to the celebration of the One Hundred Anniversary of the Ayr Public School in June of 1990. The series contains many articles from the Ayr News about the planning and development of the Centennial Celebration, as well as articles about the history of the school, interviews with former pupils and teachers, notices about goings-on at the school and letters to the editor about the event. There are also letters from the Queen and other dignitaries, a large collection of photographs documenting the day of the Centennial and a guest book showing all the former pupils that attended the event.

Ayr Seniors Club

  • Fonds
  • 1986-2004

This fonds contains documents related to the activities of the Ayr Seniors Club. An association of retirees from the area around Ayr, Ontario, they met for dinners, games, rallies and general meetings. They also attended talks, picnics, day trips, mock weddings and parties at member's homes. Photographs of the club at their activities and newspaper clippings recording what they were doing were collected by a member, Helen Paton, between 1986 and 1999, with obituaries of members being saved through to 2004. Also saved was a set of humorous vows to be read during mock weddings. This fonds contains three series.

Ayr Travel Club

  • Fonds
  • 1911-1979

Fonds consists of records relating to the operation and history of the Ayr Travel Club. The fonds contains minute books, annual programs and reports, financial records, the club Constitution, papers relating to individual members and keepsakes from the Club's anniversaries. This fonds is arranged into eight series.

Ayr Women's Hospital Aid Association

  • CA ON00247 AWHAA
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1956

This fonds contains records relating to the operation of the Ayr Women's Hospital Aid Association. These records include minute books, financial and annual reports, receipts, their constitution, questionnaires from the Freeport Sanitarium and newspaper clippings. This fonds is arranged into eight series.

Baden Public Library

  • CA ON00247 BPL
  • Fonds
  • 1958-1990

This fonds contains records from the Baden Public Library. These records include a handwritten history of the Baden Library from its beginnings to the time that it became part of the County of Waterloo Library, a set of Librarian's reports from that same period and newspaper clippings about the library. This fonds consists of three series.

Birth of the Townline Community Club

This series contains documents telling the history of the Townline Community Club up to 1967. This series contains a few handwritten pages detailing how the members of the Blenheim-Dumfries Farm Women's Club decided to form the Townline Club, a record of the most outstanding debate topics discussed by the Club, a record of which side won each debate and a list of the Presidents of the Club from 1929 to 1967. It also contains a typewritten copy of a 1949 article from The Canadian Countryman about the Club's activities and a handwritten account of the Club's "Scotch Nights" held between 1935 and 1964. Series is arranged chronologically.

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