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CA ON00313 1973-5038; 000-5007 · Fonds · 1723/4-1917

Fonds consists primarily of family correspondence received by Mark Young Stark, and by his daughter, Mary Ann. There are also some letters written by Mark Young Stark, including a number written while he was studying and travelling in Europe as a young man. The letters date from c.1723 to 1917 and are primarily from family and friends. There are journals, notebooks, documents, essays, and newspaper clippings largely related to Mark Young Stark's family and Presbyterianism in Canada. The journals are written by Mark Young Stark from 1829-1831, Mary Bannatyne Stark from 1824, and Mary Ann Stark from 1860-1891. The fonds also includes a published book of sermons written by Mark Young Stark; two small files of receipts and financial documents dating from 1854; two scrapbooks comprised of postcards, pictures, and picture cut-outs, and some original pencil sketches, ink drawings (partially coloured), and small paintings, some of which are signed by Mark Young Stark; and a small case of architect’s tools labelled as being those of Geo. Ed. Street.

CA ON00313 CONG-135 · Fonds · 1915-1979

Fonds consists of an Order of Service (1971); an Annual Report (1915) and two published histories (1932, 1979) of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Maple, Ont.).

CA ON00313 CONG-92 · Fonds · 1834-1983, predominant 1834-1910

Fonds consists of minutes, registers and other records of the united charge of St. Edward's Presbyterian Church, Beauharnois, Quebec and St. Andrew's, Chateauguay, Quebec (1834-1907) and of St. Edward's Presbyterian Church, Beauharnois, Quebec (1907-1983). Specifically, the fonds consists of registers of baptisms, marriages and burials (1834-1876, 1884-1917); Session minutes (1834, 1850-1892), communion rolls (1833-1834, 1861-1865, 1870-1873); Congregational meeting minutes (1878-1910); a report regarding the new building (1835); three historical booklets (1933, 1958, 1983) and some transcripts and historical notes (ca. 1972).

Douglas Brymner fonds
CA ON00313 2005-5009; 06-8007 · Fonds · 1838-1886, predominant 1873-1886

Fonds consist primarily of 11 volumes of letter-books of Mr. Douglas Brymner, first Dominion Archivist of Canada. Nine of the volumes contain letters received by Mr. Brymner between the years 1838-1885, the majority being between 1875 and 1885. The other two volumes contain copies of Mr. Brymner's out-going letters from 1873-1886. The letters primarily relate to the issue of the 1875 union of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in Connection with the Church of Scotland with the various other Presbyterian denominations in Canada at the time. The fonds also consists of one volume containing the transcription of the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada concerning a case between John Morrison (the plaintiff) and Donald McCuaig (defendant) acting as Syndics de la Congregation Presbyterienne, en connection avec L'eglise D'Ecosse des dites Cotes St. George et St. Patrice.

John Jennings fonds
CA ON00313 1973-5013 · Fonds · 1842-1873, predominant 1842-1852

Fonds consists of thirty-four sermons written and delivered by John Jennings, as well as a dedication address given at the opening of Bay Street Presbyterian Church in Toronto on December 30th, 1848, and a diary maintained by Jennings while on a trip overseas. Thirty-three of the sermons are hand-written in a version of shorthand which is partly readable, and delivered between 1842 and 1852. The other sermon is a printed booklet of a memorial sermon for Miss Margaret MacDonald, given by Jennings at Bay Street Church, Toronto in 1868. The dedication address given by Jennings at the opening of the church is also in partial shorthand. The diary is of a trip taken by Jennings between May 31st and September 8th, 1873, primarily to Scotland, but also to mainland Europe as well. The diary was written in pencil and is difficult to read. A typescript of the entries in the diary has been created

Duncan Anderson fonds
CA ON00313 1990-5019 · Fonds · 1844-1882, predominant 1855-1865

Fonds consists of 106 sermons written by Duncan Anderson. Notes on the front of each sermon mention the title or topic of the sermon (including the relevant Bible chapters and verses), and the date, and location in which, the sermon was delivered. The sermons were delivered in Quebec, primarily at Point Levi, however other locations include Hadlow Cove, Leeds, Montreal, and Quebec City. The sermons were predominantly written in the late-1850s and early 1860s.

CA ON00313 CONG-30 · Fonds · 1852-1954, predominant 1928-1954

Fonds consists of minutes, registers and other records of Ayr Presbyterian Church, Ayr, Ontario. Specifically, the fonds consists of the following: Baptisms (1931-1948); Marriages (1929-1933); Burials (1930-1952); Session minutes (1930-1952); Communion Roll (1930-1954); Board of Managers and Congregational meeting minutes (1928-1952); a congregational statistical and financial statement (1852); an Annual Report (1952); and a brief historical sketch written about the church (193?).

CA ON00313 CONG-87 · Fonds · 1859-1957, predominant 1859-1911

Fonds consists of a Marriage Register (1859-1911); an Order of Service (1957) and a published history (1957) of Knox Presbyterian Church (Harrington, Ont.).

CA ON00313 CONG-237 · Fonds · 1866-1966, predominant 1866-1871

Fonds consists of Session minutes (1866-1871) and two historical sketches of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Wyoming, Ont.).

Grant family fonds
CA ON00313 1973-5003 · Fonds · [1888?]-1968, predominant 1898-1935

Fonds consists of two photograph albums, a scrapbook, various newspaper clippings, and research notes documenting the life and work of The Rev. Dr. Andrew Grant. Photographs in the albums primarily document Dr. Grant's work and family life while minister in the Yukon. Other photographs within the albums include: family portraits, pictures of the family at their home in Rosedale and at their cottage on Lake Simcoe, and pictures of the Manse in Almonte, Ontario. The scrapbook, newspaper clippings and research notes were collected and compiled by Caroline W. Grant and document the life of her father. The fonds also includes some correspondence and personal mementoes of Dr. Grant, two WWI postcards sent by Oswald Grant to his Mother in 1915, and a file of letters of sympathy received by Mrs. A.S. Grant following the death of her husband in 1935.

CA ON00313 2006-5004 · Fonds · 1897-1970, predominant 1908-1941

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports, newspaper articles, diaries, school records, and photographs. Records document the life of Louise and Henry Percival Luttrell as missionaries in Honan Province, China, and then as employees of the Peking Syndicate. Correspondence includes letters sent between the Luttrells and their sons while they were at the Boys School in Chefoo; correspondence between Henry Percival Luttrell and the General Board of Missions of The Presbyterian Church in Canada; and letters documenting the Luttrell family’s preparation to return to Canada. Newspaper articles include clippings about Rev. Luttrell as well as articles that he wrote about China for the Presbyterian newspaper "East and West". The fonds also includes a diary kept by Louise Luttrell in 1916, and a daily journal for 1917.

CA ON00313 CONG-375 · Fonds · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1926-1981)

Fonds consists of microfilm copies of the Session minutes from 1926-1981 of Blenheim Presbyterian Church in Blenheim, Ontario.

David Hay fonds
CA ON00313 1999-5001 · Fonds · 1939-1989, predominant 1945-1983

Fonds consists of lecture notes, public addresses, published papers, and sermons and prayers written by David W. Hay during his career as a minister and as chair of Systematic Theology at Knox College, Toronto. To a large extent the organization of the materials was established by Hay, himself, who appears to have sorted through his papers in 1988. During this sorting he added notes, comments and new headings which appear throughout the papers in red and green marker and in ballpoint pen (in the latter case he included his initials and date).

Bessie MacMurchy fonds
CA ON00313 1973-5008 · Fonds · 1933-1962

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports and writings created and received by Bessie MacMurchy between the years 1933 and 1962. The correspondence includes personal letters sent by Miss MacMurchy to her mother in Collingwood, letters to and from friends, and letters she received from the Women's Missionary Society of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The fonds also consists of annual reports written by Miss MacMurchy concerning her work and travels in India for the years 1940, 1947-1949, and 1952; certificates and letters regarding her nursing credentials; invitations received by Miss MacMurchy to various social events; a small file of letters concerning her work in nursing education in India; reports written by pupils of Miss MacMurchy; and a copy of Miss MacMurchy's Master's thesis. The fonds also contains four unidentified photographs

George Douglas fonds
CA ON00313 1990-5009 · Fonds · 1935-1986

Fonds consists of theological papers, addresses, lecture notes, correspondence, chaplaincy papers, research notes, association papers, and personal mementoes and photographs created or acquired by George Douglas. The theological papers document Dr. Douglas's activities as both a student and lecturer at Knox College, Toronto, and cover topics such as church history and church government. The chaplaincy papers consist of a small file of training notes on navy regulations and procedures, and also several chaplaincy booklets, including "The Armour of God" issued by the Committee on Chaplaincy Services of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The research notes include Dr. Douglas' work on compiling biographical sketches on Daniel W. Eastman and George L. MacKay. The association papers include minutes, correspondence and reports of the Knox College Alumni, the Church Worship Association, and the Trinitarians.

CA ON00313 CONG-35 · Fonds · 1857-2001 and microfilmed 2001 (originally created 1857-2000)

Fonds consists of the records of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Bolsover, Ont.). Records include: histories and historical sketches; Annual Reports (1919-1921, 1923, 1929, 1935, 1937-1938, 1941-1945); Burial Register (1857-2001); Cemetery Board minutes (1910-1991); Cemetery receipt book (1911-1985); Cemetery Expenditures and Receipts (1986-1998); Communion Roll (1896-1980); Session minutes (1900-1978); Board of Managers minutes (1966-1996); Building Fund minutes (1977-1982); Building Fund Receipts and Expenditures (1978-1982); Documents re: church property (1898-1982); Congregational Meeting minutes (1970-2000); Expenditures and Receipts (1971-1990); Cheque Disbursements (1991-2000); Treasurer's Book (1976-1999); Women's Missionary Society minutes (1963-1985, 1986-1994); Ladies Aid minutes (1926-c.1937); Sunday School Financial records (1913-1981); and Happy Helper's Mission Band (1925-1934).

CA ON00313 CONG-103 · Fonds · 1868-1914

Fonds consists of registers, minutes and other records of Burns Presbyterian Church (Cambray, Ont.). Specifically, the fonds consists of: a Marriage Register (1902-1913); baptismal records (1868-1906, 1899-1914); Session minutes (1868-1913); Communion Roll (1903-1913) and Board of Managers and Congregational meeting minutes (1879-1913).

CA ON00313 1988-4009 & 1998-4007 & 1986-8001 · Fonds · 1986, 1995 and microfilmed 1986 (originally created 1925-1986)

Fonds consists of a booklet of the church's stained glass windows (1995), a published history (1986) and session minutes (1925-1986) of First Presbyterian Church (Brandon, Man.).

CA ON00313 1976-4011 · Fonds · 1848-1955

Fonds consists of registers, minutes and other records of Calvin Presbyterian Church (East Wawanosh Township, Ont.). Records consist of: a Baptismal Register (1848-1955); a Marriage Register (1896-1942); Session minutes (1882-1935, 1935-1953); Minutes of joint meetings with Langside Presbyterian Church and Whitechurch, ON (1920, 1934, 1941, 1954); Session report (1929-1952); Session correspondence (1933, 1941); Communion Roll (1883-1949); a list of members requesting certificates of leaving to enter United Church (1925); Congregation minutes (1880-1942); Account Book (1903-1914, 1882-1902); Financial statement (1926-1927) and a Sabbath School report (1936).