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Archival description
Writing magazine fonds
Fonds · 1980-1982

The fonds is arranged into two series: correspondence and manuscripts received, and layout and paste-up materials for issues 1-5, Summer 1980 to Spring 1982.

Writing (magazine)
Fonds · 1971-1994, predominant 1988-1991

The fonds consists of three accruals. The first accrual measures 13.5 m (boxes 1-91), and is arranged into eighteen series: I Membership Files; 2 Membership Committee and Committee Correspondence; 3 General Correspondence and Related Material; 4 National Council; 5 Annual General Meetings; 6 Contract Committee; 7 Copyright Committee; 8 Book and Periodical Development Council; 9 Government and Other Organizations; 10 Censorship; 11 Book Editors', Committee; 12 Newsletters, Various Committees; 13 Reading Tours; 14 Miscellaneous Files; 15 National Book Festival, Favourite Passages; 16 Manuscripts, Slides, Audio Tapes; 17 Financial Material; 18 Flat Oversized Documents. For the finding aid to the first accrual, see Carl Spadoni and Bruce Whiteman, The Writers' Union of Canada Archive, Library Research News 11, no.2 (Autumn 1987). The second accrual (15-1990) measures 7.1 m (boxes 92-114), and is arranged into five series: Government and External Organizations; Outgoing Chronological Correspondence; Annual General Meetings; National Council; and Committees. The third accrual measures 15.9 m (boxes 115-156) and dates from 1971-1994. It is arranged into eight series: 1 National Council; 2 Annual General Meeting 3 Membership Files; 4 Committees; 5 General Files; 6 Outgoing chronological correspondence; 7 Questionnaires Surveys; 8 Sound recordings and other.

Writers' Union of Canada
Winifred Holtby collection
Fonds · 1924-1960

This collection was culled from the Vera Brittain fonds held by McMaster University. A few letters from Holtby to Brittain remain in the Brittain fonds. The collection is arranged in the following series: correspondence, memorials, other information, lecture outlines and notes, speeches. The photographs in the collection are from the memorials series.

Holtby, Winifred, 1898-1935
Wilson MacDonald collection
Fonds · 1927-1939

The collection consists of eight cards, one of them framed. Although all contain handwritten poems, some, but not all of the cards, are printed. On one of the cards is the note, “hand-coloured by Wilson MacDonald for Arthur Huddleson”. One is written to Ann Meriden, a child. Her photograph is pasted on the card.

MacDonald, Wilson, 1880-1967
Williams family fonds
Fonds · 1835-1930

The fonds has been arranged into the following series: Lord Alfred Spencer Churchill. Series concerns Churchill's involvement with electric railways. It contains an offprint of Churchill's memorandum, "Improvements in Apparatus for Propelling Vehicles by Electricity Upon Railways and Tramways," as well as correspondence and other documents concerning the patenting of his invention. There is one unrelated document in the series and that is an 1884 election flyer issued by Churchill to the Electors of Woodstock. (Box 1)Harriett, Lady Alfred Spencer Churchill. Letters from America, 1873-1874. Holograph copies of letters written to her children Daisy, Janie and Vi, and journal extracts, in a notebook. Loose in the notebook is part of the original journal, dated 1 November 1873, Montreal, Canada; one original letter to her children, 14 November 1873; and an undated letter to her from the Gordon Boys' Orphanage in Dover. Also one pocket diary containing entries from January-July 1873. (Box 1)Adeline ("Daisy") Williams. Correspondence to and from her. Her correspondents include her husband, her sons, and her daughter-in-law Xenia (who addresses her as Aunt Daisy). Her husband's letters are from 1897 when he was posted to Turkey. A number of letters are written to her from her sons during World War I. There is also correspondence between the brothers themselves as well as their father. Also four pocket diaries, 1879-1913. (Boxes 2-5)Williams family genealogy and family coat of arms. Research was undertaken by Herbrand Williams from 1917 to 1928. The series consists of copies of birth and marriage certificates, correspondence, family trees, seals, and other items, including his wife's Russian passport with photographs. (Box 1)

Churchill, Alfred Spencer, 1842-1893
William Ready fonds
Fonds · 1948-1982

The fonds mainly consists of two accruals. Thr first accrual contains correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts of his books, articles, reviews, and other writings, speeches, newspaper clippings, artwork, photographs, sound recordings, and moving images. The second accrual (15-2005) consists of six audio cassettes.

Ready, William, 1914-1981
William M. Allison fonds
Fonds · 1845-[192-]

Fonds consists of an account book, 1845-1849, and 3 b&w photographs, one of which was taken in [192-].

Allison, William M., d. 1882
Fonds · 1877-1929

The fonds consists of correspondence mainly to his sister, Emma, with one letter to his fiancée, Margarethe Vocke, as well as other correspondence; his marriage certificate; his appointment letter to Manchester; a lecture on Liszt; a photograph, printed sheet music and other documents.

Dayas, William Humphreys, 1863-1903
William Fingland fonds
Fonds · 1915-1920

This fonds consists of 111 letters, the majority of which were written by Fingland to his sweetheart, Etta. There are a few responses from Etta to William. The letters combine Fingland’s feelings for Etta with his descriptions of life on the battlefront and his struggle to do the work of the YMCA. He speaks about his travels through the countryside while on leave. There is a wedding invitation announcing the couple’s nuptials in August 1920. A photograph-postcard of a group of soldiers is included in this fonds. Fingland is not identified in the photograph.

Fingland, William, 1885-
William Burton Hurd fonds
Fonds · 1937-[194-]

The fonds consists of manuscripts and typescripts of articles and also other documents relating to his work on behalf of the Committee on Post-War Reconstruction.

Hurd, W. Burton (William Burton), 1894-1950
W.G. Meredith fonds
Fonds · 1828-1830

The fonds consists of two of his journals. One journal (Manuscript 66) covers the period June 1828 to 29 August 1828. It concerns the author's journey, by sailing yacht, from England to other countries, including Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The manuscript is bound, illustrated by drawings, 68 pages in length, with some leaves left blank. The other journal (Manuscript 67) covers the period 5 June 1829 to 9 March 1830. It contains descriptions of the author's attendance at concerts, operas, and lectures at the Royal Institution, as well as his first viewing of a steam carriage, and reflections on his reading. The manuscript is bound and 80 pages in length.

Meredith, W.G.
Westinghouse Canada fonds
Fonds · 1897-2000

The fonds consists of seven accruals. The first accrual (02-1990) measures 3.2 m, and is arranged into three series consisting of: photographs, printed materials, and other materials. The second accrual (24-1991) measures 45 cm, and consists almost entirely of photographs. The third accrual (26-1991) measures .8 m, and consists of some early payroll, account and minute books, photograph albums and published serials. The fourth accrual (30-1991) consists of some photographs and pamphlets. The fifth (21-1993) and sixth (47-1995) accruals measure 6.14 m, and have been arranged together into eleven series consisting of: annual reports; Canada's Tomorrow conference; historical materials; publications; turbine and generator plant; photographs, posters, slides, filmstrips, audio cassettes, sound discs; instruction and operation manuals; catalogues; job description manuals and wage rate books; news clippings; order number ledgers. The Canada's Tomorrow conference was sponsored by Westinghouse Canada under the chairmanship of G.P. Gilmour of McMaster University. The seventh accrual (18-2002) measures 3.4 m, and has been arranged into eight series consisting of: general, presidential and management committee letters and organizational charts; annual and company reports; company publications; conference papers and presentations; product catalogues, price lists, specifications and plant information; public relations and corporate history; photographs and slides and 90th Anniversary exhibit.

Westinghouse Canada
Walter Jackson McCrea fonds
Fonds · 1892-1947

There have been two accruals. The first accrual consists of correspondence with among others: William Jennings Bryan, Daphne Du Maurier, Stephen Leacock, Charles G. D. Roberts, Duncan Campbell Scott, Ernest Thompson Seton, and Bliss Carman; manuscripts by among others Archibald Lampman, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, Charles G. D. Roberts; news clippings and photographs. The second accrual consists of news clippings. The fonds was supplemented by McRaye's collection of mainly Canadian books, as well as presentation copies of books given to him by Ethelwyn Wetherald and Pauline Johnson. The books have been catalogued. A listing can be found in the master file. The Pauline Johnson archival material in the fonds was transferred to the E. Pauline Johnson fonds.

McCrea, Walter Jackson, 1876-1946
Wallace Brett fonds
Fonds · 1917-1918

The fonds consists of fourteen letters and envelopes written by Brett to his sister Esther. Esther resided in Toronto. Brett’s letters told his sister about the correspondence he was receiving, the individuals from home he was encountering and some of the details of his day-to-day activities both in England where he was drilling and shoveling coal, to his time on the battlefields in France. One letter was written while he was in hospital in Shorncliffe.

Brett, Wallace, 1895-1918
W. L. Morton fonds
Fonds · 1944-1978

There have been two accruals which have been combined. The fonds is arranged into the following series: Correspondence; Published Work; Unpublished Material. The fonds contains various drafts of Morton's major books, manuscripts, editorial work, reviews, articles and lectures, unpublished manuscripts, research files, and material relating to Morton's teaching and conference participation.

Morton, W. L. (William Lewis), 1908-1980
W. J. Eccles fonds
Fonds · 1923-1998

There have been three accruals. The first accrual (1988, boxes 1-15) is arranged in the following series: manuscripts and typescripts of books; manuscripts and typescripts of articles, speeches and notes; correspondence relating to specific books; general correspondence. Included in the correspondence are exchanges with some of the pre-eminent scholars in the field of Canadian history. The second accrual (1998, boxes 16-17) is arranged in three series: correspondence; scholarly activities: contributions to books, editorial work, lectures and reviews; reviews of Eccles’s work and writing by others. The third accrual (31-1998, 4.33 m, boxes 18-32) is arranged in seven series: correspondence; writing by Eccles and reviews of his work; early writings and diaries; teaching; personal material; research material, and writing by others.

Eccles, W. J. (William John), 1917-1998
W. H. R. Rivers fonds
Fonds · 1873-1919

The fonds consists of letters and cards written to Rivers from C. L. Dodgson (1832-1898), mathematician and author, also known as Lewis Carroll; Sir Francis Darwin (1848-1925), botantist and son of Charles Darwin; Sir James George Frazer (1854-1941), social anthropologist and author of The Golden Bough; Andrew Lang (1844-1912), scholar, folk-lorist, and author; Bernard Shaw (1856-1946), playwright; Arnold Bennett (1867-1931), novelist and playwright; and Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857-1952), neurologist and Nobel laureate. The fonds also contains a letter from Arnold Bennett to Ellery Sidgwick, the editor of the Atlantic Monthly, introducing Rivers to him; an autograph of H. G. Wells (1866-1946), author, and other documents including two sketches, one in pencil and the other in pen and ink. There is also a typescript titled “Memories of Lewis Carroll” by Katharine Rivers, a sister of W. H. R. Rivers. The typescript was published in Library Research News, 3, no. 4 (January 1976).

Rivers, W.H.R. (William Halse Rivers), 1864-1922
Vista Productions fonds
Fonds · 1968-1978

The fonds consists of correspondence, eight drawers of index cards containing information about Smythe's recordings, contracts and agreements, invoices, articles by Smythe, programmes, catalogues and other printed materials, photographs, and audio discs.

Smythe, Michael, 1931-1979
Virginia Woolf collection
Fonds · 1879-[1977?]

The collection (21-1993) consists of correspondence with John Lehmann, Roger Senhouse, Dora Carrington, and others; photographs taken by Lady Ottoline Morrell at Garsington, and other items. There are also 2 letters written by Sir Leslie Stephen to Mrs. Holman Hunt and one letter from E. M. Forster to Mr. Roberts. The collection also contained George Spater's book collection which has been catalogued.

Spater, George
Victor DiBello fonds
Fonds · [1948?]-[198-], predominant 1955-1965

The fonds (35-1997) consists of scrapbooks, a small amount of correspondence, posters and music scores, some in manuscript and others in published form. It has been arranged into 2 series: scrapbooks, correspondence, and clippings; and music scores.

DiBello, Victor, b. 1933