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Gays of Ottawa fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0039
  • Fonds
  • 1963-1986

The fond consists predominantly of correspondence, reports, newsletters, minutes of meetings and other documentation relating to the history of the Gays of Ottawa during 1971-1986. The materials reflect the political action under taken by the organization on a local and national level. Materials also include those of the National Gay Rights Coalition (NGRC) of which Gays of Ottawa served as the national coordinating office during the mid 1970’s. Gays of Ottawa’s involvement with the Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario (CGRO) is also shown through the number of documents held relating to the provincial group.

Gays of Ottawa

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0044
  • Fonds
  • 1974- 2009

The CLGRO fonds contains records pertaining to the operation and activities of the organization. There are financial records, correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes, projects the coalition was involved in, as well as records pertaining to external and member groups, and records collected for the coalition’s own research and resource creation, such as clippings, periodicals, and other external materials.

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario

Nancy Nicol fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0051
  • Fonds
  • [approx. 1967- 2009]

The fonds contains materials relating to Nancy Nicol’s work as a documentary filmmaker and activist. There are raw moving image and audio footage used in the making of documentary films. Also included are Nicol’s finalized full-length films and shorts. The fonds consists of a significant amount of research material as well as administrative work relating to film production, distribution, and publicization. Nicol’s film work is divided into two large sections, clearly distinguished in the fonds: Nicol’s earlier work focussed on LGBT rights and history largely in Canada, and her later work on the Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights project.

Nancy Nicol

Lesbians Making History Collective fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0053
  • Fonds
  • 1985-1987, 2000

The fonds consists of records of an oral history project about lesbian lives in Toronto, conducted by members of the Lesbians Making History (LMH) Collective from 1985–1987, and in 2000. It was inspired by oral history projects of gay lives coming out of Buffalo, Boston and San Francisco. The collective interviewed 9 women about their experiences as ‘out’ lesbians in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The collective slogan, “We’re interested in older women,” reflected their interest in capturing rarely documented stories of lesbian life during the pre– Gay Liberation period. The LMH collective recorded interviews and their planning meetings on audio cassette tape, and kept a select record of paper documents related to their work.
The LGBTQ Digital Oral History Collaboratory, a SSHRC-funded project directed by Prof. Elspeth Brown from 2014-2019, collected, processed, and digitized this collection for the CLGA. The main people who worked on the project include: Elspeth Brown, Cait McKinney, and Rebecka Sheffield. The main person the Collaboratory worked with from LMH was Maureen Fitzgerald, an original member of the collective.

Gays and Lesbians Against the Right Everywhere (GLARE) fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0058
  • Fonds
  • 1981- 1985

Records from the G.L.A.R.E. organization, consisting of minutes, financial documents, correspondence, discussion papers, questionnaires, handouts and flyers, newspaper clippings, briefs addressing the Toronto City Council, as well as hate literature that was distributed by “Positive Parents of Ontario”. The records begin at the start of 1981, with the most recent record dating mid-1985. The questionnaires were endorsed/distributed by the groups Lesbians Against the Right (L.A.R.) and Right to Privacy Committee (R.T.P.C.), involving the 1982 city elections, and also contain the responses.

Gays and Lesbians Against the Right Everywhere (GLARE)

Society for Political Action for Gay People (SPAG) fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0060
  • Fonds
  • 1978- 1982

This fonds consists of records pertaining to the Society for Political Action for Gay People (SPAG) organized into two series- the SPAG administrative files and SPAG International Gay Association membership and meetings. It includes textual records such as correspondence, meeting minutes, membership lists, financial statements, flyers, paste ups, advertising, letterheads, newsletters, pamphlets, questionnaires, and forms.

Society for Political Action for Gay People

AIDS Committee of Toronto fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0062
  • Fonds
  • 1979- 2014

The fonds consists of the organizational records of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) dating from 1979 to 2014, ranging predominantly from 1983- 1993. The records reflect the governance and administrative activities of ACT, its work on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health education, its support services and its HIV/AIDS-related resources and guides. The fonds also contains material from events, forums, workshops and conferences that ACT organized, took part in, or attended, and records from its fundraising events and galas. There are records that resulted from ACT’s involvement in collaborative projects with various organizations, groups and government committees, and material that was collected by ACT and made accessible to the public through its Access, Resource and Information Centres. The fonds is composed of meeting minutes, correspondence annual reports, budgets, audited financial statements, brochures, posters, newsletters, guides and resources, surveys, questionnaires, subject files collected by ACT, clippings and flyers. Other material in the fonds includes videos, audiotapes and photographs.

Contains series:
1- Governance and Administration
2- Funding
3- Outreach and Education
4- Support Services
5- ACT Forum, Events and Conferences
6- ACT Resource, Access and Information Centre
7- Partnering Groups
8- External Groups and Events
9- Correspondence
10- Subject Files
11- Clippings
12- Photographs, Audiovisual and Electronic Records

AIDS Committee of Toronto

The Family Camera Network Project fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0064
  • Fonds
  • ca.1930- 2017

Records consist of oral history interviews, their raw files from both cameras used (the one focused on the interviewee and the one focused on the photos being discussed), edited and redacted film content. The records also pertain to the photos donated, these are largely photos that are born-digital or scanned photos and records.

The Family Camera Network

Gay Alliance Toward Equality (Vancouver) fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0067
  • Fonds
  • 1971- 1981

This fonds consists of records of the Gay Alliance Toward Equality (Vancouver). Included in the fonds are administrative files, correspondence, briefs, publications, financial records, meeting minutes, organization and event files, subject files, photographs, posters, an audio cassette tape, and objects such as stamps and GATE office signs.

Contains series and subseries:
1- GATE (Vancouver) Administrative files
1.1 Office administration
1.2 Financial records
1.3 Meeting minutes
1.4 Office artifacts
2- Organization and event files
2.1 Canadian organizations
2.2 International organizations
3- Subject files
4- Photographs
5- Posters
6- Audio cassette tape

Gay Alliance Toward Equality (Vancouver)

McMaster Homophile Association fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0069
  • Fonds
  • 1972- 1977

The fonds contains the records of the McMaster Homophile Association from its establishment in 1973 until its disbandment in 1977. The records of the Congeniality Social Club and other related organizations are also included.

McMaster Homophile Association

The Coming Out Show fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0080
  • Fonds
  • 1978- 1995

The records within this fonds pertain to the Coming Out Show, a Vancouver radio show. The fonds contains show notes, newspaper articles, cassette tapes, reel to reel audio tape, six scrapbooks, greeting cards, flyers, posters, photographs, correspondence, programme books, and notes. The records relate to the lives of those interviewed, as well as gay and lesbian life more broadly at the time in Vancouver, Canada at large, as well as at points internationally. David Myers’ partner Bill Houghton maintained the administrative and records management side of the show.

The Coming Out Show

Foolscap Gay Oral History Project fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0083
  • Fonds
  • 1980- 1997

John Grube's tapes consist of 45 seperate interviews of gay men about their lives in pre-Stonewall Toronto, in addition to 33 transcripts of Foolscap interviews. These transcripts were produced by Grube in the 1980s as well. In general terms, Grube's interviews were designed to explore memories of early gay community in Toronto, before the era of gay liberation. Topics covered in the interviews include the contours of pre-Stonewall gay culture; initiation into the gay community and/or coming out; early sexual experiences and relationships; cruising; relations with psychiatry and psychology; bar culture and gay social spaces; interaction with police; bar raids; interpersonal relationships; first contact with gay liberationists/activists; membership in gay organizations; party scene amongst older gay men; struggles with depression and substance abuse; S/M and leather culture; drag; and employment. Because not all interview subjects grew up in Toronto, the interviews cover other locations as well, mostly in Ontario.
Lionel Collier's interviews, collected mostly in the same time frame as Grube's, cover similar topics. Notably, Lionel's interest was moreso in the narration of personal histories rather than broader social trends. These interviews occassionaly touched on health and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Lionel also had a particular interest in gay liberation and responses to the Bathhouse Raids in Toronto. Many of Lionel's interviews discuss early sexual relationships. An interview with Lionel Collier from 1997 is also included in the fonds, as well as an interview conducted by the LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory's Elspeth Brown and Zohar Freeman with Lionel Collier in 2018.

John Grube

John Goodwin fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0088
  • Fonds
  • [197-]-1986, predominant [1979 or 1980]-1986

Fonds consists of records created and maintained by John Goodwin. The fonds largely consists of photographs documenting Goodwin’s life in Saskatoon and Toronto during the early and mid-1980s. The fonds also includes film reels maintained by Goodwin.

Dignity Vancouver fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0093
  • Fonds
  • 1977- 2011

Fonds consist of records documenting the operations and administration of the Dignity Vancouver, a chapter of Dignity Canada Dignité (DCD). These materials were donated by Kevin Simpson, who played a prominent role in the Vancouver chapter, including time served as President and Liturgy Coordinator. Simpson also spent time in the role of President and in the role of Treasurer for DCD.
Included are Vancouver chapter meeting minutes, reports, conference and House of Delegate materials, correspondence, financial and budget materials (primarily for the national organization), press clippings, brochures, membership lists, materials regarding applying for charitable status, various versions of DCD’s Constitution, and other textual materials.
Dignity Canada Dignité is a national Roman Catholic organization advocating for change in regards to the Church’s teaching and leadership around sexual theology. As of 2015, their purpose is to work “within and without the Church to promote the full personhood of those who belong to sexual minorities, and we celebrate our sexuality as a gift of God. We believe our loving relationships are intrinsically good, and worthy of recognition as marriage in civil law as well as in the eyes of God.” For more information, visit:

Dignity Vancouver

Campaign for Equal Families fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0098
  • Fonds
  • 1994 - 1995

The fonds consist of records and artifacts maintained and accumulated by the Campaign for Equal Families. The fonds has been arranged into seven series: administrative files, campaign files, provincial meetings files, subject files, videocassettes, artifacts, and photographs. Included in the fonds are correspondence, memoranda, press releases, reports, essays and papers, forms, lists, agendas, newsletters, flyers, pamphlets, texts of legislative debates and bills, petitions, programmes, cards, newspaper clippings, financial records, notes, meeting minutes, invoices, an educational kit, offers to lease, grant application packages, an insurance policy, a speech, a videocassette, magnets, plaques, and photographs.

Campaign for Equal Families

Toronto Area Gays and Lesbians fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0101
  • Fonds
  • 1976-2008

The fonds consists of records maintained and accumulated by the Toronto Area Gays and Lesbians. The fonds have been arranged into six series: administrative files, telephone line files, resources and reference files, photographs, audio cassette tapes, and objects. Records in this fonds document how TAGL operated as a non-profit organization to provide resources for the members of the LGBTQ community in particular through telephone log sheets, policies and procedures, and Board member meetings. Included in the fonds are correspondence, financial statements, TAGL newsletters, membership listings, contact information, agendas, meeting minutes, volunteer training materials, telephone log sheets, brochures, hand outs, fact sheets, resource guides, photographs, floppy disks, cassette tapes, stamps, and a keychain.

Charlie David fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0103
  • Fonds
  • 1998-2017

Fonds consists of records documenting the work and career of Charlie David (b. 1980 as Charles David Lubiniecki), a Canadian author, model, actor, and director. The collection consists of textual materials related to the life and work of Charlie David, including production and promotional materials, personal writing, articles and interviews, as well as photographs and moving images related to Charlie David’s professional projects.

Charles David Lubiniecki

Kathleen Brindley fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0105
  • Fonds
  • 1941- 2005

The fonds details the activities of Brindley’s life, with a particular focus from the 1970s on. The core of the collection is Brindley’s art career, with art works, image slides, photographs, and ephemera of her own work as well as that of her friend, queer Toronto artist Bruce Eakin.

Kathleen Brindley

Videofag fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0106
  • Fonds
  • 2012- 2016

Items relating Videofag, a queer arts space located in Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, and run by Jordan Tannahill and William Ellis from 2012-2016. Items relate to the business of running Videofag and the art events held there from 2012-2016. Principle documentary forms being advertisements, correspondence, artwork, and posters.


Egale Canada fonds

  • CA ON00047 F0109
  • Fonds
  • 1972- 2007

The fonds contains administrative and operational records of Egale Canada, that document the activities of the organization dating from its inception in 1986 to 2007. It includes material pertaining to the organization’s administration, its political advocacy work, its legal interventions, research and its public education efforts surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and issues in Canada. It is comprised of minutes, reports, correspondence, research papers, briefs, legal documentation, promotional material and resources.

Egale Canada

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