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CA ON00340 F1213 · Archief · 1877-2013

Fonds consists of deed of Lawrence Methodist Church, St. Lawrence Station, 1880; attendance register of Southwold Methodist Church, 1911-1920; photocopy of Session minutes of Duff's Church and Chalmer's, Dunwich, Presbyterian Pastoral Charge (includes Chalmer's Church in Cowal, Duff's Church in Dunwich Township), 1877-1894; Session minutes of St. Columba Presbyterian Church, 1865-1869; records of Frome Congregational Church, 1860-1921; Official Board minutes of Shedden Pastoral Charge (includes Frome, Southwold, Shedden Methodist Circuit), 1922-1964; photocopy of marriage register of Lawrence Station Pastoral Charge (includes Dunwich, Chalmer's and McBride's Presbyterian Pastoral Charge, Lawrence Station, McBride's Church in Southwold, Chalmer's Church in Cowal), 1897-1933; records, including baptisms, 1899-1990, marriages, 1922-1990, burials, 1955-1990, of Southwold Pastoral Charge (includes Lawrence Station, McBride's, Cowal, Shedden, Frome, Iona, Woodview), 1899-2012; records of Shedden United Church (includes Shedden Methodist Church), 1922-1965; records of Southwold United Church (includes Southwold Methodist Church), 1923-1962; records of Woodview United Church, Lawrence Station (includes Lawrence Methodist Church), 1880, 1926-1966; collection book of Frome United Church, 1932-1978; Congregational minutes of McBrides United Church in Southwold Township, 1927-1937; records of Iona United Church, 1964-1965; records of Bethany United Church (Shedden, Ont.) 1966-2013.

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