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Ministers' Reports fonds
Item · 1839-1855

The fonds consists of mostly Marriage Records compiled by various ministers throughout the District of Brock (later Oxford County) and surrounding townships from 1838-1855, though it does also include some birth, baptism, death, and burial records.

Collection · 1930-1940

Fonds consists of records documenting Annie Louise James (nee Smith) personal life, education and work. Included in the archival unit are correspondence, news clippings, photographs, school examinations and other textual material. These records primarily illustrate James’ education in becoming a nurse and her experiences working at Hamilton General Hospital.

Lanty S. Youngs
Item · 1831-1876, nd.

The fonds consists of records relating to Lanty Shannon Youngs, including property records, maps, and correspondence.

Peer Family
Collection · 1919-1937

Fonds consist of Peer family photographs

Alton Family
Collection · 1771-1935

Collection consists of family photographs, one genealogical record book and one marriage certificate

Flatt Family
Collection · 1894, 1901, 1932

Collection consists of documents and photographs related to the Flatt family

Poulson and Peer Family
Collection · 1950-1960

Collection consists of 6 black and white photographs, 1 certificate, correspondence letters from Bardardos aftercare and genealogical notes all pertaining to the Poulson and Peer Family

Edwin Vivian fonds
Fonds · 1892- 1898, 1902, 1906-1907

Fonds consists of diaries written by Edwin Walker Vivian. Edwin writes about the weather, his daily chores and his activities including the literary club and skating. The fonds also contains school examination certificates and family photographs.

Bodwell family fonds
Item · 1824-2023, nd.

The fonds consists of records related to the Bodwell family of Dereham Township, Oxford County. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Land Records
Series 2: Correspondence
Series 3: Photographs
Series 4: Newsletters
Series 5: Military
Series 6: Family histories
Series 7: Dereham Township
Series 8: Receipts

Item · 1836, 1855-1986

The fonds consists of records related to the Minkler family, many who were born and/or lived in Oxford County, and is arranged into the following Series:

Series 1: Genealogical lineages

  • Minkler
  • Hyde-Sawyer
  • McDonald
  • Janes
  • Erskine
    Series 2: Correspondence
    Series 3: Photographs (Photocopies)
    Series 4: Miscellaneous
Item · 1905-2000

The fonds consists of photographs and corresponding records related to McCorquodale family picnics held in Oxford County between 1905 and 2000.

Boak (family) fonds
CA ON00152 KTA 2003_04 · Fonds · 1893-1975, predominant 1950s

Photographs and textual material documenting the history of the Robert Boak family and descendents. Photographs identify members of 1950s Schomberg bowling groups. Family history about the Boak, Broad, and Stephen Henry Clark families.

Fonds Geneviève Girard
CA ON00431 F6-GG · Fonds · 2015-2018

The drawings were made in 2016 and 2017. The family's item contributions to CDIC was in July 2017 to help test the online form.

John Peirson fonds
CA ON00031 A988.033.001 · Fonds · 1888-1937

This fonds consists of John Peirson’s diaries with enclosures, for the years: 1888, 1892-1919, 1921-1925, and 1927. His brief daily journal entries include information related to his family, political life, rural life, personal financial information, social engagements, church meetings, weather and farm operations and activities, including ploughing, sowing and the sale of animals. Mr. Peirson also makes mention of world events, including the sinking of the Titanic and the end of the Great War.

Journals after 1919 each continue to have the name “John Peirson” written on the title page, sometimes with the name of the person who gave the diary to him as a gift; however, most entries in those journals appear to have been written either by John’s daughter-in-law, Catherine (Black) Peirson, and/or his daughter, Mary Ann (Peirson) Hilborn, both of whom were living in houses on the homestead with John. These journals include references to “father” and his health. Other topics include social activities, Women’s Institute meetings, social visits, family life, and some financial information.

Enclosures in the diaries, such as invoices, statements and newspaper clippings, reflect some of the businesses in the community, such as W.A. Gerolamy, grocer; J.W. Chittick Burgoyne General Store; and The Tara Creamery. John Peirson’s involvement with the Burgoyne Cheese Company, and family events reported in the newspaper up to 1937 are also reflected in the enclosures.

CA ON00279 F01-S001 · Collection · 1856 [photocopied 198-?]-2005

This is a collection of material related to the life and work of Mother Ignatia Campbell which comprises two subseries. It includes several biographical chronologies and summaries of her work which were considered in the drafting of her profile in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (University of Toronto Press). There are news clippings and photographs of the 1991 “People and the City” monument in London, Ontario which includes a depiction of Mother Ignatia Campbell. There is information related to the “Mother Ignatia Campbell Bursary for Women” introduced at Regis College, Toronto in 2005. There are genealogical research notes and correspondence about Mother Ignatia Campbell prepared by Sister Esther Bardawell. There are also several undated photographs of Mother Ignatia Campbell.

Bates family bible fonds
Item · 1857-1898

The fonds consists of a family bible, belonging to George Bates and published in 1857. The bible includes a list of deaths and baptisms, including George and his wife Elizabeth, as well as their children.

Fonds Gisèle Dallaire
CA ON00431 F2-GD · Fonds · 1998-2007

The drawings were made in the late 1990s, early and mid 2000s at home, and at school. They were given to Léo Beaulieu in the mid-2010s in support of the collection project: CDIC.

CA ON00159 P195 · Fonds · n.d; [ca. 1925-1947]

The William Meredith Ireton fonds contains 22 black & white photographs and 12 black & white negatives that attest to Ireton’s professional relocation to Northern Ontario and document the way of life in that area between 1925 and 1947.

Of the 22 photographs, at least 13 were taken in Connaught Station, Ontario before 1930. These photos depict Ireton himself, local townspeople (along with a dog named Woof Woof), social activities such as a picnic and concert, and buildings throughout town, including the drug store where Ireton worked as a pharmacist. Additional photos and negatives depict scenes on a dock, and of an unknown wedding, both in unidentified locations. Also included in the fonds are two photos of an Osulake Mines site at O’Sullivan Lake in 1947, likely reflecting Ireton’s work as an insurance salesman throughout Northern Ontario.

Buchanan family fonds
CA ON00159 P088 · Fonds · 1888-1979

The Buchanan family fonds consists mostly of correspondence, invitations, photographs, books and other types of documents. The records pertain to the years that George and Lilla Buchanan were residents of Sudbury. Most of the correspondence is between Lilla Buchanan and her family and friends. There are also letters of congratulations for the appointment of George Buchanan as King's Counsel. A program, photographs and a newspaper clipping document the Royal Visit to Sudbury on June 5, 1939. The photographs of the fonds depict the Buchanan family and their friends. There are also 11 copies of photographs depicting Sudbury in the early 1900s, people of the community, and early railway construction.

Fonds Sangeetha Gnanavel
CA ON00431 F4-SG · Fonds · 2019-2021

The drawings were made in 2020 and 2021. The family's first item contributions to CDIC was in July 2020, and an additional one in 2021.