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Barbara M. Hanley fonds

  • CA ON00159 P029
  • Fondos
  • 1936-1967

This fonds consists of one scrapbook that contains correspondence, telegrams, pictures, an article and newspaper clippings. The correspondence, telegrams and newspaper clippings are primarily related to the successful election results for Barbara Hanley. The pictures include two photos of Hanley and one group photograph. The article was written by Hanley with regard to the subject of civic responsibility, for a secondary school magazine. The newspaper clippings are from local and national papers. The successful election and re-election of Barbara Hanley as Mayor of Webbwood is a significant part of Canadian Womens' History, because she is the first woman Mayor in Canada, and she held that position for eight consecutive terms. The records of this fonds are also important because no files were preserved by the town for her time in office.

Hanley, Barbara M. 1882-1959

Barry Cooper fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0294
  • Fondos
  • 1965-1981

The fonds consists of correspondence, notes, and notebooks concerning university courses taught by Barry Cooper and his academic career at York, 1965-1981. There is also personal correspondence, 1965-1966; typescripts and printed articles, and the manuscript of a book on Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

Cooper, Barry, 1943-

Bryce M. Taylor fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0426
  • Fondos
  • 1967-1987

The fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, and Bryce M. Taylor's related material of the XV Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, and the Canadian Olympic Association, (1983-1988), detailing the planning for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. It also includes material from the National Advisory Council on Fitness and Amateur Sport, including correspondence, minutes of meetings, annual reports, (1986-1987). In addition, there is material from the Canadian Gymnastics Association, (1975), and proposals for athletic programmes at York University, including a proposal for football (1967).

Taylor, Bryce, 1933-1989

CAWIS fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0459
  • Fondos
  • 1975-1993

Fonds consists of the records pertaining to the activities of the Canadian Association for Women in Science (CAWIS) and includes CAWIS administration records, 1981-1992; CAFWEST records, 1983-1989; Task Force on the Status of Women Graduate Students records, 1985-1991; Women's Studies Working Group records, 1985-1989; York Women's Centre records, 1975-1991.

Canadian Association for Women in Science

Anthony Richmond fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0095
  • Fondos
  • 1943-1991

Fonds consists of Anthony Richmond's records pertaining to his career as a scholar and includes his research files, professional files, manuscripts, as well as his personal files.

Richmond, Anthony H., 1925-

E. A. Beder fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0264
  • Fondos
  • 1921-1972

The fonds documents Edward Arthur Beder's activities as political activist and author and includes manuscripts, 1921-1970; correspondence, 1923-1972; membership lists; files of the Socialist Party of Canada; League for Social Reconstruction, 1933; Canadian League Against War and Fascism, 1934-1937; project outlines files, 1935-1936; lecture notes and abstracts, 1934-1965; notes, 1935-1946; printed material, 1930-1972; and news clippings, 1921-1972.

Beder, E.A., 1895-1978

Newburgh Board of Education fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1883 - 1949

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Board of Education of Newburgh.

The fonds contains four series: Minutes, Financial Accounts, Inspector’s Reports and School Census Books.

The fonds contains three subseries: Auditor’s Reports, Accounts, and Cheques and Vouchers.

Newburgh Board of Education

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

  • Fondos
  • 1966-

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Fonds consists of the records of the various administrative and medical departments of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and the predecessor organizations of the hospital.

The Fonds includes the following Series:
1) Board of Trustees
2) Office of the President/CEO
3) Medical Staff Advisory Board
4) Sunnybrook Foundation
5) Sunnybrook-Wellesley Merger
6) Sunnybrook-Women’s College Hospital Merger
7) Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Services
8) Physical Medicine
9) Nursing
10) History
11) Reports
12) Publications
13) Ontario Council of Administrators of Teaching Hospitals
14) Building Plans
15) Medical Art
16) Dr. Marvin Tile
17) Portrait negatives
18) Events and Departments Photographs
19) Educational and events 35mm slides
20) Surgical 8mm film
21) Sunnybrook Volunteer Association/Canadian Red Cross Society
22) Artefacts
23) Ephemera

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

St. Thomas Collegiate Institute Centennial Reunion fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1966-1968

In September of 1966 several former students and teachers held a meeting to discuss plans for a grand reunion of all students and teachers to be held in 1967 before the building was demolished. Early in 1967, a commemorative coin was commissioned to celebrate the event as well as raise additional funds for the reunion. The reunion was held on August 4-7, 1967.
The fonds consists of photographs and correspondence, publicity materials, a commemorative coin and its casting, and a rubber stamp.
The fonds is organized into the following series:

  1. Photographs and correspondence, 1966-1968
  2. Publicity, 1967
    This fonds would be of interest to researchers studying the architecture of old schools, the actual reunion of St. Thomas Collegiate Institute in 1967, and the lives of students and former teachers that were associated with this school. The pictures provide a pictorial of what times were like for the school over the years and also the attendees at the reunion.

St. Thomas Collegiate Institute (St. Thomas, Ont.)

Dunwich S.S. #10 (Campbellton School) fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1856-1958

Fonds consists of the records kept and/or maintained by the School Trustees of Dunwich S.S. #10 (Campbellton School)
They have been divided into the following series:
-History series, 1856-1938
-Administrative series, 1859-1958

Dunwich School Section #10 (Campbellton School)

Nursing Education and Research Department fonds

The fonds includes three sous-fonds:

1.1 Toronto General Hospital School of Nursing sous-fonds
1.2 Atkinson School of Nursing of the Toronto Western Hospital sous-fonds
1.3 Grace Hospital Training School for Nurses sous-fonds.

For details see sous-fonds and series-level descriptions.

Student records

Series consists of the permanent student academic record files created and maintained by the TGH School of Nursing. Records contained in individual files vary according to the date of creation. Most files will include the student history card, which contains grades by term as well as by subject; hours of practical work by department; dates and duration of absenteeism along with a list of cause or diagnosis and whether the time was made up; date of birth; home address; religion; place of birth; nationality of parents; instructors’ assessments; and dates of admission to the School and completion of courses. Information about vacations or illnesses was collected for the purpose of calculating the number of days absent and ensuring that the time was made up. Some student history cards include an attached picture. Files may also contain certificates of preliminary education (high school academic records); reports including records for hours of nursing care from affiliated Hospitals (e.g. The Hospital for Sick Children or the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital), schools of nursing, and/ or education programs which students attended to receive specialized training and experience; copies of medical records; and photographs. Some files also contain materials subsequently added, including letters from students or their agents requesting letters of reference for employment or information contained in their files, the actual letters of reference, applications for employment in the Nursing Department of the TGH and employment records, newspaper clippings and general correspondence.

Series includes 37 sub-series: Graduates 1911 Graduates 1912 Graduates 1913 Graduates 1914 Graduates 1915 Graduates 1916 Graduates 1917 Graduates 1918 Graduates 1919 Graduates 1920 Graduates 1921 Graduates 1922 Graduates 1923 Graduates 1924 Graduates 1925 Graduates 1926 Graduates 1927 Graduates 1928 Graduates 1929 Graduates 1930 Graduates 1931 Graduates 1932 Graduates 1933 Graduates 1934 Graduates 1935 Graduates 1936 Graduates 1937 Graduates 1938 Graduates 1939 Graduates 1940 Graduates 1941-1942 Graduates 1943-1944 Graduates 1945 Graduates 1946 Graduates 1947 Graduates 1948 Graduates 1949-1950

Sub-series to contain the records of all students in each graduating class 1911-1920. Sub-series to each contain a 10% sample of the records of students in post-1920 graduating classes.

Graduates 1921

Sub-series contains the records of a 10% sample of students from the graduating class of 1921.

Graduates 1923

Sub-series contains the records of a 10% sample of students from the graduating class of 1923.

Graduates 1930

Sub-series contains the records of a 10% sample of students from the graduating class of 1930.

Graduates 1932

Sub-series contains the records of a 10% sample of students from the graduating class of 1932.

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