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CA ON00154 2008.6 · Fonds · 1825-1860

Fonds consists of advertisement printing proofs, invoices, handwritten notes, and correspondence originally belonging to William Furby, printer and owner of the Port Hope Gazette, c1830-1850. For more detailed information, please refer to item-level descriptions.

Furby, William
R. Lindsay fonds
Item · 1856-1865

The fonds consists of two financial ledgers compiled by Robert Lindsay, General Merchant, of Innerkip, between the years 1856-1865.

Lindsay, Robert
Charles C. Carryer fonds
Item · 1860-1869

The fonds consists of ledger no. 3 compiled by Charles C. Carryer, Saddler etc. of Woodstock, Ontario between the years 1860 and 1869.

Carryer, Charles Caleb
T. Wright & Sons fonds
Item · 1871-1880

The fonds consists of one Partnership Accounts ledger belonging to Thomas Wright & Sons. – 1871 – 1880.

Thomas Wright and Sons
CA ON00353 AFC 471 · Fonds · 1864-1886

Fonds consist of business records used by Abbott Brother’s Carriage Works. This includes the company’s order book, accounts and handbill, and illustrations and diagrams. For a detailed transcription of contents, see the preliminary finding aid.

Abbott Brother's Carriage Works
Thomas Preston Hart fonds
Item · 1881-1890

The fonds consists of three books created and compiled by Thomas Preston Hart between 1881 and 1890, related to financial matters concerning his farm/business.

Hart, Thomas Preston
James Fowler fonds
Item · 1866-1892

The fonds consists of two ledgers compiled by James A. Fowler, Woodstock Shoemaker between the years 1866 and 1892.

Fowler, James
Daly House fonds
Item · 1860-1893

The fonds consists of four financial ledgers created between 1860 and 1893.

Daly House
C.P. Harrison fonds
Item · 1889 - 1894

The fonds consists of two wage record books compiled by C.P. Harrison, Cabinet Maker between 1889 and 1894.

Harrison, Charles Poole
John Turnbull fonds
Fonds · 1823-1897

The fonds contains the papers of John S. Turnbull of Belleville, Ontario. Enclosed in the first file is a description of the property of a Mr. Forrin; a notice instructing Mr. Turnbull to pay Mr. James Anderson eleven pounds, ten shillings by Mr. James Turnbull; and a description of the west side of Front Street. The second file consists of items relating to Turnbull's estate including a list of properties he owned, a list of personal effects, the last will and testament of Margaret Campbell, the first and final wills of John Turnbull, and documents pertaining to a dispute over his estate by his family after his death, there is also a map of mineral reserves in Marmora. The third file is composed of various real estate contracts, the fourth file consists of real estate deeds, while the fifth file is made up of real estate leases.

Turnbull, John
James Kintrea fonds
Item · 1848-1897

The fonds consists of records created by James Kintrea. They are arranged into the following Series:

    Series 1: Census Commissioner
Series 2: Financial
Subseries A: Account Books
Subseries B: Cash Books
Series 3: Deputy Clerk of the Crown
Kintrea, James
Whitford Vandusen fonds
CA ON00031 A979.014.002-.016 · Fonds · 1884-1899

This fonds consists of invoices and correspondence (1887) between Robert Everard Moore and Whitford Vandusen concerning family and business matters, and of 14 journals (1884-1899) concerning Whitford Vandusen's private banking business in Tara, Ontario. The journal books are entitled "bills discounted paid", "discount diary" and/or "collection diary". The journals include information about amounts paid and the places of residence of the individuals listed.

Vandusen, Whitford
Donald Cameron fonds
CA ON00031 A968.009 · Fonds · 1886-1893, 1897-1899

This fonds consists of 3 day books created by Donald Cameron within his occupation as storekeeper of a General Store first in Underwood and by September 1893 in Hepworth, Bruce County, Ontario. The day books cover the following time periods: 1886-1890, 1890-1893, and 1897-1899.

Cameron, Donald
Bogart family fonds
Fonds · 1845-1900

This fonds contains eleven folders. The first folder consists of genealogy records, family records and ephemera. This folder contains: a list of the births and deaths of members of the Bickford family from 1795 to 1877; three lists regarding deaths of Bogart family members David D. and Emma Virginia; the marriage certificate of David D. Bogart and Harriet Bickford from 1845 in Oswego, New York; hair samples of David D. Bogart, Harriet A. Bogart, and Emma V. Bogart; Harriet Bogart's account book with the Bank of Montreal; religious ephemera; and one unattributable piece of paper.

The second folder contains correspondence from 1868 to 1898. The addressed parties in these letters are: David D. Bogart, Harriet A. Bogart, W.D. Smith, J. Bickford, M.W. Forward, A.J. [Northrupe], John Bell, A.L. Bogart, Alexander Robertson, C.W. Bell, Alexander Robinson, [M.D.] Smith, E. Guss Porter, R. Richardson, W.R. Richardson, [G.] Mollison, and Y.B. Couch.

The third folder contains property records. It consists of: of a mortgage with dower and power of sale between John Canniff Phillips and Albert L. Smith; an indenture of bargain and sale between John Canniff Phillips and Anna Cornelia Phillips; a deed of land between Hester Morden and D.D. Bogart; a deed from the Oswego Rural Cemetery Association to Warren D. Smith and Harriet A. Bogart; six copies of the notice of exercising the power of sale between Harriet Bogart and William Henry Melburn; the original and a copy of a re-mortgage between [W.H.] Melburn and [Nancy] Garrison; a bill of costs for the power of sale from Harriet Bogart to Sexsmith; and a slip indicating a mortgage between Harriet Bogart and Wallace.

The fourth folder contains insurance information. Included in this folder are receipts and policies between Harriet Bogart and the Royal Insurance Company, a receipt from The Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Company to Harriet Bogart after a sum was payed by J. Wallace, and a slip indicating that a new roof was put on a property that Harriet Bogart owned from T.C. Lazier to the Royal Insurance Company.

Following this, folder five contains legal papers and records relating to various estates. It includes: a description of the results and potential penalties from an unknown case from 1876; a receipt issued from J.H. Mitchell indicating that an account had been settled after the death of D.D. Bogart in 1878; a receipt from the Riverside Cemetery in New York from Edwin Bell; a receipt from a settled account after the purchase of a monument and a headstone at Riverside Cemetery, Oswego, New York; the estate of the William [Winsby]; two receipts from the Oswego Rural Cemetery Association indicating that an account had been paid regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the Bogart and Smith burials; and a bill of costs relating to the estate of Harriet A. Bogart.

The sixth folder contains Bogart family stock information. It includes information relating to D.D. Bogart's stock holdings with the Grand Junction Railroad. Folders seven, eight, and nine contain numerous receipts from merchants and vendors including those in Belleville, Oswego, New York, and elsewhere.

The tenth folder contains papers relating to an 1874 Sheriff's sale of D.D. Bogart's goods. The twelfth folder contains two copies of an article from the Thursday, January 13 edition of the Daily Intelligencer recounting the experiences of A.L. Bogart in the city of Belleville. The folder also contains two copies of an article written by Billa Flint to the Daily Intelligencer disputing the claims of Bogart on January 17, 1881.

Bogart (family)
Frank Hyde fonds
Item · 1897-1902

The fonds consists of a financial ledger created and compiled by Frank Hyde between the years 1897 – 1902.

Hyde, Frank
William Grey fonds
Item · [18- ] - 1904, 1964

The fonds consists of records created and compiled by William Grey and is arranged into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Diaries
Series 3: Financial
Subseries 1: Accounts
Subseries 2: Receipts
Series 4: Marriage and Deaths
Series 5: Land Records
Series 6: Militia
Series 7: Miscellaneous

Grey, William
CA ON00154 2016.10 · Fonds · 1890-1905

Fonds consists of twenty-four (24) letterbooks and ledgers created by Frederick Barlow Cumberland, c1892-1905. For more information, refer to series-level descriptions.

Cumberland, Frederick Barlow
J.W. Taylor fonds
Item · 1906-1907

The fonds consists of one financial ledger created and compiled by J.W. Taylor between the years 1906-1907. It appears he operated a drug store.

Taylor, J.W.
CA ON00159 P061 · Fonds · 1886-1908

The book of correspondence from Jean Étienne Fournier consists almost exclusively of his business correspondence. This correspondence highlights activities that took place in the early years in Sudbury. The 746 pages of correspondence also provide insight to the workings of a general store in terms of purchasing and accounts receivable. The numerous letters in the book refer to his role as Postmaster, Warehouse Manager, and Insurance Agent. Certain facts and events with regard to the School Board and individual schools are mentioned.

Fournier, Stephen
Silver Islet Collection
Collection · 1870 - 1910

Photographs and documents from the Silver Islet Mine and Silver Islet Store, including ledgers and a chart.

A rich deposit of silver was discovered on Silver Islet in 1868. A small island at the tip of the Sibley Peninsula, the mine was built deep below the waterline, and relied on breakwaters and pumps. Silver Islet was mined until 1884, when pumps failed, and the mine was flooded. The small community built on shore to support the mine is still inhabited.