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Opera Laurier fonds
CA ON00362 RG-103 · Fonds · 1971-2022

Fonds contains records relating to Opera Laurier performances including programs, promotional material, planning material, audio recordings and video recordings.
For many performances, the records include production books outlining stage blocking, lighting cues and other information as well as annotated scores.

Opera Laurier
Bert Weir and Family fonds
CA ON00159 P226 · Fonds · [ca. 1925]-2021 (predominant 1968-2012)

The Bert Weir and Family fonds, consisting of correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, sketches and publications, depicts Bert Weir’s professional, artistic and personal life. The documents depict his activities and achievements as a painter, sculptor, environmental activist and teacher. Bert’s life as a teacher and youth mentor is outlined through handwritten notes, photos, e-mail messages and newspaper clippings. These items document the many summer studios that he directed at his home in McKellar, as well as art programs in Southern Ontario in which he was involved. The documents also illustrate his time teaching art to underprivileged students in Knoxville, Tennessee (SSSP Knoxville Team), as well as his time as the art teacher for W.D Lowe Vocational in Windsor, Ontario. Photos, maps and journal entries outline personal interests of Weir. Maps with outlined routes give insight into the canoe trips that Weir undertook in such places as Algonquin Park and Quetico. Included as well are Weir’s sketches, documents relating to his construction projects and social activism. Correspondence, legal documents, and account books detail the business side of Weir’s activities. Weir and his first wife opened and ran Loon Studio, where they offered art courses. The fonds also includes documents relating to Elena’s work, as she was an accomplished painter and sculptor in her own right. Original sketches, books, photos and thumbnails relating to personal matters reflect the everyday life of Bert Weir and his family. Insight into his family life is provided by Weir family creations. Though there are no original paintings included in the fonds, promotional work, such as fliers and posters for exhibitions, and books on his work, attest to his acclaimed stature as an artist, and illustrates the evolution of his art. Correspondence with former students, other artists and owners of art galleries provide an insight in Weir’s artistic world and his friendships.

Weir, Bert
CA ON00435 2021.07.001 · Collection · 1985-2021

Collection reflects the theatrical performances that took place on Redeemer University’s mainstage and theatre studio (also referred to as The Black Box). These performances were primarily produced by students and faculty in the Theatre Arts program that ran from 1985-2020 but also includes productions that were performed by guests. The collection is arranged into production photographs, audio/video recordings, promotional material, stage designs and costume designs, and article reviews.

Redeemer University
CA ON00279 F01-S108 · Series · 2005-2019

This series contains records related to the residence of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph located at 485 Windermere Road, London, Ont. The main topics are the design, and construction of the new building, its stained glass and metal artwork, public education efforts concerning the environmental features of the residence, the Sisters’ planning to move into the building, and the on-going administrative and community work of the Sisters.

A large collection of photographs shows the demolition of the old Medaille Retreat House and all phases of the construction of the new building. Information about the LEED environmental features of the residence are outlined in pamphlets, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles, event programs, and a CD-ROM Power-Point presentation. Brochures, flyers, and the scripts used by facility tour guides as part of the public education program provide detailed insight into the green features of the new building.

The series contains a copy of the Spring, 2013 issue of Stained Glass, Journal of the Stained Glass Association of America which has photographs and information about the stained glass mural commissioned for the Chapel entitled “Life Itself -That All May Be One” created by Ted Goodden. A sketchbook of drawings by Ron Milton used in the creation of the metalwork panels depicting fauna of the area which adorns the main foyer, and a magazine article profiling the artist are included in this series. A short description of the reconstruction of, and the features of the Casavant organ at 485 Windermere is contained in the series. Event programs and speaking notes prepared for the sod turning, land and building blessing ceremonies and the grand opening are included. Ancillary administrative matters related to the sale of the old Mount St. Joseph facility and its conversion to a retirement residence, and the granting of an exemption from taxation for municipal and school purposes are outlined in news clippings. The series contains is a 2010 study prepared for the Sisters by Deloitte, detailing demographic and financial projections, and recommendations to sustain financial support for the operation of the residence and the provision of needs-based care, assisted living, and hospice services to the Sisters. Minutes, email correspondence, and records of the Suites committee, deal with recommendations for facility uses, room allocation, the rental of surplus suites, and the need for additional staff to oversee administrative matters related to the suites. There are a few issues of a 2013 bulletin entitled London Neighbourhood Update. The bulletin provides information about administrative issues of concern to the Sisters, news from the Congregational Leadership Circle, special events, and accounts of the activities of individual Sisters. The bulletin refers to progress on the hospice project which resulted in the establishment of a hospice administered by a separate entity on the north and east wings of the third floor of the residence some time after the Sisters moved into the residence.

The records include a news release announcing educational bursaries for sole support mothers attending Brescia University College and Fanshawe College. News clippings report the end of the Sisters’ involvement in the governance of St. Joseph’s Health Care after 120 years, and the release of a commemorative book entitled Sister: The History of the Sisters of St. Joseph, of London published by St. Joseph’s Health Care. There is a collection of photographs of children engaged in planting trees at 485 Windermere as part of an Upper Thames Conservation initiative. A brochure advertising the cost of room and board at the residence for retreat days, week-long retreats, and companion retreats is included.

A press release sets out details of the Sisters of St. Joseph educational scholarship program, and news clippings report on the concerts performed by the Intergenerational Choir comprised of Sisters and local high-school students. Event brochures detail staff service award celebrations and an anniversary dinner celebrating the founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph. There is a collection of photographs of Sisters during taken during the 140th the anniversary dinner of the Sisters in 2008.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
Michael Gallagher fonds
CA ON00159 P222 · Fonds · n.d.; 1967-2018 (predominant 1975-1985)

Fonds Michael Gallagher consists of graphic material, textual records, sound recordings, video recordings and books documenting Michael Gallagher’s professional career. The majority of the materials are derived from Gallagher’s work for CANO musique, predominantly between the years 1975 to 1985, and reflect the breadth of the organization’s objectives, as well as Gallagher’s many roles within it. The fonds also contains some materials related to Gallagher’s time spent as a member of the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario (C.A.N.O.) in the years prior to CANO musique, as well as several graphic design projects undertaken after CANO musique dissolved.

The graphic materials in the fonds represent a significant body of work created by Michael Gallagher, mostly as photographer and artistic director of CANO musique. Photographic materials include images for CANO album covers, publicity photos of the band, shots of CANO in concert, as well as individual members of the band. Not only do these images show the change in members over time, they also document some of the recording studios and concert venues CANO played throughout the years. The fonds also contains numerous mock-ups for CANO albums, promotional materials, and posters, as well as original artwork of logos, reflecting the various steps in Gallagher’s creative process. Posters promoting CANO albums and specific concerts are also included. Additional visual concepts and designs created by Michael Gallagher for other Sudbury organizations are included in the fonds as well, such as posters, promotional material, and mock-ups for La nuit sur l’étang, Northern Lights Festival Boréal, and Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (among others).

In addition to graphic materials, the fonds also contains a number of textual records primarily related to CANO musique including correspondence to and from Michael Gallagher about the band, as well as records documenting the band’s history and lyrics, available in both English and French, showing the pride they took in reaching out to their fans in both official languages. Also included are a selection of Gallagher’s day planners, and administrative documents related to his role in CANO such as contracts and financial reports, through which a sense of CANO’s cooperative roots can be gleaned, as they outline stipulations such as equal sharing among members. Complementing these records is a thorough collection of newspaper and magazine clippings which provide a wealth of information about the band, as well as their reception throughout Canada and the United States.

The fonds also contains several other types of records, including 14 books, many of which are limited editions and contain personal inscriptions, four CANO 45 rpm singles, an English version of the album Au nord de notre vie, and a VHS tape of the National Film Board of Canada’s documentary CANO, Notes sur une expérience collective. These records further serve to position Michael Gallagher within the extremely active network of Franco-Ontarian authors and artists in Northern Ontario during the 1970s and 80s, as well as highlight CANO’s prominent place within that community.

Gallagher, Michael
John Doerr fonds
CA ON00159 P221 · Fonds · 1973-2018

The John Doerr fonds documents Doerr’s professional life as a musician, composer, music producer, and administrator. The completeness of the files not only highlights Doerr's accomplishments and activities, but they also depict the path of the group CANO musique.

Composed of the files of the various administrators of CANO musique, namely John Doerr, André Paiement, and Gary McGroarty, the files cover the legal aspect of managing a music group and its financial administration. The files thus deal with promotion, production of concerts and LPs, and the creation of music and lyrics, and range from Doerr’s early involvement with the group CANO musique to the group’s dissolution and the subsequent founding of Majoma Music.

The John Doerr fonds not only attests to Doerr’s different roles, creations, and achievements within CANO musique but it also provides an overview of the different administrative and managerial aspects of a music group during the time period of 1975 to 1985. Moreover, the fonds documents the different processes, procedures, and interactions with records companies, as well as marketing and promotional strategies in those years.

John Doerr’s role as administrator of CANO’s financial records is well documented in the fonds. Doerr took over the responsibility of the accounts after André Paiement’s passing, at which time the records of 1975-1978 were transferred to him.

The financial records consist mostly of bank statements, budgets, expenditures, expenses and incomes, correspondence, and monthly royalty statements. The files provide insight into the operating cost for concerts and touring, as well as the cost associated with activities such as recording, rehearsals, buying instruments, and insurance payments. The files also attest to group’s organising and functioning as a cooperative. While the monthly statements for the royalties list each song and the amount received for each, it also indicates the popularity of their songs in a specific time frame. Some of the correspondence informs us on the contracts and agreements with recording companies, touring and festival organisations and on applications/bids to be part of festivals like the Ontario Bicentennial tour or representing Canada in Japan. It also attests to bids for different services they offered like staging, sound equipment, and music production.

The creation aspect is documented by the music scores, lyrics and correspondence which inform us more specifically on John Doerr as a musician, composer and producer. Indeed, music scores of many of the CANO songs – some with notations – provide insights on the process of collective creation of the music and lyrics and also on the translation of the lyrics. While some music scores are specifically for the parts of bass guitar, some are film scores. Doerr and Aymar composed music and produced the scores for films, as well as theme songs for programs like Légalement parlant or Great Movies (CityTV). A rough draft of video shooting images with notes to synchronize the music depicts part of the process for this type of composition. Also included are some texts of introductions of members of the group used during concerts, with notations on music to be played, the mood, and even the staging of the musicians. The fonds also contains some of Doerr’s diaries with notes on the rehearsals, tours and daily activities.

Many files document projects undertaken by the group after their dissolution. While not all projects were carried out, the fonds contains extensive documentation and correspondence on certain projects, such as agreements for the production of the CANO album The Millennium Collection: The Best of/Les Meilleurs Succès CANO, and the different agreements with all the partners in the realization of the project. Transcriptions of interviews with some of the members of CANO who talk of their time with the group and different events can also be found in the files on “CANO project,” as well as correspondence from fans, and pictures taken by fans during CANO concerts.

The fonds also contains Gary McGroarty’s files, who was the manager of the group. He turned these files over to John Doerr when he left the group. These files consist mostly of contracts with recording companies, the legal documents on the ownership of copyright for CANO songs and also for the different concerts. Membership, registration, payments made to different associations and unions as well as correspondence with these organizations are also found within those files. Some scheduling for rehearsals and traveling are also included. Marketing and promotional materials consisting of correspondence, opinions sent to specialized magazines, newspapers, press kits and also promotional materials such as cards, posters, letterhead with the official CANO logo illustrate some of the different marketing strategies used by the group.

Doerr, John W.
Penn Kemp fonds
CA ON00353 AFC 452 · Fonds · 1944 - 2018

Fonds consists of records illustrating Kemp’s career as a poet, playwright, performer and educator as well as the activities of Pendas Productions. It also contains personal materials. It includes personal and professional correspondence, manuscripts and drafts, proofs of publications and CDs/DVDs, recordings of performances in various audiovisual formats, photographs, posters, drawings, clippings, ephemera, publicity materials, and published material.

Kemp, Penn
Fonds · 1970-2018

This fonds consists of programmes, rules and regulations, membership records, annual reports, minutes, correspondence and research material of the Lyceum Club and Women's Art Association of Peterborough.

Lyceum Club and Women's Association of Peterborough
Ephemera Collection
Collection · 1865-2018

Collection consists of items of collectible memorabilia significant to the history of Trinity College School.

Included are calendars, stationery, postcards, textiles, trophies, athletics equipment, dining and serving ware, slates, jewelry, medals, and musical instruments.

Trinity College School
CA ON00402 HG · Collection · 1995-2017

This collection includes a complete series of HighGrader Magazine published between January 1995 to Winter 2017.

HighGrader Magazine
Sister Cathleen Flynn series
CA ON00279 F01-S146 · Series · 1947-2017

The series contains photographs, biographical material pertaining to her election to General Council, her MA in Sacred Theology from Regis College in 1983, her Doctor of Ministry degree from Toronto School of Theology in 1990, her employment at Regis College as Director of the MA in Ministry and Spirituality Program, various news-clippings, a hand painted Feast Day album, a hand painted card from the Precious Blood Sisters in 1979, and various Jubilee memorabilia. The series also contains different versions of Sister Cathleen’s curriculum vitae, a report by her about a pilgrimage she made to Europe and the Holy Land, and a paper written about Sister Cathleen by her grandson, Brandon Graham, in 2017.

Much of this series is made up of reports to the General Chapter from various Sisters in 1979. There is extensive material on the topic of catechetics, religious education and the future for Sisters in parish ministry. In a letter to the Secretary of State, Vatican Apostolic College, Mother Mary Brendan reported on the success of literacy programs provided to Portuguese immigrants in London. A report from the Archdiocese in Edmonton describes the need for a five-year National Religion Program consisting of teams of Sisters providing instruction in Catholic schools, and the involvement of lay people to provide instruction to adults.

A report on the activities of the St. Joseph’s School of Music 1975-1979 discusses the renovation of the Recital Hall, instruction in piano, singing, violin and music theory for 390 students annually, participation in the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and the Western Conservatory, a scholarship fund, professional development for the Sisters and the hosting of and participation in local music festivals. A report by one Sister in April, 1979 expresses uncertainty as to the future of the music school.

In early 1979, Mother Mary Brendan wrote to Sisters across the country seeking their views in response to the promulgation of Vatican II, the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World. One Sister wrote with concern for the socio-economic interests of the Third World and rising tensions within the Christian communities about how to respond. In another report, Sister St. Patrick Joyce outlined what were novel recommendations for the treatment of alcohol addiction and the concept of detoxification centres. Sisters committed to the continuation of work of the Boulee Street mission which served the needs of a low income neighborhood in London and support for those in jail. In another report, a Sister wrote on the topic of evangelization and Christian renewal in a climate of diversity, pluralism and the attraction to Eastern spiritual disciplines. In another report, one Sister called for an increased commitment to youth and adults through solid religious instruction and the teaching of prayer. There is also a survey, report, and recommendations prepared for the Most Reverend J.N. MacNeil by the Ad Hoc Committee for Pastoral Assistants in the Archdiocese of Edmonton, February 1979 outlining the scope of work and hiring of pastoral assistants to aid priests in their work.

On the topic of the higher incidence of divorce and the Marriage Tribunal, Sisters recommended that more women study, teach and write about the Canon law conventions and procedures in jurisprudence. There are several reports outlining emergent changes within the healthcare system related to governance, administration, funding, personnel, medico-moral issues, medical treatments, and technology. Sisters confirm there was a common need for continued pastoral care at the hospitals in London, Sarnia, and Windsor. It was observed that there were increasing needs for retreats for Sisters and lay volunteers offered by the Medaille House in London and for societal formation, or a reorientation to religious life.

This series contains sixteen speeches written by Mother Mary Brendan and a paper she wrote for the Synod on the role of religious women in the community through teaching, hospital care, administration, and social work. Certificates of her educational achievements and professional memberships dating from 1947 to 2001 are included along with a certificate she received with a medal from Queen Elizabeth.

Flynn, Cathleen
CA ON00159 P023 · Fonds · [ca. 1971-2015]

Le fonds d’archives du Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (TNO) témoigne des différentes activités et réalisations de la compagnie de théâtre depuis ses tout débuts, tout en nous renseignant sur les transformations et l’évolution de cette compagnie théâtrale. De plus, les documents reflètent l’essence même propre au TNO, ainsi que sa culture organisationnelle.

À ce titre, on y retrouve des dossiers témoignant du mouvement ayant mené à la création de la troupe de théâtre. Ainsi, il y a des dossiers sur les pièces de théâtre crées et jouées à l’université Laurentienne, les journaux étudiants, tout comme des dossiers sur les diverses personnes ayant un rôle direct ou indirect dans la naissance du TNO. Le fonds d’archives témoigne aussi des gens qui ont oeuvré au sein de la compagnie de théâtre, et de l’implication du TNO auprès de la communauté franco-ontarienne, de son rayonnement et de son impact plus spécifiquement à Sudbury.

En effet, le fonds d’archives contient les dossiers des différentes sphères d’activités inhérentes à une compagnie de théâtre. Ainsi, les procès-verbaux des différents comités administratifs, la correspondance, les demandes de subventions, l’embauche du personnel, et les démarches pour assurer la promotion des programmes saisonniers tout comme les différents rapports d’activités documentent la gestion des ressources financières, mais aussi l’évolution de la compagnie de théâtre. On y retrouve également les documents traitant des changements de sa structure, ainsi que des projets en collaborations avec d’autres organismes du milieu artistique et culturel. Le fonds d’archives comprends aussi les bilans financiers pour chacun des spectacles.

Les différents dossiers de production et création artistiques contiennent des renseignements sur la production et diffusion des différents spectacles du TNO, spectacles de poésie, pièces de théâtre, soit pour toutes les pièces jouées au TNO ainsi que celles produites par le TNO, et ce tant par la troupe professionnelle que communautaire. On retrouve d’ailleurs les dossiers de presse pour les pièces de théâtre présentées ou encore sur les auteurs des pièces. Le fonds d’archives contient également les ententes contractées pour les tournées, mais aussi sur la scénographie, et l’adaptation de certains textes et les éléments de la mise en scène. Il en est de même pour les aspects techniques tel que l’éclairage et les décors. Ainsi, parmi ces dossiers il y a les croquis pour la marionnette Médéric Boileau, dans la pièce La vie et les temps de Médéric Boileau, les esquisses de décor ou encore d’affiches publicitaires. Les différentes tournées tant en Europe qu’au Canada-français, et les tournées des pièces pour enfants, dans les écoles du nord de l’Ontario français sont également bien documentées. Les dossiers de promotion des pièces pour enfants, la correspondance avec les intervenants scolaires et les dessins d’appréciation des enfants permettent une vue d’ensemble de ce type de production théâtrale du TNO.

On y retrouve également des créations littéraires. Parmi celles-ci, il y a des textes d’André Paiement pour lesquels on y retrouve les versions, les notes et commentaires de différents intervenants ayant participé à la création collective de certains de ces textes de pièces de théâtre. Mentionnons aussi les écrits des artistes invités en ‘résidence’ pour lesquels il y a plusieurs des créations littéraires lors de leur séjour au TNO. Le fonds d’archives contient aussi des poèmes inédits de Jean-Marc Dalpé, mais aussi des notes, commentaires, synopsis de différents intervenants impliqués directement ou indirectement dans des productions du TNO. À ce titre, des notes d’appréciation ou encore d’explication de Pierre Gravel, Michel Ouellette, ou encore des commentaires ou présentations de Brigitte Haentjens en tant que directrice artistique ou metteur en scène, ou des notes, de la correspondance ou journal de voyage d’acteurs ou d’actrices en tournée ou des gens de l’équipe, sont aussi compris dans le fonds d’archives et témoignent non seulement d’une culture artistique mais aussi d’un vécu d’individus impliqués dans le milieu culturel franco-ontarien.

Le fond d’archives contient également de nombreux témoignages de l’interaction entre le TNO et d’autres organismes à caractère culturel tel que: Les Éditions Prise de Parole, ou encore la Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, mais aussi de compagnies de théâtre franco-ontariennes ou du Canada-français et même d’outre-mer. À ce titre, on retrouve aussi les documents d’incorporation de la Coopérative des artisans du Nouvel Ontario (CANO) ainsi que la correspondance, et la publication de celle-ci, Journal de Bord qui était publiée par Yvan Rancourt. Il en est de même pour l’association du TNO avec La Slague, plusieurs dossiers documentent cette période de la compagnie de théâtre. Des croquis, des documents d’architecture d’études de marché témoignent des différents projets de regroupement d’organismes culturels et documentent les démarches pour l’obtention de la salle actuelle du TNO.

On retrouve aussi des dossiers de documentation qui attestent de la participation active du TNO dans la communauté francophone de Sudbury, lors de festivals ou d’évènements communautaires, mais aussi du soutien de la communauté envers le TNO.

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario
CA ON00333 15-008 · Fonds · 1958-2015

This fonds consists of personal correspondence written by and to writer and editor Betsy Struthers concerning publications, teaching and editorial work. It also includes early unpublished and published poems and draft manuscripts, reviews and publicity for Censored Letters, Saying So Out Loud, Running Out of Time, Virgin Territory, Driven, Still, In Her Fifties, Where the Night Comes Closest, Relay, All That Desire: New and Selected Poetry, Found: A Body, Grave Deeds, A Studied Death, Poets in the Classroom and the chipbook, The Flood.

Struthers, Elizabeth (Betsy)
Fonds · 1949-2014

Fonds is comprised of materials pertaining to the life and career of playwright and author Munroe Scott. Included are miscellaneous correspondence files as well as manuscripts, correspondence, copyright permissions, research files, publicity materials, and reviews pertaining to his several books and plays. Included are 39 cassette tapes (and transcripts) of interviews by Munroe Scott with Dominion Sculptor Eleanor Milne and with authors, artists, and academics associated with Milne's work.

Scott, Munroe, 1927-
Brad Brown fonds
CA ON00416 F09 · Fonds · 1949 - 1954 ; 2014

Fonds consists of material of Brad's time as a student at Appleby College. In particular, it includes material pertaining to his time as a member of the school's Coronation Choir. Fonds consists of two series: Coronation choir and School days.

Brown, Brad
Heart-Links sous-fonds
CA ON00279 F01 SF07 · Sous-fonds · 1976-2014

Sous-fonds contains correspondence, newsletters, documentaries, project files, school donor files, publications, and records of the administration of and work supported by Heart-Links.

History collection
CA ON00279 F01-S144 · Collection · 1925-2014

This is a collection of reference materials collected by the Sisters illustrating the history and foundation of the congregations in Canada, the USA, and France. The collection illustrates Mother St. John Fontbonne’s life and work. There is a special focus on the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the London diocese. The collection is comprised of publications, calendars, correspondence, news clippings, photographs, postcards, an international directory, family tree diagrams, and a watercolor painting.

CA ON00210 100 · Fonds · 1967 - 2013

Fonds consists of records documenting the activities and functions of the Koffler Centre of the Arts and its role in bringing Jewish-inspired visual, dance, dramatic and musical arts to the community. Included are records related to its Board of Directors and committees, its former affiliation with the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre and the YM-YWHA, building campaigns, financial operations, art exhibitions, the Jewish Book Fair and Bookmark Project, educational programming, performances and special events. Records include meeting minutes, memoranda, correspondence, committee reports, budget and financial statements, press clippings and reviews, program guides, art exhibition catalogues, artist statements and CVs, promotional material, photographs, architectural drawings, a sound recording and moving images. The fonds is arranged into the following ten series: Board of Directors, Committees, Planning and Development, Financial and Administrative, Public Relations, Educational Programming, Book Fair, Art Exhibitions, Performances and Events and the Bookmark Project.

Koffler Centre of the Arts
Deane Cameron fonds
CA ON00353 AFC 370 · Fonds · [192-]-2013, predominant 1970-2013

The fonds consists of materials related to Deane Cameron’s professional career in the Canadian music industry ,predominantly as President of EMI Canada and as a member of various national music associations and committees. It also consists of material relating to Cameron’s personal life, including correspondence, photographs and ephemera, much of which involves musicians or individuals in the music industry.

Cameron, Deane
CA ON00412 Ilderton Women's Institute · Fonds · 1923 - 2013

The fonds includes Minute Books, Tweedsmuir Histories and scrapbooks.

Ilderton Women's Institute