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Archival description
ON00120 047-1-4-1 · Item · [Between 1930 and 1950]
Part of C.R. Judd

Item is one volume of a handwritten lesson plan on zoology, including scientific descriptions about fish, birds, amphibians, insects and small mammals. Details about the genetic make-up of these creatures and how they see, feel, breathe and move are explained. Notes are also given regarding the natural habitats of fish, insects or animals being described, along with a look at their life history (i.e. how they are born, how they spend their time and a typical death attributed to each creature). Hand drawn or traced diagrams are included throughout the item.

Zonta Executive
CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-10-F45-0-10-0-0-1272 · Item · May 22, 1984
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This picture shows the Zonta Club of Guelph Area's general meeting at the Cutten Club with Joan Smith, Mary Skerritt and Elizabeth Honneger.

Zonta Begins Season
CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-7-F45-0-7-0-0-1293 · Item · September 10, 1981
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows Moira Minke, Pat Moinar and Virginia Gray of the International Zonta Club.

Zola Research Program fonds
Fonds · 1873 - 2008

Fonds consists of documents relating to the Zola Research Program and the publication of the 10 volume "Émile Zola Correspondance" series, including project files, inventories, reference materials, photocopies of Émile Zola’s correspondence and other documents related to the project. The project files contained in this fonds document the development and activities of the Zola Research Program. Project files records include inventories of various letters, funding information, budgetary forms, donor agreements, publicity documents and summaries of the project written both by external entities (newspapers) and internal figures (members of the Program staff). Also included are supplementary documents that were collected to create a broader contextual framework. Each letter is be supported with annotations and background information on the correspondents, events or people discussed in the letters as well as the social and political state of France during the 19th century. While the collection of letters by Zola was the primary mandate of the project, along the way the Program collected a vast number of reference materials to broaden the perspective. This fonds contains the off-prints, various documents (both collected by Zola and collected by the Zola Research Program about various 19th century figures) and bibliographies. Books collected by the Program are now the basis of the Émile Zola Collection in the Rare Book Collection of Kelly Library.

The correspondence is composed mostly of photocopies of handwritten letters, post cards, cartes de visites, telegrams and typed transcriptions of letters. The correspondence is a mixture of professional and personal letters that discuss various matters from the publication of Zola’s main works to the birth of his children. It is clear from the various handwritings and documentation styles that multiple figures were involved in the processing of the letters. However, as a Research Associate and long-term member of the team, Dorothy Speirs was the primary figure creating, processing and cross-referencing the letters. This can be seen through the presence of her initials on most of the documents. Additionally, as Project Archivist Hélène Issayevitch organized the letters and maintained the record-keeping practices throughout. It is important to note that after the dissolution of the Zola Research Program in 1995, Speirs continued collecting reference materials and adding them to the collection. As a result, there are a number of documents contained within that extend outside the dates of the Program. The result of this continued research is an additional publication completed in 2008, in association with Owen Morgan.

This collection remains the largest repository of Émile Zola’s letters available in North America. In recent years, the descendants of Zola have divided the estate, including the letters, resulting in a dispersal of the documents. This collection represents the largest single collection of Zola’s letters that is accessible and open to the public. Additionally, this fonds contains a fountain of information on key figures in the Naturalist Movement of the 19th century, as well as other well-known artists, scholars, intellectuals and political and social figures, including J.K. Huysmans, Edmond de Goncourt, Gustave Flaubert, Édouard Manet, Alfred Bruneau, Paul Alexis, Henry Céard, Léon Hennique, and Guy de Maupassant - all of which can be found either through personal discussions in the letters or supplementary documentation. The hidden value in this fonds lies in the plethora of reference resources that are available. The fonds also houses a vast number of off-prints that explore various aspects of Zola’s life as well as the broader Naturalist community of the 19th century. Some other significant pieces include original 19th century illustrated theatrical pamphlets from the Théâtre Libre, various original newspaper clippings and original letters by Émile Zola, Alexandrine Zola, Paul Alexis and Jules Claretie.

Fonds is arranged into 6 series:

1) Project Files series: consists of a variety of records that document the development of the project over the years, including funding information, publicity and marketing documents, donor agreements, budgetary forms and some correspondence amongst various scholars.

2) Letters by Zola series: consists of photocopies of letters written by Zola between 1856 and 1902. This series also contains an original letter by Émile Zola, dated June 22, 1890 (File #107).

3) Letters to Zola series: contains photocopies of letters written to Zola between 1858 and 1902. This series also contains an original letter by Alexandrine Zola to Émile Zola, dated May 27, 1890 (File #248).

4) Letters by Contemporaries series: consists of photocopies of letters sent between Zola’s family and contemporaries. This series contains an original letter from Paul Alexis to Léon Hennique, dated September 19, 1887 (File #420).

5) Collected and Reference Material series: contains photocopies of documents about the project and the various correspondents in the fonds (documents written by or about Émile Zola, documents about his family and correspondents, off-prints of works written about Émile Zola and naturalism, project inventories of letters and bibliographies). Series contains a variety of original documents including newspapers and theatrical pamphlets.

6) Alphabetical Index Forms series: consists of biographical and contextual information on correspondents of Émile Zola, figures mentioned in the letters, or the main journals for which he wrote.

Zola Research Program
Zepha Trevorrow fonds
CA ON00159 P096 · Fonds · 1911

The Zepha Trevorrow fonds consists of 15 postcards and two letters that Ed Trevorrow sent to his wife, Zepha, while in Northern Ontario in 1911. The fonds gives insight into the life of a gold prospector in Northern Ontario in the early 1900s. Indeed, not only does Ed Trevorrow report of his gold prospecting to his wife, but the correspondence also accounts for the different locations visited between July 10 and August 15, 1911.

Although Trevorrow travelled between Timmins and North Bay, and even on the Québec side of the region of Temiscaming, the images of the postcards mostly depict the South Porcupine 1911 fire, and early mine settlements of the same area.

Tevorrow, Zepha
Zelma and Clara Byerly
CA ON00126 F7-F7-0-5-F7-0-5-0-2-10 · Item · [192-?]
Part of A. E. Byerly fonds

This photograph shows Zelma and Clara Byerly. There are notes on the reverse of this photograph.

Zeller's Mall
CA ON00126 F34-F34-0-3-F34-0-3-0-0-75 · Item · ca. 1970
Part of Albert Fish fonds

This photograph shows the new Zeller's mall.

CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-2-F45-0-2-0-0-1918 · Item · September 22, 1977
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows Elsie Jones (left) handing over the Isabel White Trophy to Lorna Zaduk (center) at the Guelph Cutten Club. She won with a net score of 36 1/2 for a nine hole course. Shirley Riley (right) had the 2nd place net score at 38 1/2.

Yule Decorations
CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-1-F45-0-1-0-0-1503 · Item · December 19, 1981
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows Nan Hogg making a snowman table decoration.

CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-7-F45-0-7-0-0-600 · Item · June 19, 1976
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows Larry Smith of Radio Station CJOY trying out a grip test during Guelph's YM-YWCA's physical fitness evaluation. Looking on is YMCA member Paul McEwin.

Yowing girls
CA ON00126 F38-F38-0-15-F38-0-15-0-0-245 · Item · [19--?]
Part of R.A.M. Stewart fonds

This image shows three girls pictured together. Written on the reverse of the image, from left to right, are the names Jacqueline, Josephine, and Judy Yowing. It is believed the girl in the middle is actually Peggy Joanne and that the last name is Gowing and not Yowing.

Youths shine in competition
CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-2-F45-0-2-0-0-1865 · Item · August 30, 1985
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This picture shows Angela Shaw of Arthur riding her horse Deerewood Thistle to first place at the pinto pony English pleasure competition at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).

Youthful Badminton Champions
CA ON00126 F45-F45-0-2-F45-0-2-0-0-36 · Item · December 30, 1961
Part of Guelph Mercury fonds

This photograph shows the champions of the City Schoolboy-girl Badminton Championships at GCVI. Front left: B. McKinnon, S. Redmond, J. Redmond. Back left: M. Crombie, B. Amos, N. Whyte.