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Naval Intelligence Report

  • CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-314-1
  • Item
  • 1887-1888
  • Parte de Shephard Fonds

An 1890 Naval Intelligence Department report on the comparison on the naval fleets of England, France and Russia.

The Water Supply of the County of London from Underground Sources / Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. England and Wales. Contents includes:

Part I

Table of Geological Formations
Description of Formations

Superficial Deposits
Beds Below the Chalp

Part II
Abbreviations, Explanations, and List of Well Sinkers
Maps and Catalogues of Wells

Explosion trials on Four Trench Linings / Department of Scientific and Industrial Research - Building Research Station

  • CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-116-285-11
  • Item
  • August 1, 1939
  • Parte de Shephard Fonds

Note No. H.O.P.P./25. Report on the strength tests taken on different trench linings including "Plain reinforced concrete slabs" , "Corrugated Slabs" , "Cast Iron" , "Timber". Different yields of explosives were detonated nearby to test the different linings' resistance.

Safety of Air Raid Shelters

  • CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-122-304-10
  • Item
  • February 24, 1939
  • Parte de Shephard Fonds

Brief providing analysis on the effectiveness of air-raid shelters in minimizing casualties from aerial bombing by mapping casualty rates. Provides examples and calculations.

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