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CA ON00009 F 4357 · Collection · [185-?]-[189-?]

Collection consists of photographs believed to be taken by William Notman or Alexander Henderson depicting scenes in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Photographic subjects include: buildings, churches, trains, waterfalls, rivers and a variety of other urban and rural landscapes and portraits.

The photographs are arranged geographically.

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Eldridge Stanton fonds
CA ON00009 F 4634 · Fonds · [187-]

Fonds consists of photographs taken by Toronto photographer Eldridge Stanton and includes portraits of George Brown, Lord Dufferin, Mrs. Alfred Cox, a painting of Madame Bonaparte and a view of a Primitive Methodist Church.

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Woodstock First Congregational Church
Fonds · [189 - ] - 1917

The fonds consists of the following Series:

Series 1: Financial
Series 2: Ladies Aid Society
Series 3: Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavors

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John A. Johnston fonds
CA ON00009 C 155 · Fonds · [190-?]

Fonds consists of mostly glass plate negatives and some glass plate transparencies. The images are from locations where John A. Johnston resided and worked. The majority of the images are of mine pit locations and wilderness scenes. There are also some images of unidentified people and buildings in Toronto.

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Breithaupt Leather Co. truck
CA ON00351 GA 142 · Pièce · [191-]

Contents: one undated photograph showing a Breithaupt Leather Co. truck in front of the Shipping Dept. at the tannery, which was located in Kitchener, Ont. Photograph by Denton.

David Bain Postcard Collection
Collection · [197-?], predominant [191-?]

Collection consists of one postcard album and several loose postcards. The postcards offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the city of Guelph and its history. Included are images of Park Ave, Paisley street, London road, main street, Eramora road, Bell Piano and Organ Company, the Opera House, and Jubilee Park. Images of the Speed River and various panoramic views of Guelph are also evident. There are also photographs taken by 19th photographers such as W. Marshall and T. Smith. The album includes approximately 40 pieces of paper ephemera.

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Valerie Jackson estate fonds
CA ON00126 F93 · Fonds · [19-?], [191-?] - [198-?]

Fonds consists of photographs, slides, textual records documenting the life of Valerie Jackson and family. This fonds is arranged into two series.

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Alfred Malcomson fonds
CA ON00009 F 4507 · Fonds · [192-]-[196-]

Fonds consists of photographs of aeroplanes and family home movies created by Alfred Malcomson, who worked at the factory of the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited, Toronto, an aircraft manufacturer during the Second World War; he also worked as machine operator and designer creating the moulds for automobile parts for General Motors vehicles following the war.

The fonds is arranged into two series.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

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CA ON00126 C36 · Collection · [192-?], [197-], [200-]

Collection consists of ceramic ornaments, souvenir tea cups, and plates related to the history of Guelph. A number of the objects contain the image of the Guelph (Carnegie) Public Library or of the City of Guelph’s original coat of arms with the latin inscription "Fides, Professio, Fidelitas". Other plates include the city’s current coat of arms recreated in the late 1970s. Included in this collection is a dollar coin created for Guelph's sesquicentennial in 1977.

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Thomas McMaster fonds
CA ON00126 F68 · Fonds · [192-?] - [194-?]

Fonds consists of photographs created or accumulated by Thomas McMaster in the course of his travels throughout Canada, the United States, England, and Africa. Included are photographs of McMaster family members, landscapes likely of British Columbia and California, of travels to Africa and England visiting historic sites, buildings, and landmarks. Included are photographs of their home in Toronto. Many of the photographs include captions.

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CA ON00126 F71 · Fonds · [19-?], 192-?]

Fonds consists of twelve postcards of Guelph. Included are postcards of Macdonald Hall, Machinery Hall, the C.P.R Depot, Park Avenue, and the Ontario Agricultural College where Fitz Henry attended classes.

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John Antle fonds
CA ON00003 F258 · Fonds · [193-]

Fonds consists of a photocopy of Antle's typescript autobiography describing his youth, entry to the church, founding of the Columbia Coast mission and experiences while acting as superintendent.

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Collection Jalbert de Laurent Hardy
CA ON00420 HAJ · Collection · [193-?] - 1997, surtout 1977-1997

la Collection contient des ébauches d’articles et des textes publiés rédigés par Hardy ainsi que quatre dossiers de correspondance envoyée ou reçue par Hardy, dont environ 150 échanges amicaux avec Jalbert ou son entreprise, Jalbert Aerology Labratory inc. On trouve également des lettres envoyées à diverses associations et entreprises pour faire connaître la contribution de Jalbert au domaine de l’aviation. Les lettres entre Hardy et Jalbert portaient surtout sur les activités scientifiques en cours de ce dernier. D’autres lettres envoyées par Hardy reflètent ses efforts de pérenniser le legs de Jalbert. Enfin, le fonds compte trois dossiers de coupures de presse, de photos, des notes et d’autres documents recueillis par Laurent Hardy au fil des années, ainsi qu’un dossier de recherche généalogique sur la famille Jalbert.

Hardy, Louis-Laurent, 1918-2005
Leanna Neal fonds
CA ON00126 F62 · Fonds · [193-]-[199-]

Fonds consists of Guelph Little Theatre programme guides, photographs of theatre facilities, notes on the theatre's history, constitution and by-law records, president's reports, and reviews created and or accumulated by Leanna Neal during the course of her research activities into the theatre's history. Also included is an audio cassette and transcribed interview with Keith Slater.

Fonds is arranged by subject.

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Iris Birtwistle fonds
CA ON00093 2012/17 · Fonds · [194-]

Fonds consists of one small photo album with handwritten notes and fifteen small black and white photos taken during the Second World War. Includes two small newspaper clippings. These photos were collected by Iris Birtwistle and other female volunteers at the Catholic Soldiers Club in Aldershot, United Kingdom. Also includes five mounted photographs, some duplicates, of members of 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Coy., Canadian Active Service Force (C.A.S.F.) and Headquarters 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade.

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School Board Blueprints
CA ON00154 2011.16.2.5 · Dossier · 194-

Series consists of eleven (11) blueprints for "Proposed Alterations to West Primary School;" "Retaining Wall at Port Hope Public School;" "Proposed Wall North Side of Central School," c. 1940s.

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Jean Eagles Watson fonds
CA ON00126 F88 · Fonds · [194-?] - [199-?]

The fonds consists of one scrapbook documenting Jean Eagles Watson’s activities in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women’s Division.

The scrapbook includes pages with captions on the top of the page that serves to organize the contents. The following is the order in which the captions to these pages are found: Farewell Gifts from G.G.H (1942) On leave Prior to Posting to RockCliffe, RockCliffe Ottawa Basic Training, No 1, T.T.S St. Thomas, Ontario (1945); No.4 Wireless School, Guelph Ontario (1945); 89 Entry A Flight I.G. Inspection; My Trip to Ward 300 Hospital St. Thomas (1943); Cards I received while in Ward 300; Hospital Staff 1944; 20th birthday (1944); and Odds and Ends.

There are photographs throughout the scrapbook some of which are captioned and or include the names of those pictured. Included are photographs of Jean Watson.

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Frederick Renné fonds
CA ON00311 PF141 · Fonds · 1793-1808

Fonds consists of photocopies of records relating to and/or accumulated by Frederick Renné, of Osnabruck, County of Stormont. Included are two documents from 1808 pertaining to property belonging to Renné in the Township of Osnabruck, as well as a court decision made in 1793.

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Dr. Mary Isabel Mackey Kelly Papers
CA ON00318 A 37 · Fonds · [ca.196-]-1980

Collection consists of material compiled by Dr. Mary Isabel Mackey Kelly relating to the Port Arthur school system from 1970 to 1980 with the intention of producing a book on the subject. The book never came about but the collection of notes and manuscripts, almost all of which she transcribed and typed herself from the originals, remains in the form of binders.

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Crown Jewels of Iran records
CA ON00259 RG137 · Groupe d'archives · [196-]

Series consists of the research files of V.B. Meen and A.D. Tushingham, created during their examination of the crown jewels of Iran, and subsequent publication of their book Crown Jewels of Iran. Records include research material, photographs, draft copies of the book, and correspondence.

Also present are gem cards that include information such as object name and type of gem, colour, size, cut, and remarks. Some also include a small black and white photograph of the item.

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