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Naval Intelligence Report
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-314-1 · Item · 1887-1888
Parte de Shephard Fonds

An 1890 Naval Intelligence Department report on the comparison on the naval fleets of England, France and Russia.

Booklets & Presentations
CA ON00411 MG-0002-1-MG-0002-1-18 · Dossiê · October 1915 - September 1998
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Casualties due to German Bombs, and Anti-Aircraft Gunnery. Booklets included: (Predicting Combat Effects - August 1991); (The Influence of the Numerical Strength of Engaged Forces on their Casualties - October 1915); (Forced Changes in Combat Posture - July 1989); (Evaluation of 0.50 Inch (12.7mm) Armour Piercing, Incendiary, Tracer, Ball and High Performance Ammunition - October 1985); (Modelling DNBI for Threat: A Pilot Study of the Possible Contribution of UK Records of Naval DNBI - August 1990); (Readiness Technologies Advanced Development Threat Related Attrition (Threat) Temporary Facility Model Concept Exploration Scientific and Technical Report - December 1992); (A Survey of Suppression Volume I Corrigendum - February 1989); (A Survey of Suppression Volume IV - September 1988); (History of the Shaped Charge Effect, The First 100 Years - September 1983); (Casulties due to German Bombs in World War II: Persons in Anderson Shelters Vol 1: Description and Derivation of Data - February 1988); (Statistical Methods and Formulae - November 1964); (Department of Chemistry & Metallury Explosive Terms and Definitions - June 1978); (Ground Forces Casualty Rate Patterns The Empirical Evidence - September 1989); (Anti-Aircraft Gunnery - January 1948); (The Dynamic of Rotating Projectiles - August 1945); (Notes on Anti-Aircraft Gunnery - 1941); (Text Book of Ballistics and Gunnery Part II Section III Theoretical Principles of Gun Construction - March 1941); (Small arms and light weapons: An annotated Bibliography, Update 1996-1998 - September 1998).

Booklets & Presentations
CA ON00411 MG-0002-1-MG-0002-1-7 · Dossiê · August 1938 - January 1983
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Operational Research Booklets on Armoured Vehicles and the Effects and Problems of Ballistics and Gunnery. Booklets Included: (The Geometrical Theory of Sighting Systems - 1943); (Introduction to the Main Problem of External Ballistics - 1943); (The Effect of Variations in Loading Conditions in Internal Ballistics - 1945); (The Mathematics of Field Gunnery - ?); (Ballistics Pamplet No 9R Dispersion of Fire and Target Analysis - November 1961); (Armored Fighting Vehicles Comparison - 1971); (Army Staff Course Division I Telecommunication Study Academic Precis - January 1983); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery - 1946); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery - 1947); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamphlet No.1 Definitions, Motion in Vacuo and Laws of Air Resistance - 1948); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamphlet No. 2 Siacci Equations, Primary and Secondary Ballistic Functions, Use of Ballistics Tables - 1954); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 3 Stability and Drift - 1951); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 4 Meteorlogy and Meteorlogical Corrections - 1952); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 5 Small Arc Calculations - 1957); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 6 The Construction of Range Tables - 1954); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 8 Sighting - 1946); (Textbook of Ballistics and Gunnery Pamplet No. 9 Dispersion of Fire - 1947); (History of the Research & Experiments Department Ministry of Home Security 1939 - 1945); (HS Freeth Papers Summary of 65 Cases Collected by Lt. Col. Freeth - ?); (Landing Operations Doctrine United States Navy - 1938)

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-117-188-3 · Item · 1938
Parte de Shephard Fonds

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. England and Wales. Contents includes:

Part I

Table of Geological Formations
Description of Formations

Superficial Deposits
Beds Below the Chalp

Part II
Abbreviations, Explanations, and List of Well Sinkers
Maps and Catalogues of Wells

Shephard Fonds
CA ON00411 MG-0002 · Fondos · ca. 1939-1995

Fonds contain material relating to operational military research from the second half of the 20th century. The documents are multi-disciplinary in nature, providing scientific, mathematical and historical perspectives of the same topic. Many documents originally come from the Public Records Office UK (PRO), now known as The National Archives (TNA). In such cases, original archival references will be provided, and potential researchers are encouraged to cite these whenever possible. For more information on these Fonds or on Ronnie Shephard, please visit

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