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Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada
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Sister Margaret Ferris sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF10
  • Sub-fondo
  • [192-?]-2014

This sous-fonds contains records pertaining to Sister Margaret Ferris’ education and professional career, including a published book, research papers, research notes, report cards and transcripts, diplomas and degrees, resumes, and correspondence. The sous-fonds also includes photographs and diaries regarding her various travels and personal life, a papal blessing, and Jubilee celebration memorabilia. There is also original artwork, including wall hangings, paintings, and framed art. The sous-fonds also includes graduation regalia.

Ferris, Sister Margaret

St. Mary's Orphanage sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 HF01-SF01
  • Sub-fondo
  • 1852-2015

This sous-contains fundraising documents pertaining to rural collections and the Orphans’ Festival which show that the Sisters needed support from the surrounding community in order to operate the orphanage. Articles, tickets, programmes, and receipts from the annual Orphans’ Festival show the importance the event held, not only to the Sisters but also to Hamilton citizens. Financial records further illustrate how much money was needed to care for the orphaned children. The account books detail the necessary items Sisters purchased to successfully run the orphanage. The fee books show how much parents paid to foster their children. These records also demonstrate the needs the Sisters had on outside resources, like government grants and surrounding community funding. Documents pertaining to regulatory compliance are also found, including the 1965 Children’s Institutions Act and Regulations which outlines the rules the orphanage had to follow in order to operate within the law. Correspondence on a variety of topics is also present in the collection, including finance, education, and daily operations. There are photographs which offer a “snapshot” into the life of the orphanage. These images depict Sisters working in the orphanage, the Orphans’ Festival, children’s communion celebrations, and the dining hall. The sous-fonds also contains records created by the Advisory Committee of Mount St. Joseph Orphanage. These records outline the types of work the committee did, including structural changes to the building. There are several summaries of the history of St. Mary’s Orphanage, and a brief summary of the history of Mount St. Carmel Infants’ Home. The registers offer significant information about the children who remained in the care of the orphanage. These list information such as the orphan’s name, date of birth, religious denomination, nationality, date of admission and discharge, date of death [if applicable], and who took the child after he or she was discharged. There are also registers that list information about children who stayed for day stays, as well as children who were moved into foster homes. The sous-fonds contains information about orphans who received their religious sacraments, as well as baptismal records. Also found personal folders and admission cards, which provide information about application and departure, correspondence and parental addresses and occupations.

St. Mary's Orphanage


This series provides information about the daily expenses of running St. Mary’s Orphanage. For individual fostered children, information is given about the promised rate, the amount of board money actually received, who paid for the child’s stay, as well as how long the child remained in the care of the Sisters. Receipts and disbursements show the orphanage’s total expenses for 1958 and 1959. These documents provide information about how many boys versus girls were in the Sisters’ care, as well as the ages of the children. The public welfare accounting forms give details about each individual child, including age, rate per week, admission and discharge date, and the number of days in care. Additional information can be found in the records of orphan fees books (1902-1926 and 1925-1944). These books outline payment information regarding individual orphans’ care. Applications for provincial aid, Orphan Festival financial reports, and general financial reports also make up this series. Cash statements are provided for the period covering 1935 to 1940. These detail information such as the amount of money spent on clothing and feeding the children, Orphans’ Festival expenses, and general bills. The series also shows the amount of fees received from parents, the city of Hamilton, the Orphans’ Festival, and provincial government grants. The 1957 to 1965 journal lists items from the orphanage’s accounts payable and receivable. Items include bread, cereals, coal, water, and grant money. There are also receipt books that cover the years 1930 to 1943. These books give an in-depth look at what the Sisters were purchasing to run the orphanage.


The registers record significant information about the children who remained in the care of the orphanage. Some of the registers include those detailing day stays and children in residences. These sources provide the children’s name, admission and dismissal date, and age. There are also more detailed registers which provide information about both the boys and girls of St. Mary’s Orphanage. These books list the orphans’ name, date of birth, religious denomination, nationality, date of admission and discharge, date of death, who took them after they were discharged, and the duration of their time in care. The House of Providence Records 1893-1920 [1924] [St. Mary’s Branch House of Providence] provides the names and details of boys who were moved to a wing in the House of Providence between 1879 and 1900. There are also names of young girls listed in this register, which is the only evidence that orphan girls were also resident at the House of Providence. Another register lists information about orphans who received their religious sacraments. The Mount St. Carmel register lists information about the children who were cared for in this institution.

Orphan Registration

This series is comprised of folders, data cards and envelopes relating to each individual child in care. The files and cards include orphanage application forms, correspondence about individual children, and vital records, including baptismal records.

Hellmuth College/Mount St. Joseph series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S137
  • Séries
  • 1853-2015, predominant 1976-2005

This series consists of contracts, deeds, plans, and newspaper clippings relating to Hellmuth College from 1866-1952. There is a general history and photographs of Hellmuth College. The series includes photographs of the Chapel and Motherhouse. The series contains a description of the layout of the Orphanage as well as information regarding the day-to-day routines. The series also contains notes on the process of purchasing the Mills property and written summaries of ecclesiastical events such as the Eucharistic Congress at Mount St. Joseph in July, 1923 and the visit of Cardinal Villeneuve in 1934. There are also special issues of the Western Gazette and magazine and newspaper articles, including a biography of Bishop Hellmuth, and the building of the new Motherhouse.

Hellmuth College


This subseries consists of photocopies of contracts and deeds from 1866-1952 relating to Hellmuth College and Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse. The subseries includes two maps depicting the property bounded by Richmond (formerly Proof Line) and Windermere Road (formerly the 4th Concession). The subseries includes original newspaper clippings from The London Free Press, The Catholic Record, and London Advertiser from 1908. There are also notes on the process of purchasing the Mills property. Finally, the subseries includes a photograph of Sisters in a horse and carriage in front of the chapel in 1925, and photographs of the chapel during demolition in 1976.

Mount Hope Motherhouse series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S125
  • Séries
  • 1868-2005, predominant 1929-1980

Series contains correspondence, deeds, photographs, and newspaper articles about Mount Hope Motherhouse in London, Ontario before its purchase and while it was operating. Earliest records include a report card from 1868, a letter dated 1869, and an original deed of land dated 1883. Records from the late 1920s to 1960s include original newsclippings. Many of the records are undated photographs, photocopies, or typed histories and biographies. The latest record dated 2005 is email correspondence.

Mount Hope Motherhouse


This subseries documents the history of Mount Hope and the House of Providence from 1857 to 1980. There is a chronological history of Mount Hope. Other histories document the construction of Mount Hope and its transition into the House of Providence. Also included is correspondence from 1869 between Frank Smith and Bishop John Walsh regarding the purchase of Mount Hope. There is also an 1868 report card from an orphan who attended Mount Hope. There are two aerial maps, one of which is a photocopy of an 1840 map depicting the planned area for Mount Hope, and the other a photocopy showing London West in 1897.

House of Providence fonds

  • CA ON00279 F13
  • Fondos
  • 1869-2002

This fonds consists of records that pertain to the House of Providence and Marian Villa. More specifically, it consists of histories, commemorative materials, and administrative materials. There are also records related to the Marian Villa Auxiliary.

House of Providence

Photographs and Scrapbooks

This series consists of materials which document a variety of events including: holidays, travel, festivals, socials and new buildings. There are newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and photo albums.


This subseries contains correspondence, municipal registration records, and deeds related to the conveyance of lands where the Mount Hope Motherhouse would later be located, all of which are reproductions, apart from one original deed of land dated 1883 transferring land from John Pope to William Thompson the Younger. This subseries also contains a biography of William Barker, the original owner of the Mount Hope property.

St. Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Ont. fonds

  • CA ON00279 F06
  • Fondos
  • 1890-2009

The fonds consists of essays, annals, a memoire, correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, financial papers, newspapers, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, floor plans, fact sheets, orientation booklets, bylaws, yearbooks, speeches, programmes, invitations, cards, newsletters, posters, flyers, press releases, membership roll, and certificates.

St. Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Ont.


This series consists of photographs of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chatham, many of which were originally housed in separate photo albums. The first file contains photos of the first hospital in the old Salvation Army barracks; the hospital at its King Street location; the first Sisters in the hospital; the nurses’ classrooms and study hall; the wards; the first addition in 1914 to the hospital which was an operating room and nursery; graduates of the School of Nursing including Sister Jane Francis O’Rourke; the nurses’ residence; and Sisters on staff. The second file contains the demolition of the old wings; the boiler room building prior to 1975; and the new wing front entrance in 1975. The third file contains the turning of the sod for the new addition in 1971; and board members. The fourth file contains a photo album belonging to Sister Mary Lourdes Therens with photos of the new addition, board members, the opening attended by Lt. Gov. Pauline McGibbon, as well as Sisters and staff. The fifth file contains photos of the new addition in 1975, the front entrance and areas of the hospital, the operating rooms, intensive care, coronary care, and the parking lot in 1988. The sixth file contains a card with a black and white photo of the original hospital building, and a black and white drawing of the modern hospital building. The seventh file contains photos of nursing sisters and clergy, one drymounted photograph and a photocopy of a newspaper clipping. The eighth file contains photos of hospital scenes and activities. The ninth file contains photos of hospital administrators, two lists of administrators and one newspaper clipping. The tenth file contains photos of the first and last babies born at the hospital with captions and newspaper clippings. The eleventh file contains photos of activities of staff and friends with captions and newspaper clippings. The twelfth file contains photos of the Terry Fox Run with captions. The thirteenth file contains photos of activities at St. Joseph’s Hospital with captions. The fourteenth file contains photos of St. Joseph’s Hospital staff activities at the “Festival of Nations” at Tecumseh Park, Chatham, ON with captions and note page.


This series consists of programmes, speeches, histories, meeting minutes, reports, photocopies of newspaper clippings, a presentation packet, award recipient list, correspondence, a booklet, guest list and seating plan, a notice, a brief, schedule “E” Report of Todgham and Case Limited, fact sheets (not complete and completed versions), an invitation, event flyers, newspaper clipping, bulletin, St. Joe’s Alive newsletter, a memo and a poster. Two other materials that are contained in this series are eight newspapers from June 1891 and the Catholic mutual benefit association roll of officers 1891 certificate from when the hospital first opened. The newspapers include Chatham Market Guide (1891), The Chatham Journal (1891), The Detroit Free Press (1891), The Catholic Record (1891), The Chatham Weekly Banner (1891), C. M. B. A. Journal and Catholic Society New (1891), Chatham Tri-Weekly Planet (1891), and The Globe (1891).


This series contains publications related to Sister Mary Anthony Hartleib’s paintings. There is a magazine article about Sister Mary Anthony’s artwork and documents from an art exhibit entitled “Doorways to Heaven.” The series includes textual records, photographs and coloured prints of paintings. There are also a prayer book, a book addressed to the Right Reverend Michael Francis Fallon, and one videocassette with a recording of a TVOntario program on Mount St. Joseph.

Sister Mary Anthony Hartleib sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF09
  • Sub-fondo
  • 1899-2008, predominantly 1960-2008

The sous-fonds consists of records kept by Sister Mary Anthony Hartleib, the majority of which are about her artwork. The records include sale agreements, publications, and thank-you letters from groups that received her icons. Also included in the sous-fonds are some of her original artworks as well as photographic reproductions of artworks that may or may not be held in the Archives. The sous-fonds also consists of speeches and presentations written by Sister Mary Anthony, and certificates and records of graduation.

Hartleib, Sister Mary Anthony


This series contains news articles about Fontbonne Hall funding, budget comments and financial reports from 1964, budget proposal from 1963 including information on operating expenditures, Public Charities Inspector reports from 1972-1976, and correspondence with the Council of Catholic Charities, the Catholic Hospital Association, and the Ontario Home for the Aged. The series also includes treatment program proposals, proposed policy on referrals by private agencies, a list of Advisory Board members from 1964-1965, correspondence between Fontbonne hall staff and donors, a record of the number of children in care between 1900-1933, and bequest records from 1937-1962.

Fontbonne Hall sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF06
  • Sub-fondo
  • 1900-1995

The sous-fonds contains policy manuals, newspaper clippings, intake procedures, photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, as well as the record book and cash book of the Fontbonne Auxiliary. It also contains information about the history of the building, the children who were at Fontbonne Hall and the people who were involved in their care. There is also information about how the purpose of Fontbonne Hall changed throughout its time in operation.

Fontbonne Hall

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