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Breithaupt Leather Co. truck

  • CA ON00351 GA 142
  • Item
  • [191-]

Contents: one undated photograph showing a Breithaupt Leather Co. truck in front of the Shipping Dept. at the tannery, which was located in Kitchener, Ont. Photograph by Denton.

Oxford Regional Centre Collection

  • Item
  • [195-?] - 2000

The collection consist of various materials related to Oxford Regional Centre including photographs of the facility, including construction photographs; plans related to the Tubercular Unit; informational brochures, and newspaper articles.


Milton Acorn review

  • CA ON00351 GA 54
  • Item
  • [196-]

Corrected carbon typescript of a review article dealing with A. Purdy, Irving Layton and poetics in general.

Report by Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes, Sept. 18, 1759

  • CA ON00351 GA 141
  • Item
  • 1759

Contents: 7. p. ms. report dictated by Rear-Admiral Charles Holmes for his superiors, recounting in detail the events of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Major-General James Wolfe captured Quebec on Sept. 13, 1759, but died on the battlefield. His opponent, the Marquis de Montcalm died the next day. Holmes dictated a detailed account of the battle and sent two copies on separate ships to the British Admiralty. This document is the second copy of that report.

Holmes, Charles, 1711-1761


  • CA ON00351 GA 56
  • Item
  • 1780

Notebook containing diagrams of 80 contredanses, circa 1780.

Account book

  • CA ON00351 GA 40
  • Item
  • 1800-1809

Unidentified English account book containing entries from 1800 - 1809, including wages paid, property taxes, debts. etc.

Letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue

  • CA ON00351 GA 25
  • Item
  • [18--?]

Undated typescript letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The letter requests Jefferson put in a good word for Larue. Also included is an undated photograph card of Joseph Jefferson, taken by Gilbert & Bacon studios in Philadelphia.

Larue, John

Manuscript Recipebook

  • CA ON00351 GA 235
  • Item
  • [ca. 1800]

Contents: one 53 p. vellum bound ms. cookbook of unknown origin. Cookbook features approxamitely 50 recipes in at least fifteen different hands. Most recipes are for desserts, although a few are for savoury dishes and household products. Some recipes are signed and signatures include M. Moore, Mary Dawson, and S. Lowels. Also included in the file is an index of recipes and the original seller's note.

John Galt letter

  • CA ON00351 GA 35
  • Item
  • [18--]

One holograph letter from John Galt addressed to "Croker." The letter requests that Croker publish the enclosed items in his magazine if they are not too late reaching him.

Galt, John

Historical Sketch of Methodism in Canada and Port Hope

  • CA ON00154 2017.17.4
  • Item
  • 1813 - 1925

Item is a booklet created for the Golden Jubilee of the Port Hope Methodist Church in 1925.

Includes a short history of methodism in Canada, the history of methodism in Port Hope starting in 1813, officials and groups of the church in 1875 and 1925, and messages from ex-pastors for the anniversary.

'Richard' Family History Page

  • CA ON00154 2017.15.1
  • Item
  • 1817 - 1898

Item is family history page featuring the birth dates of various members of the 'Richard' family of Port Hope and Cobourg area from 1817 to 1898. This page is possibly from a family bible.

"Elizabeth and --- "
---- Richard born June 2nd 1817
Elizabeth Richard born Feb. 9th 1819
William Richard born April 7th? 1823?
Archibald Richard Dec 24 1825
Hugh Richard Sept 2 1828
Margaret Maria May 30 1831
Mary Morrison Richard Dec 21 1833

John Richard and Mary Yheu ?
children Thomas Francis Sept 22 1853
Elizabeth Richard Dec 26 1854
Cecilia Richard Feb 27 1856
Mary Josephine Richard Sept 29 1857
Harriet Richard October 27 1858
John Caldwell Richard May 20 1860
Robert William Richard March 9 1862
Stuart Grahame Richard March 6 1863
Francis Richard March 3 1865
William Albert Richard July 2 1868
Lovel Murray Richard March 2 1870
Margaret Richard 1872"

Arthur Lang diary copy

  • CA ON00351 GA 96
  • Item
  • 1820 (transcribed 1907)

This document is a 13 p. carbon ts. transcript of Arthur Lang's diary prepared as a Christmas souvenir in 1907 by T.A. Lang, Clearfield Pennsylvania. It includes a copy of a letter from one of Arthur Lang's granddaughters to another, giving some family background. Arthur Lang describes the sea voyage, scenery, passengers, trip from Montreal through the Lachine Rapids and on to Prescott, and his experiences inspecting land near Lanark, in Ramsay, Lanark and Dalhousie Townships.

Lang, Arthur, 1789-1849

Eliakim Barnum account book

  • CA ON00009 F 4257
  • Item
  • 1824-1833

Item consists of one handwritten volume which is the account book for a Haldimand Township tavern owned by Eliakim Barnum. Entries include liquor sold, prices, and customers' names and accounts. Small documents are inserted in the account book.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Barnum, Eliakim, ca. 1785-1833

St. Peter's Anglican Church offertory and poor's account book

  • CA ON00009 F 2188
  • Item
  • 1833-1851

This volume is the accounts book kept by Reverend Edward Denroche for St. Peter's Anglican Church in Brockville. The left-hand pages of the volume itemize the date and amount of offerings received in the Church; the right-hand pages itemize amounts given to the poor, including names and details, such as "to blind Foster to pay for a cord of wood" - and "to French Mary". Many of the entries were made during a cholera epidemic, and record assistance to victims and to others such as runaway slaves.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

St. Peter's Anglican Church (Brockville, Ont.)

Deed of Bargain and Sale

  • CA ON00351 GA 13
  • Item
  • 1834

Deed of bargain and sale on vellum, dated December 12, 1834, details a transaction between Vincent Dewell, and his wife Harriet, with Henry Smith regarding a plot of land in exchange for 50 pounds. The plot of land is identified as the west part of lot 29 on the 8th concession of Hope Township in Durham County, Upper Canada. Two red wax seals appear on the bottom right corner of the deed.

Dewell, Vincent

John Lawrence letter

  • CA ON00009 F 93
  • Item
  • 1837

Item is one letter written by John Lawrence to Valentine Harden Tisdale who was born in 1815 in the Long Point area of Norfolk County, Ontario.

Subject of the letter consists of an account of the William Lyon MacKenzie uprising which led to the outbreak of the Upper Canada Rebellion.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Lawrence, John, b. 1815

Amelia Alderson Opie letter

  • CA ON00351 WA 38
  • Item
  • 1838

Holograph letter from Amelia Alderson Opie to an unidentified correspondent dated May 5, 1838 refusing an invitation.

Opie, Amelia

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