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This photograph shows the house "Riverview" which was located at 5 Queen St., Guelph. At the time this photograph was taken, Riverview was still a cottage.


This photograph shows the home of the Higinbotham family, "Riverview," located at 5 Queen St., Guelph. Although the exact date of the image is unknown, the second storey was added in 1871.

The Higinbothams on the porch of Riverview

This image shows the Higinbothams and other relatives standing on the porch of their home "Riverview," situated at 5 Queen Street, Guelph. In front are William A. Higinbotham and John D. Higinbotham (holding doll). In the back stand W.Y. Smith, Lt. Col. N. Higinbotham holding Edward, Mrs. N. Higinbotham, and Miss Agnes Idington.

Speed River

This photograph was taken from the Eramosa Bridge and may have been taken shortly after the carrying away of Allan's Dam in the spring of 1869 and before the building of the new dam.

Prof. Panton's botany class

This photograph was taken at the Elora Gorge and shows the botany class of a Professor Panton. To the lower right can be seen John McCrae, author of the poem "In Flanders Field."

Old Goldie Home

Here is shown the home of the Goldie family. This house was located just behind Goldie's Mill on Cardigan Street.

Allan's Mill

This photograph shows Allan's Mill at Allan's Bridge.

Goldie's Dam

This photograph shows Goldie's Dam on the Speed River. The dam was washed away in 1929.


In this photograph is seen "Rosehurst," a home built by Dr. Clarke. Rosehurst was the second home of the Goldie family and was situated where the Homewood Sanatorium is now located. "Rosehurst" was torn down in 1927 or 1928.

Speedvale Mill

This photograph shows Speedvale Mill. The owners of the farms shown in this photograph, from left to right, were John Pipe, William Hood, and Richard Greet.

Armstrong's Mill

This photograph shows Armstrong's Mill located in Guelph township about three miles from Marden, Ontario.

Building at 72 Woolwich St.

This photograph shows a house located at 72 Woolwich Street, Guelph, beside the Wellington County Court House.

Saunders family portrait

This portrait shows the Saunders family. In the front, from left to right are Lucy Ann Willcocks, Mrs. Thomas Saunders, and Col. Thomas Saunders. In the back, from left to right are shown Louisa and Frances Saunders.

Drill Shed

This photograph shows the drill shed located at the corners of Wyndham and Farquhar. It was built around 1867. This image is taken from David Allan's book, Early Days in Guelph.

City Hall

This photograph shows Guelph's former City Hall, located on Carden Street.

City Hall

This photograph looks west towards the former City Hall building on Carden Street. Also shown in this image, to the left of City Hall, is the Annex building which during this period was used as the City's fire hall. Wet fire hoses were hung to dry in the tower atop the Annex.

City Hall

In this photograph, the east side of Guelph's former City Hall and the wood market held beside it can be seen. This photograph was likely taken sometime around Christmas.

City Hall

This photograph looks west along Carden Street and on the left of the image is the former City Hall building of Guelph. The wood covered pavilion shown in front of City Hall was a vegetable market.

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