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Registration Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG97
  • Record group
  • 1906-1985

Series consists of the loan files of the Registration Department, as well as departmental correspondence and other records.

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ROM Library fonds

  • CA ON00259 RG96
  • Record group
  • [ca. 1900-1999]

Series consists of records relating to the ROM Library and Archives.

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Conservation Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG95
  • Record group
  • 1953-1975

Series consists of correspondence and reports relating to the Conservation Department.

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Department of Botany records

  • CA ON00259 RG90
  • Record group
  • [before 1970], 1987

Series consists of the final report on a field trip to Gogama in 1987, and well as information on space and storage, up to 1979.

Department of Vertebrate Palaeontology records

  • CA ON00259 RG88
  • Record group
  • 1967-1971

Series consists of material on the Dinosaur Gallery from 1971, as well as general correspondence and photographs from 1967-1971.

Department of Ornithology records

  • CA ON00259 RG87
  • Record group
  • 1870-1913, 1923-1974

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, manuscripts, and other records of the Department of Ornithology. Includes two volumes of early accession records from the University of Toronto Biological Museum.

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Department of Invertebrate Palaeontology records

  • CA ON00259 RG84
  • Record group
  • 1922-1956, 1985

Record group consists mostly of correspondence and a variety of departmental records. It is divided into seven series: Invertebrate Paleontology Department correspondence, Invertebrate Paleontology Department photographs, accounts payable and accounts receivable books, financial records, specimen inventory lists, letters of reference, and Committee on the Devonian Catalogue records.

These records are partially arranged chronologically in five boxes. The two account books (which comprise one box) contain receipts dated 1922-1948. The rest of the material in the other four boxes is dated 1935-1956. The total year span of the fonds is 1922-1956.
This is by no means a complete set of records of the Invertebrate Paleontology Department as the department under various names and incarnations dates back to 1892 and continues beyond 1956 to the present.

Acession 2016-026 consists of two rolls of microfilm which are a reproduction of the initial catalogue of artifacts. A paper copy of this catalogue is currently used by the Department.

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Norman Jewison fonds

  • CA ON00399 56
  • Fundo
  • 1926-2023, predominant 1979-2003

The archive of celebrated Canadian film director-producer Norman Jewison contains photographs and publicity materials, papers and correspondence, shooting scripts and schedules primarily for films directed or produced by Jewison between the years 1975 and 2003. Materials related to the films Fiddler on the Roof, …And Justice for All, A Soldier’s Story, Moonstruck, The Hurricane, The Statement and others undertaken by Jewison are held in this collection.

Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1: Films directed by Norman Jewison, 1966–2003; Series 2: Television productions, 1994–2001; Series 3: Shooting scripts, 1981–2003; Series 4: Films produced by Norman Jewison, 1966–1994; Series 5: Film projects not undertaken, 1971–2002; Series 6: Professional activities, tributes and honours, 1968–2007; Series 7: Correspondence/subject files, 1962–2007; Series 8: Canadian Film Centre, 1987–2004; Series 9: Autobiography, 1953–2005; Series 10: Photographs and posters, [1926?]–[2003]; Series 11: Memorabilia and publicity material, [194–?]–2007.

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Yvonne McKague Housser fonds

  • CA ON00399 40
  • Fundo
  • 1916-1993

Fonds consists of Yvonne Housser's journals and correspondence (1931-1980), including correspondence with her husband Frederick Housser (1931-37), and Arthur Lismer (1937) and notes on Theosophy (1953-1980); lectures, book reviews and stories (1933-1980); and documents and drawings pertaining to her travels and sketching trips (1939-1975) to Europe, the United States, Mexico, and Québec. Also included is a cassette tape of a conversation between Housser and Lora Senechal Carney.

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International Virginia Woolf Society fonds

  • CA ON00399 51
  • Fundo
  • 1960-2021, predominant 1971-2005

Fonds consists of records related to the establishment and operation of the Virginia Woolf Society.

Fonds is comprised of the following series:
Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Administrative Records
Series 3: Records relating to Virginia Woolf Miscellany
Series 4: Articles and news clippings
Series 5: Photographs
Series 6: Audiovisual Records

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Collection about Dorothy Burnham

  • CA ON00259 SC131
  • Coleção
  • 1933-2005

Collection consists of records compiled after the death of Dorothy Burnham, and includes copies of articles, material from her memorial service including condolence letters and reminiscences, and transcripts of interviews.

Lakeside Women's Institute fonds

  • Item
  • ca. 1856 - 2011

The fonds consists of records related to events held by the Women’s Institute and local news in Lakeside. It is arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Lakeside Women’s Institute Tweedsmuirs
Series 2: Lakeside Lark newsletters

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Department of Ichthyology and Herpetology records

  • CA ON00259 RG83
  • Record group
  • 1940-1998

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, field journals, and other records of the ROM’s Department of Ichthyology and Herpetology.

New World Archaeology

  • CA ON00259 RG79
  • Record group
  • 1893-1977

Series 2 consists of committee records created by Ed Rogers in his capacity as head of the NWA department.
Series 3 consists of correspondence files created by Ed Rogers in his capacity as a curator.

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West Asian Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG78
  • Record group

Series consists of T. Cuyler Young’s correspondence and photographs.

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Egyptian Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG77
  • Record group
  • 1967-1974

Series consists of Winifred Needler’s files, material on an exhibition of Egyptian wall paintings, and the Egyptian Department’s 10-year forecast.

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Textile Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG76
  • Record group
  • 1950-1981

Series consists of correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts created or collected by the Textile Department of the ROM.

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Greek and Roman Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG74
  • Record group
  • 1924-1999

Record series consists of the files of the Greek and Roman Department and its various members, and includes correspondence, research files, reports, photographs, and drawings.

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Far Eastern Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG73
  • Record group
  • 1921-2004

Series consists of correspondence, reports, and articles from the Far Eastern Department of the ROM, as well as other material on the collections and galleries.

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European Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG72
  • Record group
  • 1960-1979

Series consists of European Department correspondence and press clippings, as well as records from individual members of the department.

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