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Thomas Video fonds
F87 · Fonds · [198-?] – 2017

Fonds consist of records created and or accumulated in the course of the store's business activities. Included is a staff handbook, lease and franchise agreements, a business license, promotional materials, correspondence files, and draft logos. The photographs are of Phoenix the dog who greeted customers at the store and of one employee.

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Claire Emery fonds
Fonds · 1964-1972

Fonds consists of oral and amassed histories on topics pertaining to the history and development of Burlington, and the Burlington centennial film project.

Elizabeth Watt fonds
CA ON00126 F82 · Fonds · 1875, 1886, 1889, 1903-1922

Fonds consists of records created and or acquired by Elizabeth Watt. Records include her will, statutory declarations, life insurance policies, school certificates for Daniel Watts, family history information, and materials pertaining to the financial disbursement of her estate.

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Leone Hinds fonds
CA ON00126 F78 · Fonds · [194-?], 1959, 1962, 1986, predominant 1977

Fonds consists of records accumulated by Leone Hinds related to Guelph's Sesquicentennial in 1977. Included are pamphlets and booklets outlining the activities, lectures and other events held to celebrate Guelph's 150th birthday. There are also six postcards of various Guelph buildings and one plastic bag with the slogan "Keep Guelph Clean and Beautiful." Also of interest is a Guelph Public Library Rules and Regulations booklet.

The photographs document a wedding as it relates to several Guelph residents. A more detailed account of the activities of some of those pictured accompanies the photographs.

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What's Up Poster Service fonds
CA ON00126 F77 · Fonds · [1999?] - 2003

This fonds consists of posters created and or accumulated by the What's Up Postal Service. These records document the business activities of this service which created publicity materials for various Guelph based organizations and events. Posters were created for events held at the River Run Centre, the University of Guelph, and the Guelph Jazz Festival.

There is no further arrangement to these records.

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Annie Louise (nee Smith) James fonds
Collection · 1930-1940

Fonds consists of records documenting Annie Louise James (nee Smith) personal life, education and work. Included in the archival unit are correspondence, news clippings, photographs, school examinations and other textual material. These records primarily illustrate James’ education in becoming a nurse and her experiences working at Hamilton General Hospital.

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Dorothy Huck fonds
CA ON00126 F72 · Fonds · [194-?], 1951, 1959

Fonds consists of photographs, textual records and objects collected or accumulated by Dorothy Huck. Included are photographs of Dorothy Huck, and certificates from the Guelph Kiwanis Music Festival and the Stratford Music Festival, and a notebook marked Loretto Academy.

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Leanna Neal fonds
CA ON00126 F62 · Fonds · [193-]-[199-]

Fonds consists of Guelph Little Theatre programme guides, photographs of theatre facilities, notes on the theatre's history, constitution and by-law records, president's reports, and reviews created and or accumulated by Leanna Neal during the course of her research activities into the theatre's history. Also included is an audio cassette and transcribed interview with Keith Slater.

Fonds is arranged by subject.

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Fritz Johansen fonds
CA ON00259 SC67 · Fonds · 1900-1940

Fonds consists of Johansen’s diary, correspondence, notes, manuscripts, photographs. and the final report of the Arctic exploration 1913-1916.

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Dennis Howard fonds
CA ON00126 F60 · Fonds · 1846-1918

Fonds consists of deeds, mortgages, letters, last wills and testaments, and abstracts many associated with Guelph residents including James Goldie. Included are deeds issued by the Canada Company, the City of Guelph, and the James Goldie Company Limited. Other records describe lots or pertain to water levels at the “People’s Mill” in Guelph. There is no further arrangement to these records.

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Laura McLelland fonds
CA ON00126 F59 · Fonds · [193-?] – [196-], 1978, [198-], 2006

Fonds consists of photographs and textual records created and or accumulated by Laura McLelland documenting her interests in local history. Included are photographs of graduates from the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing participating in graduation ceremonies and social events. Other photographs are of a parade in downtown Guelph, a train wreck in Galt, Ontario, and employees of Colonial Dresses Limited. The bulk of the textual records consist of newspaper clippings relating to graduates of the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing. Included is a program for graduating exercises and brief notes related to the history of Colonial Dresses limited.

There is no further arrangement to these records.

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Niska Wildlife Foundation fonds
CA ON00126 F58 · Fonds · [197-?]-[198-?]

This fonds consists of minutes, financial statements and park manager's reports documenting the official business of the foundation. The Park Managers Reports describe maintenance carried out on the park and activities associated with helping to care for the park’s waterfowl. A small proportion of records in this fonds includes pamphlets, brochures, newspaper clippings, newsletters and a photograph created and or accumulated by the Niska Wildlife Foundation.

These records document the foundation’s history and its activities related to education and conservation awareness. There is no further arrangement to these records.

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Mary Cumming fonds
Pièce · 1943-1948, 2005, 2007

The fonds consists of records related to the life of Mary Cumming focusing primarily on her art career. It is arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Artwork
Series 2: Photographs
Series 3: Miscellaneous
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Matthews-Wells Company fonds
CA ON00126 F56 · Fonds · [193-?] - [196-?]

This fonds consists of photographs and textual records created and or received by the Matthew Wells Company in Guelph, Ontario during the course of their business activities. The photographs include aerial shots of the plant in Guelph and of one based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. There is also a photograph of the plant’s employees, a woman’s sport team and of the company’s products such as bottles of jams and jellies likely used for promotional or advertisement purposes. The textual components consist of the company’s stationary, examples of labels for use on their products, payment vouchers and a booklet entitled, NPPA Sponsored Fundamental Research Unraveling the Mysteries of Pickling, 70 Years of Progress: The Pickle Fair. There is no further arrangement to these records

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Guelph Harmony Club fonds
CA ON00126 F52 · Fonds · 1943-2005

Fonds consists of minutes, financial records, photographs, and ephemera created or accumulated by the Guelph Harmony Club.

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CA ON00354 F 0028 · Fonds · 1870 - 1889

This fonds consists of a single printed booklet of stock shares (roughly the size and shape of a brick) that could be filled in by hand and torn off, with a stub (receipt) remaining. Of the 330 total pages, 31 have been used, many for more than one share. Either the share or stub indicate the name and date of the shareholder, indicating sales between 1870 and 1889. Many shares were held by prominent locals from the Baby, Askin, and Rankin families, as well as founding co-directors Arthur Rankin and Josiah Strong.

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CA ON00354 F 0029 · Fonds · 1974-1988; predominantly 1983-1984

This fonds contains documents and images created or collected by WAVE from the period 1974-1988. It has been divided into four series. Series I: Administrative Records includes meeting minutes and other details related to the organization’s activities, also correspondence between members of WAVE and several corporate organizations and media outlets regarding issues of pornography. Series II: Writing Campaigns contains letters written by WAVE drawing attention to issues of pornography. Series III: Resources features research articles, bibliographies, legislation, reports, slide shows, and a film discussion guide used by WAVE in their work. A number of these resources were produced by a similar New York organization. Series IV: Examples of Pornography in Pop Culture contains advertisements, magazines, and photography books to which the group objected.

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Sunset Avenue collection
CA ON00354 F 0060 · Fonds · 1933 - 1934

23 personal letters received by George Philpot. 22 of them were written by Irene R. [surname unknown], containing personal news, romantic hopes and feelings, and occasionally strife within their long-distance relationship. Irene’s news touches on aspects of her rural social life, the progress of her Normal School studies, news and advice from mutual friends and previous graduates of the Normal School, applying for rural school positions in competition with friends and acquaintances, physical conditions and amenities in one- and two-room rural schools, gender inequities in hiring and salary practices for teachers, the challenges of rural school fairs and timetabling as a multi-grade teacher, interactions with rural school trustees, and the prevalence of gossip about young women and schoolteachers in rural communities. 1 letter is from Betty Smith, who thanks George Philpot for his assistance in securing her a position at the Fuller Brush Company.

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Shadrach Jenking fonds
CA ON00354 F 0052 · Fonds · ca. 1778-1887; 1970s

This fonds contains records related to the life and work of 19th century Upper Canadian shipwright Shadrach Jenking. The records are primarily original legal documents related to the sale, acquisition, and boundaries of land in the Township of Sandwich, but also included are original papers relating to Jenking’s training as a shipwright and copies of his descendants’ genealogical research. The fonds is arranged into three series. Series I: Labour Agreements contains documents relating to Jenking’s apprenticeship. Series II: Land Agreements includes deeds and assignments of mortgage, as well as one property sketch and one blueprint. Many are tied to the families of Jenking or his wife Margaret Maisonville. Series III: Genealogical Research and Fragments contains bits of unidentified original documents and a variety of correspondence, notes, and photocopied resources relating to the family history of Shadrach Jenking and his descendants.

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Victoria Gray fonds
CA ON00126 F50 · Fonds · [between 1940 and 1960]

The fonds consists of records produced during the course of Victoria Gray's activities in theatre and music.

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