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Fonds · 1918-2007

The fonds contains records related to the professional career of Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter.

Material within the fonds specifically includes

The fonds includes a variety of

The fonds is arranged into ___ series:

C47 · Collection · [between 1960 and 1980]

This collection consists of three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings from various local newspapers that document the activities of the Daughters of Scotland Guelph Chapter. There are also some photographs found throughout the scrapbooks that also document the activities of the chapter.

P. A. Taverner fonds
CA ON00259 SC51 · Fonds · 1883-1915

Fonds consists of natural history notes, bird watching journals, correspondence, photographs and manuscripts belonging to Percy A. Taverner.

CA ON00126 F95 · Fonds · predominant [198-], 1992-1995

This fonds consists primarily of three folders titled Correspondence, The Guelph Fountain, and Minutes 1982-1983. The correspondence folder includes materials related to the committee’s business activities such as income and expense summaries, newspaper clippings, photographs, an agreement between William McElcheran and the committee, and pledges received. The folder, the Guelph Fountain contains progress and cash reconciliation reports, a case statement, a Guelph Italian Fountain Committee Constitution, and some correspondence materials. The minutes folder documents the primary decisions of the committee. The photographs document the development of the sculpture and the unveiling of The Family statute in 1985.

Education Collection
Collection · 1879-1935, 1967, 1973-1975

Collection consists of documents and photographs related to education in Burlington.

CA ON00279 F06 · Fonds · 1890-2009

The fonds consists of essays, annals, a memoire, correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, financial papers, newspapers, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, floor plans, fact sheets, orientation booklets, bylaws, yearbooks, speeches, programmes, invitations, cards, newsletters, posters, flyers, press releases, membership roll, scrapbooks, and certificates.

Fonds · 1972-2002

Fonds consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, internal communication, volunteer service recognition, Information Burlington 25th anniversary public awareness committee minutes and City of Burlington Correspondence.

Lake Medad Collected Papers

Collection consists of miscellaneous personal papers, photocopied articles from journals and books, maps and brochures all pertaining to the history of Lake Medad and accompanying Indigenous community; the area that is currently occupied by Hidden Lake Golf Club.

Charles G. Roland fonds
ON00425 1 · Fonds · 1847-2009, predominant 1960-2001

Fonds consists of records documenting Dr. Roland’s activities as a medical historian. The bulk of the material was created or collected by Dr. Roland while he was McMaster’s Hannah Chair. Included are oral history transcripts, audio cassettes, correspondence, photographs, prints, maps, patient records, translated documents, memoirs, play scripts, diaries and one artifact.

Fonds is arranged into the following series: 1: Oral histories, 2: Photographs, 3: Correspondence, 4: Research material : Warsaw Ghetto / Holocaust, 5: Research material : prisoners of war in Asia (Second World War), 6: Research material : prisoners of war in Europe (Second World War), 7: Research material : McMaster / Hamilton medical history, 8: Research material : Canadian medical history, 9: Research Material : general, 10: Mountain Sanatorium patient files (restricted).

CA ON00311 PF215 · Fonds · 1885-2021

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the history, social events and administrative functions of the Toronto Lawyers Association, previously known as the County of York Law Association. These records include membership lists and Association by-laws, membership fees and status, as well as minutes from meetings of the Association's Board of Trustees and committees. There are reports, financial ledgers, library acquisition lists, grants and funding reports, correspondence, drawings, and photographs.

Charles Canniff James fonds
CA ON00399 16 · Fonds · 1898-1916

The fonds contains James’s records pertaining to his academic career. It includes literary material including material relating to A Bibliography of Canadian Poetry; (annotated) essays on Tennyson; articles and reports; and an acknowledgement of the gift of James’s library to Victoria University Library (1898). The fonds also contains a letter from Wilfred P. Mustard, an author and James's colleague, and an Ontario Historical Society resolution recognizing James's passing.

Helen Knights fonds
CA ON00318 A 99 · Fonds · 1964-2003

The Helen Knights fonds consists of personal records, organization records and scrapbooks that were compiled by Helen Knights through her involvement with various craft and artistic groups. As a collection, these files actually give more information about the groups than about Knights herself.

Robert Brown fonds
CA ON00318 A 13 · Fonds · 1985

The Robert Brown fonds consists of a typescript of his days as a student at Isabella Public School and Fort William Collegiate primarily in the 1930s.

John Donald McIntosh fonds
CA ON00318 A 73 · Fonds · 1929-1963

The John Donald McIntosh Fonds consists of twenty-four films taken by Dr. McIntosh, schooling and education related documents pertaining to his education in Thunder Bay and at the University of Toronto, and other miscellaneous records.

Gertrude Dyke fonds
CA ON00318 A 60 · Fonds · 1920-1973

The Gertrude Dyke fonds includes speeches, addresses, manuscripts, correspondences and notes regarding the history of Northwestern Ontario including pioneer women, local churches, Silver Islet, and the Thunder Bay Historical Society. All documents were produced in Thunder Bay and Fort William.

Wendell Beckwith fonds
CA ON00318 A 58 · Fonds · 1963-1980

The Wendell Beckwith fonds consists of the correspondence and scientific notes of Wendell King Beckwith, scientist. Principal series include: incoming and outgoing correspondence with relatives, visitors to his cabin at Whitewater Lake, Ontario, and those interested in his research and lifestyle; sketches, plans and drawings of some of his inventions and buildings; audio tapes; and bound and unbound scientific notes. Beckwith established his own dating system, abandoning the normal calendar and it seems he began numbering days from the point he moved permanently to Whitewater Lake. This allows for some order to be made of the records though, unfortunately, most of his scientific material is undated. Dates indicated below are approximate except where confirmed by Beckwith. To some extent the dates of documents can be determined by the handwriting as he seemed to have developed a shake in his later years not present at the beginning. This, however, is unreliable. The records were gathered up in haste, years after Beckwith's sudden death in 1980, and placed in boxes apparently in no particular order. This order has been retained with a few exceptions. His papers appear to contain both rough and finished notes. The former may be nothing more than a few calculations scrawled on a page while the latter are often neatly handwritten with full colour diagrams. He often refers in his rough notes to a diagram or set of figures as having been "plated". This probably means that the rough notes have been rewritten, with colour plates, in a more finished form, possibly indicating a manuscript in preparation (though there is no indication of intended publication).

George S. Dennis fonds
CA ON00318 A 56 · Fonds · 1940-1960

The George S. Dennis fonds is a compilation video tape entitled "When Steam was King". Includes amateur films by George Dennis taken during the 1940s and 1950s. Shows the various types of locomotives, cars, stations, towns and people who served on the line. Some are in colour while others are in black and white and the video tape is narrated by George S. Dennis. The films were transferred to video tape in 1988.

G.R. Duncan fonds
CA ON00318 A 55 · Fonds · 1896-1971

The G.R. Duncan fonds consists of records relating to Mr. Duncan's business interests in the fields of real estate and insurance. Also included are municipal records which relate to Duncan's business interests, speeches which he gave at various venues, material relating to a number of organizations to which he belonged, and an account book from the G.R. Duncan Real Estate and Insurance Co. Ltd.

D.B. McKillop fonds
CA ON00318 A 53 · Fonds · 1944-1960

The D.B. McKillop fonds consists of the final summaries of the construction details of the Canadian National Railway's ore dock-viaduct and trestle approach at Port Arthur, 1944-1945 and 1958-1960. Includes a weekly progress chart of the trestle erected from Oct. 1944 to June 1945. Includes three items: Timber and pilings (1944-1945), 65 fol.; progress chart (1944-1945) (1 fol.); quantities for substructure (1950-1960), 45 fol.