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Archival description
F.B. Carron fonds
Fonds · 1907-[199-], predominant 1914-1919

This fonds consists of four series: correspondence, photographs, hospital inspection records and scrapbook.

Carron, F.B., 1870-1935
Cyrus Eaton collection
Fonds · [188-?]-1977, predominant 1976-1977

This collection of Eaton materials was created by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation during the production of the programme, “The Prophet from Pugwash”. The producer was Carol Moore Ede Myers. The collection is arranged into six series consisting of: research files, interviews, correspondence, broadcast scripts, production files, photographs and slides, and reel-to-reel audio tapes.

Myers, Carol Moore Ede
Richard Allen fonds
Fonds · [198-]-1995, predominant 1982-1995

There are three accruals: The first accural (30-1995) consists of files from Allen's constituency office and is arranged into two series: case files; daily journals. Original order has been followed as much as possible. There are five main sets of case files covering the period 1990-1995. Files were arranged in alphabetical order with a letter of the alphabet assigned to each file and any different individual cases filed within each file. Order within each file has been retained. The titles that appear on the files are the original titles; dates have been added in square brackets to the files. Occasionally, an individual case would be assigned its own file. This pattern of organization has also been retained. There is no apparent reason for the decision to open a separate file for some individuals. Some individual files from the 1980s were retained. They have been placed before the file sets begin as has the bound book which lists all cases from 1988 onwards. The second series consists of the daily journals which were kept by each constituency assistant.The second accrual (23-1996) consists of files from Allen’s office in Queen’s Park, covering the period 1982-1995. By and large this accrual consists of reports, briefs, news releases, press clippings, photocopies of internal memos, communiques, and printed matter. The original material consists of daily journals, correspondence to and from Allen to constituents and colleagues in the New Democratic Party, correspondence to and from federal cabinet ministers, holograph or typescript versions of speeches and notes. Frequently, incoming and outgoing correspondence is one of multiple copies. Original order has been maintained as much as possible in the arrangement of this accrual. The titles that appear on the files are the original titles. The series and subseries are organized in an attempt to reflect the career of Richard Allen: Series 1 : in opposition 1982-1990; Subseries: Hamilton; education; Francophone affairs; Community and Social Services Office of the Disabled; personal and administrative. Series 2: minister and member of government, 1990-1995. Subseries: Meech Lake and post-Meech Lake; Minister of Colleges Universities; Minister Responsible for the Ontario Training Adjustment Board; Minister of International Trade; Minister of Housing; Minister’s administrative files. Series 3: sound recordings and videocassette, 1989-1995. It should be noted that a chronological arrangement within the sub-series has been attempted, in order to trace the prolific political endeavours of Allen. Box numbering in this accrual is sequential with the previous accrual.The third accrual (24-2000) consists of administrative files reflecting Allen’s political activities such as council minutes, reports, election results, press releases and promotional materials. The accrual also contains files relating to GO-ALRT and the Canadian Porcelain Project. No series headings have been assigned but files are arranged according to Allen’s subjects. Box numbering continues sequentially with previous accruals.

Allen, Richard, 1929-
Elizabeth Simcoe collection
Fonds · [ca. 1850]-[19-]

The collection consists of: an original photograph the Simcoe family estate in Wolford, England, with a woman, possibly Mrs. Simcoe, on the front lawn; a handwritten copy of a letter from her daughter, Sophia Simcoe, originally written in June 1835, mentioning her mother and Mrs. Scadding; a typewritten extract from an article by Henry Crawford Scadding commenting on an event in Mrs. Simcoe's diary. The dates of creation of the latter two items are not known.

Simcoe, Elizabeth Posthuma, 1762-1850
Emily F. Murphy collection
Fonds · 1906-1910

The collection consists of manuscripts of reviews written by Murphy. Each review is written on the blank back pages of review copies of books that Murphy received. There are nine reviews in all. One of the books (Margaret Baillie Saunders's Litany Lane) is only signed by Murphy, and does not have a review inside it. The books have been catalogued for Archives and Research Collections.

Murphy, Emily Ferguson
Fonds · [189-]-1975

The fonds has been arranged into the following series: manuscripts and typescripts; typescripts by Phyllis Urch; personal correspondence (including hundreds of letters from Bertrand Russell); legal correspondence; correspondence with newspapers; theatre material; press reviews of her books; publications; books, journals and papers; photographs (many of them theatrical); news clippings; miscellaneous albums; photograph albums containing watercolours by Percy French and other materials belonging to Priscilla, Countess Annesley.

Malleson, Constance, 1895-1975
Fonds · 1946-1982

There have been two accruals. The first accrual is arranged as follows: Russell manuscripts, typescripts and proofs; Crawshay-Williams’s journal and his other writings on Russell; correspondence; Café Royal; Bertrand Russell memorial meeting; other items including photographs; news clippings. The second accrual consists of Crawshay-Williams’s commonplace books, the manuscript of The Directive Function of Language, and J. S. L. Gilmour’s correspondence with Crawshay-Williams and others.

Crawshay-Williams, Rupert, 1908-1977
Edith Russell fonds
Fonds · 1767-1977, predominant 1952-1977

The contents of the fonds mainly concerns Edith's life after her marriage to Russell. The fonds has been arranged in the following series: correspondence, books by Edith Russell, manuscripts by Edith Russell, manuscripts by others, personal documents, diaries, photographs, greeting cards, miscellaneous, Lucy Donnelly papers. The correspondence is arranged into the following sub-series: general, family, George Allen Unwin Ltd., travel, large print books, financial/legal, domestic, Finch genealogy, press clippings, Bertrand Russell: his correspondence, death of Bertrand Russell.

Finch, Edith, 1900-1978
Dora Russell fonds
Fonds · 1893-[ca. 1980], predominant 1920-1934

The fonds consists of correspondence (including many letters from Bertrand to Dora Russell), Bertrand Russell's manuscripts and typescripts, photographs, printed materials including Beacon Hill prospectuses, membership cards and programs, and a syllabus. The fonds is supplemented by books which have been catalogued as part of Russell's library and periodicals which have not been catalogued. See Katharine Tait, “Interim Report on the Beacon Hill School Materials,” Russell: the journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives n.s. 7 (1987): 137-40.

Russell, Dora Winfred Black, 1894-1986
G. Brender à Brandis fonds
Fonds · 1964-2002

The fonds consists of correspondence, artist’s proofs of wood engravings, limited editions, sketches, sketchbooks, free-hand drawings on tracing paper, news clippings and keepsakes as well as manuscript material, photographs, slides and audio cassettes. This accrual of the Brender

Brender à Brandis, Gerard
Leslie McFarlane fonds
Fonds · 1918-1975, predominant 1941-1975

There have been two accruals. The first is roughly divided into the following series: scripts for television plays and films, radio scripts, books manuscripts, scrapbooks containing clippings , engagements and 3 letters. The second accrual (19-2001) consists of McFarlane's first published essay, an I.O.D.E. 1918 Haileybury High School prize winner.

McFarlane, Leslie, 1902-1977
Walter Jackson McCrea fonds
Fonds · 1892-1947

There have been two accruals. The first accrual consists of correspondence with among others: William Jennings Bryan, Daphne Du Maurier, Stephen Leacock, Charles G. D. Roberts, Duncan Campbell Scott, Ernest Thompson Seton, and Bliss Carman; manuscripts by among others Archibald Lampman, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, Charles G. D. Roberts; news clippings and photographs. The second accrual consists of news clippings. The fonds was supplemented by McRaye's collection of mainly Canadian books, as well as presentation copies of books given to him by Ethelwyn Wetherald and Pauline Johnson. The books have been catalogued. A listing can be found in the master file. The Pauline Johnson archival material in the fonds was transferred to the E. Pauline Johnson fonds.

McCrea, Walter Jackson, 1876-1946
Sir John William McNee fonds
Fonds · 1915-1928, predominant 1917-1919

The fonds (25-1993) consists of McNee's notes, entitled "Gas Cases" contained in a notebook with the printed title "Army Book 136." The notes are in pencil, 21 pages in length, and cover the period May to July 1917. Also in the fonds are reports of the Chemical Warfare Medical Committee, reports of the Special Investigation Committee on Surgical Shock and Allied Conditions, offprints and pamphlets.

McNee, John William, 1887-1984
Sueños: Dreams fonds
Fonds · 1968-1981, predominant 1971-1973

The fonds mainly consists of the literary archive of the magazine. It contains the correspondence of the editor with contributors, would-be contributors, and others including Robert Bly, Marilyn Bowering, Michael Bullock, George Hitchcock, Robin Skelton (Malahat Review) and Dale Zieroth, manuscript submissions and mock-up pages.

Sueños: Dreams (journal)
Fonds · 1958-1969

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records and Vestry minutes. The statistical records have been microfilmed on 1 reel, numbered 201.

Church of the Nativity Anglican Church (Wellar Park, Ont.)
Fonds · 1873-1996

The fonds consists parish registers containing statistical records, services, Vestry minutes, and financial registers. The fonds has been microfilmed on 7 reels, numbered 82-85, 114-115, 363.

St. Thomas' Anglican Church (St. Catharines, Ont.)
Fonds · 1877-1989

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, services, Vestry Building Committee, Women's Auxiliary, and Junior Auxiliary minutes, correspondence, financial statements, photographs and other documents. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 7 reels of microfilm, numbered 78-81, 278, 281-282.

St. Mark's Anglican Church (Hamilton, Ont.)
Fonds · 1916-1999

Fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, service books, Vestry minutes, Advisory and Parish Council minutes, Women's Guild and Sunday School minutes, financial records, and photograph albums. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 4 reels, numbered 367-372.

St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church (Oakville, Ont.)