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Mother Constance Dunn series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S006
  • Série organique
  • 1937-1948

This series consists of material created by and collected about Mother Constance Dunn. This includes biographical research; a bound New Testament owned by Mother Constance Dunn; photographs of Mother Constance Dunn and her sister, Sister Norberta Dunn; correspondence concerning a new Motherhouse, the foundation of the hospital in Sarnia; jubilees; correspondence, some written in Latin, with the Bishop of London, John T. Kidd, and the Archbishop of Edmonton, J. H. MacDonald, concerning the canonical status of the Edmonton community (the canonical status, governance, and fiscal responsibility of the Edmonton community had been an ongoing issue since the Edmonton community had been founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of London in 1922); and letters from Bishop Dignan of Sault Ste. Marie to Mother Constance expressing his condolences on the deaths of several Sisters.

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West Asian Department records

  • CA ON00259 RG78
  • Groupe d'archives
  • 1964-1965

Record group consists of correspondence and photographs from T. Cuyler Young.

The first letter, dated July 31, 1964 corresponds with the 5 photographs. It is addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young in Azerbaijan. The letter describes an archaeological dig. The photographs are described by Young in the letter, and show Young at the dig site.

The second letter is dated March 28, 1965 addressed to Ian Montagnes from T. Cuyler Young. The letter was written in Tehran, Iran during another archaeological dig. Attached to the letter is a newspaper clipping, about a state visit to Canada of the Shahanshah and Emperess Farah.

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Giles-Hallock Family fonds

  • Pièce
  • 1856 – [before 1943]

The fonds consists of the following series:

    Series 1: Diaries (belonging to Leola Giles)
Series 2: Photographs
Series 3: Miscellaneous

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Maureen Adams fonds

  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1960] - [ca. 1995]

Fonds consists of items collected by Maureen Adams created by organizations in Brampton and Toronto Township, largely centred around the themes of libraries and public schools, but also including items relating to local theatre troupes, municipal facilities, and the Peel Museum and Art Gallery, now the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives.

  • File 1: Programs and brochures
  • File 2: Official openings
  • File 3: Travel and menus
  • File 4: Festival of Flowers, 1963
  • File 5: A History of the Brampton Public School Board, 1968
  • File 6: Calendars
  • File 7: National Library opening, Ottawa, 1967
  • File 8: Centennial Senior Public School
  • File 9: Centennial Secondary School, Brampton shooting, 1975 clippings
  • File 10: News clippings

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Mother Margaret Coughlin series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S007
  • Série organique
  • 1909-1980

This series contains records belonging to and created by Mother Margaret Coughlin. This series includes personal biographic material like Mother Margaret Coughlin’s notebook, Bartholomew Coughlin’s obituary, and Mother Margaret Coughlin’s educational certificates. This series also includes various correspondence regarding Mother Margaret Coughlin’s Feast Day, congratulations, expressions of gratitude, seasonal greetings, Mother Margaret Coughlin and Sister Placidia’s pilgrimage to Rome, the erection of the stations of the cross at Sacred Heart Convent (some of which is in Latin), and correspondence from Sisters in Le Puy and Lyon, France (some of which is in French). Included with the correspondence is a St. Joseph’s Alumni Bulletin and some pamphlets in French. There is also administrative correspondence with the Bishop of the Diocese of London, J. C. Cody, and a letter of thanks and congratulations from Rev. Durand. There are photographs of Mother Margaret Coughlin and a portrait of her father, Bartholomew Coughlin. There are also photographs, postcards, pamphlets, and news clippings from Mother Margaret Coughlin and Sister Placidia’s travels to Rome and France and scrapbook of the Holy Year pilgrimage to Rome and visits to Lyon and Le Puy on the occasion of the tercentenary of the Sisters of St. Joseph which has photographs, news clippings, and postcards pasted inside alongside a typed account. There is also material, primarily correspondence, concerning the “Ireland project” and a sermon on Ireland by Bishop J. C. Cody. The “Ireland project” was a recruitment endeavor to establish a Juniorate in Ireland from which young women could come and become novices in Canada where the Sisters would provide them with training in nursing or teaching.

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Sister Cathleen Flynn series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S146
  • Série organique
  • 1947-2017

The series contains photographs, biographical material pertaining to her election to General Council, her MA in Sacred Theology from Regis College in 1983, her Doctor of Ministry degree from Toronto School of Theology in 1990, her employment at Regis College as Director of the MA in Ministry and Spirituality Program, various news-clippings, a hand painted Feast Day album, a hand painted card from the Precious Blood Sisters in 1979, and various Jubilee memorabilia. The series also contains different versions of Sister Cathleen’s curriculum vitae, a report by her about a pilgrimage she made to Europe and the Holy Land, and a paper written about Sister Cathleen by her grandson, Brandon Graham, in 2017.

Much of this series is made up of reports to the General Chapter from various Sisters in 1979. There is extensive material on the topic of catechetics, religious education and the future for Sisters in parish ministry. In a letter to the Secretary of State, Vatican Apostolic College, Mother Mary Brendan reported on the success of literacy programs provided to Portuguese immigrants in London. A report from the Archdiocese in Edmonton describes the need for a five-year National Religion Program consisting of teams of Sisters providing instruction in Catholic schools, and the involvement of lay people to provide instruction to adults.

A report on the activities of the St. Joseph’s School of Music 1975-1979 discusses the renovation of the Recital Hall, instruction in piano, singing, violin and music theory for 390 students annually, participation in the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and the Western Conservatory, a scholarship fund, professional development for the Sisters and the hosting of and participation in local music festivals. A report by one Sister in April, 1979 expresses uncertainty as to the future of the music school.

In early 1979, Mother Mary Brendan wrote to Sisters across the country seeking their views in response to the promulgation of Vatican II, the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World. One Sister wrote with concern for the socio-economic interests of the Third World and rising tensions within the Christian communities about how to respond. In another report, Sister St. Patrick Joyce outlined what were novel recommendations for the treatment of alcohol addiction and the concept of detoxification centres. Sisters committed to the continuation of work of the Boulee Street mission which served the needs of a low income neighborhood in London and support for those in jail. In another report, a Sister wrote on the topic of evangelization and Christian renewal in a climate of diversity, pluralism and the attraction to Eastern spiritual disciplines. In another report, one Sister called for an increased commitment to youth and adults through solid religious instruction and the teaching of prayer. There is also a survey, report, and recommendations prepared for the Most Reverend J.N. MacNeil by the Ad Hoc Committee for Pastoral Assistants in the Archdiocese of Edmonton, February 1979 outlining the scope of work and hiring of pastoral assistants to aid priests in their work.

On the topic of the higher incidence of divorce and the Marriage Tribunal, Sisters recommended that more women study, teach and write about the Canon law conventions and procedures in jurisprudence. There are several reports outlining emergent changes within the healthcare system related to governance, administration, funding, personnel, medico-moral issues, medical treatments, and technology. Sisters confirm there was a common need for continued pastoral care at the hospitals in London, Sarnia, and Windsor. It was observed that there were increasing needs for retreats for Sisters and lay volunteers offered by the Medaille House in London and for societal formation, or a reorientation to religious life.

This series contains sixteen speeches written by Mother Mary Brendan and a paper she wrote for the Synod on the role of religious women in the community through teaching, hospital care, administration, and social work. Certificates of her educational achievements and professional memberships dating from 1947 to 2001 are included along with a certificate she received with a medal from Queen Elizabeth.

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Sister Katherine Joan McKeough series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S009
  • Série organique
  • 1945-1992

The first subseries consists of biographical chronologies and speaking notes including a presentation to the St. Joseph’s Hospital Board in 1987. Included are copies of her educational achievement certificates and information about her membership in Sigma Theta Tau, the National Honor Society of Nursing, United States. There are several photographs and newsclippings from various times throughout her ministry. Highlights from the correspondence include exchanges with Bishop Sherlock, Bishop of London, an appeal to the federal government for aid to Ethiopia and a reply from the Minister of External Affairs, and a letter from the Vice-Chancellor granting approval to establish at chapel at a mission house in 1979. Copies of speaking notes for a variety of presentations are included with event programs. There are several letters of congratulations and greeting cards. There are a few mementos of her trip to Rome.

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Sister Theresa Marie Caillouette series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S147
  • Série organique
  • 1953-2008

This series contains records collected about, belonging to, and created by Sister Theresa Marie Caillouette. It includes photographs, a poem she recited when she became a postulant, her resume, biography, and educational certificates and awards for her work. Notable inclusions are a certificate of distinction on completion of the Management Education program offered by the Ontario Hospital Association in 2000 and an award in recognition of outstanding volunteer service to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chatham in 1995. She was an avid participant of the Canadian Medaille Team and received funding from the French Embassy to study the history of the Congregation in France. In 1986 she was honored as a researcher by the Federation at the 150th Anniversary event at St. Louis, Missouri. A chronology of her research activities, a certificate from the 150th Anniversary, and addresses she made to the Federation for the period from 1967-1971 are included. There are newsletters and news clippings documenting her views and her work, including a 1974 newspaper profile for her parish work at St. Joseph’s Convent in Sarnia and a profile in a newsletter announcing her election as General Superior by the Diocese of London on April 13, 1987. Her views on the role of Sisters in parish ministry are set out in a paper she authored in 1987. The paper is based on her seven years of experience as assistant to the local priest and her membership on the Diocesan Commission on the role of women in the Church and in society. Her reflection on conversion, published in Canadian C.S.J. Bulletin in 1991 while she was serving as Vice-President of the Federation, is also included.

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General Superior Biographies collection

  • CA ON00279 F01-S105
  • Collection
  • [before 1987]

This collection contains draft biographies of some of the General Superiors, final copies of biographies prepared by the archivist for all General Superiors from 1870-2007, and a script for a television play about the General Superiors called “Our Little Design – A Tribute to St. Joseph” in which Father Medaille, the founder of the congregation, interviews each General Superior from Mother Ignatia Campbell to Sister Katherine McKeough concerning her life.

Collection about the General Council

  • CA ON00279 F01-S008
  • Collection
  • 1965-2013

This collection contains material accumulated by the archivist of the London congregation. It includes photographs of the General Council members, a farewell reflection written by Sister Patricia Hogan thanking the last General Council members and lists of General Council members and their duties and dates of service.

Roman Catholic School Board, Sudbury Region fonds

  • CA ON00159 P112
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1969

The fonds consisting of minutes, financial documents, documentation and photographs is complete for the years 1892-1968. The first four years are not documented. The records illustrate well the functions and the evolution of the School Board. Records can be found for 23 districts and the evolution is well documented in the minutes and the financial documents. The minutes and attachments inform us on what was the school system in the past and its mechanisms for decision making; the records also put into light the characteristics of each district. In addition, the minutes inform us on the harmonization of two language groups. Documents found in some districts are only in French while in other districts they are only in English, and for others the documents are in both languages. Not only do the records inform us on the community, but also on its participation and involvement in the school system. The participation of parents and teachers is illustrated through the minutes of the parent/teacher association (PTA). The financial documents depict the financial administration and the funds available at the time. One can find information about the expenditures for the purchase of supplies and furnishings. The salary increases of the School Board employees are well documented in the accounting books. In addition, documentation can be found on the school activities of certain districts. The photographs add to the information contained in the documentation of certain schools of the McKim District.

This fonds is arranged in 25 series. Twenty-three of the series are based on geographical districts. The series are arranged in alphabetical order, except for the first series of McKim, this being the first established district. Series XXIV and XXV consist of general information.

Commission scolaire catholique, région de Sudbury

William Grey fonds

  • Pièce
  • [18- ] - 1904, 1964

The fonds consists of records created and compiled by William Grey and is arranged into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Diaries
Series 3: Financial
Subseries 1: Accounts
Subseries 2: Receipts
Series 4: Marriage and Deaths
Series 5: Land Records
Series 6: Militia
Series 7: Miscellaneous

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Guelph Interfaith Curling Club

  • F92
  • Fonds
  • 1973-2001-2023

This fonds consists of annual meeting minutes, financial statements, correspondence, curling schedules, rosters, and annual reviews. There are also annual and historical reviews, and miscellaneous tips for curlers.

This fonds includes eight series
Historical Review
Annual Reviews
Curling Schedules
Financial Statements
Annual and Club Meeting Minutes
Digital Materials

Sans titre

Hidden Guelph photograph contest collection - Guelph Public Library

  • CA ON00126 C33
  • Collection
  • [188-?]-[196-?]

Collection consists of digital reproductions of original photographs collected by the Guelph Public Library archives during a photograph contest held in 2013 and 2023 to help capture Guelph's hidden past. The photographs offer a wide range of images covering various aspects of the City of Guelph and its history.

The collection is arranged sequentially by reference code.

Collection about Mother Ignatia Campbell

  • CA ON00279 F01-S001
  • Collection
  • 1856 [photocopied 198-?]-2005

This is a collection of material related to the life and work of Mother Ignatia Campbell which comprises two subseries. It includes several biographical chronologies and summaries of her work which were considered in the drafting of her profile in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (University of Toronto Press). There are news clippings and photographs of the 1991 “People and the City” monument in London, Ontario which includes a depiction of Mother Ignatia Campbell. There is information related to the “Mother Ignatia Campbell Bursary for Women” introduced at Regis College, Toronto in 2005. There are genealogical research notes and correspondence about Mother Ignatia Campbell prepared by Sister Esther Bardawell. There are also several undated photographs of Mother Ignatia Campbell.

Mother Mechtilde McCarthy series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S004
  • Série organique
  • 1915-2004

This series consists of records collected about Mother Mechtilde McCarthy and created by her. The material consists of chronologies; a Form of the Act signed at reception and a Form of the Act signed at final vows dated 1878; a detailed report of a canonical visit by the Bishop of London, Michael Frances Fallon in 1917; correspondence with Bishop Michael Frances Fallon, Dr. Bruce Smith, Mother M. Clare, and George M. Reid; copies of correspondence with Archbishop J. H. MacDonald concerning the governance and separation of the Edmonton community from its founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of London; and a history of the Edmonton community from 1922 to 1953 entitled “Our Western Saga”. The canonical status, governance, and fiscal responsibility of the Edmonton community had been an ongoing issue since its establishment in 1922.

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Mother Angela McKeogh series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S002
  • Série organique
  • 1827 [photocopied 200-?]-2004

This series contains material created and used by Mother Angela and research on her conducted by others. The series has four subseries. In it is found biographical information collected about Mother Angela McKeogh as well as a small card gifted by her to Sister Mary in 1910. There is also a copy of Oliver Diston Company’s Wreath of Mary: companion to May Chimes, 1883 annotated by Mother Angela in 1902, and handwritten sheet music for various hymns. Also found are photographs of Mother Angela. Finally, there is material related to the Ontario legislation on teaching French and allegations made against Bishop Michael Francis Fallon by the French community which eventually led to Bishop Fallon bringing a defamation case before the Holy Rota in Rome. While there is photocopied correspondence, the majority of the material is secondary research.

Sans titre

Mother Celestine McCarthy series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S003
  • Série organique
  • 1879-2004

This series contains material created by and collected about Mother Celestine McCarthy. The material in this series includes biographical research, a prayer written by Mother Celestine McCarthy, photographs, a postcard, two of Lena McClure’s autograph books, an exchange of correspondence between the Bishop of London and the Archbishop of Toronto about the extension of incorporation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, and a financial document written in Latin, dated 1913. and a written history of Catholic Central High School tracing it back to its beginnings at Sacred Heart School.

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Mother Philomena Hussey series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S005
  • Série organique
  • 1925-1945, [20-?]

This series includes material created by Mother Philomena Hussey and material collected about her. Included is biographical information; her obituary; an account by Sister St. Philip and correspondence, including some post cards, from Mother Philomena Hussey’s pilgrimage to Rome in 1925. There are also photographs of Mother Philomena Hussey, Sister Euphemia Hussey, James Cardinal McGuigan, and Mother Philomena Hussey with Sister St. Philip and their traveling companions to Rome. Also found are golden jubilee memorial cards; correspondence and a 1933 Report of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Diocese of London, Ontario; as well as correspondence concerning the governance of the Edmonton mission.

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