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Hilites Newsletters, 1975-2003

  • CA ON00279 HF01-S001--01
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1975-2003
  • Fait partie de Newsletters series

The Hilites newsletter covered a wide range of topics about the Sisters’ daily lives on a monthly basis. Pilgrimages, healthcare, and ministry information is largely discussed in each issue. Chapter is discussed during the years that Chapter was held. Sister memorial biographies and lists of deceased Sisters are present in each issue. Lists and descriptions of important Community events, such as feast days, are also provided. Newspaper articles from outside sources are included to inform the Sisters of news from the surrounding geographic locale.


This subseries contains materials pertaining to various Associate conferences that were held and related to the congregation. There are brochures and agendas for conferences in Canada and the United States, as well as a schedule for a retreat at Oxley, Ontario. The subseries also includes minutes of planning meetings in 1989 for the co-membership international meeting and a complete list of the North American Associates for the June conferences in 1991.


This sub-series is comprised of application forms, correspondence about individual orphans, and children’s personal record forms. These forms detail information such as when the orphan was admitted, if they were baptized, date and place of birth, and family information such as parents’ names, occupations, and addresses. Correspondence includes letters with other orphanages about sending or accepting children from St. Mary’s Orphanage. There are also letters that detail financial and health information. A book of addresses also comprises this series. This book provides the addresses for parents who are fostering their children with the Sisters. There are also adoption papers, application papers, and papers listing admission and dismissal dates.

Red Cross

This sub-series contains memorabilia from Sister Mary Leo’s service to the Red Cross Society. Specifically, there is a Red Cross pin given to Sr. Mary Leo in recognition of her volunteer work. She was an active community representative on the Red Cross Board.


The sub-series contains scrapbooks that relate to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Sarnia. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings pertaining to St. Joseph’s Hospital, some also contain: internal communications, invitations to hospital events, programmes for hospital events, newsletters, and copies of annual reports.


This sub-series contains records relating to the history of the Congregation and activities of Sisters from across Canada, the United States and Europe. There is a booklet and documents about the history of Le Puy-en-Velay, France, and a pilgrimage taken there. There is a history of the London Diocese and Mother Ignatia Campbell. There are reports, memorabilia and booklets concerning the 350th anniversary of the Congregation, and a genealogy. There are several pamphlets and litanies for a Federation event. Finally, there is a property report and a printed reproduction of the coat of arms.

Bishop Fallon

This sub-series consists of correspondence, journal articles, historical reports, newspaper clippings, prayer cards, sermons, and photographs pertaining to the life of Bishop Fallon. These records include biographical material about the Bishop’s career as a clergyman, such as a photocopy of his his naturalization papers from the United States of America, dated 1908. Of particular note, there is material about his involvement in the bilingual controversy of 1910, where Bishop Fallon was quoted by the Toronto Globe, out of context, making derogatory remarks about French Canadians and their education within schools run by the Church, and the subsequent investigation by the Catholic Church. Also included are sermons and speeches he made during his canonical visits to the Sisters of St. Joseph between 1917 to 1926. The sub-series also contains the eulogy that was written about the Bishop after his death in 1935.


  • CA ON00279 F01-S100--01
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1951-2000
  • Fait partie de Formation series

This sub-series includes correspondence, invitations, documents relating to postulant requirements and lists of Novice Mistresses.


  • CA ON00279 F01-S139--01
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1993-2009
  • Fait partie de Assembly series

This subseries provides reflections and topics proposed, working documents and possible materials to be included into discussions at Assemblies. There are four photos of people during the Assembly of 1993. The Assembly days of 2001 include opening reflections, reading excerpts and mission statements; and community reports. The Assembly days of 2001 include papers on prophets in religious life; and prayers. The Assembly days of 2009 include some related correspondence; lists of participants; and individual and communal reflections on how to live faithfully.


Four record books make up this sub-series. These provide donation information from the surrounding communities of Haldimand County, Caledonia, Cayuga, and Hamilton. In 1854, Father Schneider of Goderich invited the Sisters to come to his mission to collect food for the orphans. From that time onward, the Sisters visited surrounding rural communities to raise monies to help fund the orphanage. These record books provide a list of individual names and businesses and the amount of their donations.

Partnership Process

Subseries consists of records providing an overview of the history of the partnership between the Sisters of St. Joseph and the St. Joseph’s Hospice. This includes a timeline of events from the first meeting to receiving the first resident.

Rosary Fallon

This sub-series contains records related to the life of Sister Rosary Fallon. In it are found the bound and draft memoirs of Sister Rosary including detailed personal accounts of her family and religious life. A newspaper clipping from the London Free Press mentions Sister Rosary Fallon and her musical talent, and contains information about her famous brother, Jack Fallon. He was known for his musical career both in Canada and abroad.

Sister Rosary Fallon, born Irene Josephine Fallon, whose autobiography is included in this series, was born in London, Ontario on August 2nd, 1917. At age 13, she joined her brothers in the Fallon Family Orchestra, where she performed throughout southwestern Ontario. She entered religious life on January 16th, 1937 and taught from 1942-1979. She continued to play music throughout her life, even playing the piano for weekly sing-a-longs at the new Motherhouse on Windermere Road in London. In addition to being a gifted musician, Sister Rosary was also a talented artist who painted more than 200 paintings. She was known to enjoy historical research.


This sub-series contains lease agreements, and correspondence discussing the lease agreements, rental fees, and insurance information, as well as material related to renovations. There are many documents pertaining to renovations for the years 1982 and 1983, including correspondence, invoices, fire safety and hydro documents, and job site meeting minutes. The subseries also include invitations and programs for the official opening ceremony of Mount St. Joseph after renovations were completed. An opening address by Sister Ann Marshall is also included in which she details the history of Mount St. Joseph. The 1979 “Learning How to Learn: A Guide to Cool School,” discusses features of the program, provides a log book, and explains the four phases of education students must progress through at the school.

Deepening Connections Newsletters

This newsletter includes notes from the Council primarily concerning the amalgamation of the congregations. It includes messages from Sisters, announcements for events pertinent to the community, and news about community work and engagements as well as about travel and international work. It also contains entries about Indigenous relations and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. A few of the newsletters discuss the Occupy Movement, a series of protests on income disparity.

History subseries

  • CA ON00279 F01-S111--01
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1963-1968
  • Fait partie de Tertianship series

This sub-series describes the history of tertianship within the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of London. Included in the sub-series are a history of the order, spiritual development materials such as the booklets To Nuns on the Imitation of Christ, Spousa Christi, and The State of Perfection, discussion questions, a leadership potential inventory, information on examinations for tertianship, and a summary of the Regional Congress of the Lay Apostolate.



  • CA ON00279 F01-S144--01
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1951-2003
  • Fait partie de History series

This subseries contains material concerning the foundations of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada including in Hamilton, Pembroke. Peterborough, Toronto, and St. Vallier. The records include publications, anniversary pamphlets, news articles, event programmes, memorabilia, correspondence, and postcards. This subseries also contains photographs, including from the 100th anniversary celebration in Peterborough.

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