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Lina Agnes Duke fonds
CA ON00159 P233 · Fonds · n.d.

The Lina Agnes Duke fonds consists of four typed copies of recollections written by Lina Agnes Duke. Two of the texts are about the couple’s time in Northern Ontario, more specifically in Moose Factory, and two short texts are on her teen years. The fonds provides an insight and perspective of non-indigenous missionaries visiting Indigenous communities of Northern Ontario.

CA ON00159 P148 · Fonds · 1997-2009

The Sudbury History of Nursing Group fonds attests not only to the group’s activities in developing and conducting their oral history project, but moreover it conveys an important part of the history nursing. Indeed, the fonds contains records documenting the management of such a project, such as: the history of the project, its goals and objectives, as well as all forms developed by the group to meet all requirements in conducting such a project. Moreover, it contains the original tape recordings of the 42 interviews of the retired nurses and their transcriptions, and some printed images of nurses interviewed and graduating classes. There is also a biographical profile of each nurse interviewed, who graduated from different Schools in Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec. Some of the nurses graduated in England, Ireland and the United States. All worked in Northern Ontario. The interview addresses not only different aspects of their work but also the context of their training and education as well as their family life.

The fonds is divided in two series: Series A: Project management; Series B: Interviews

Joseph Herman Molohon fonds
CA ON00159 P146 · Fonds · 1907-1909

The Joseph Herman Molohon fonds consists of transcripts of two diaries (one from December 1907 to December 1908 and the second from January to December 1909) attesting to Molohon's duties as Seaman Second Class on the SS Virginia during the 14 month tour of the Great White Fleet (16 December 1907 to 22 February 1909). There are also notes on his daily work and activities after being discharged from the US Navy. Moreover the daily entries while on the SS Virginia also document many events that took place either on the ship or within the fleet, that consisted of sixteen new battleships of the Atlantic Fleet. To name a few: President Roosevelt’s presence on ship; National Salute; and burial ceremony. Molohon also offered accounts of visits to different ports of call in countries such as Egypt, Japan, Australia and Trinidad.

CA ON00159 P120 · Fonds · ca. 1940-1943

The United Copper Nickel Workers (UCNW) fonds consists of three records that document a particular era of the history of the nickel industry in Canada: World War II. More specifically, the Constitution and by-laws of the union attest to the objectives of its members, while the agreement with Inco provides insights on working conditions. The brief submitted by Inco to the National War Labour Board in 1943 also provides information on labour relations during the war.

CA ON00159 P061 · Fonds · 1886-1908

The book of correspondence from Jean Étienne Fournier consists almost exclusively of his business correspondence. This correspondence highlights activities that took place in the early years in Sudbury. The 746 pages of correspondence also provide insight to the workings of a general store in terms of purchasing and accounts receivable. The numerous letters in the book refer to his role as Postmaster, Warehouse Manager, and Insurance Agent. Certain facts and events with regard to the School Board and individual schools are mentioned.

Jean Eagles Watson fonds
CA ON00126 F88 · Fonds · [194-?] - [199-?]

The fonds consists of one scrapbook documenting Jean Eagles Watson’s activities in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women’s Division.

The scrapbook includes pages with captions on the top of the page that serves to organize the contents. The following is the order in which the captions to these pages are found: Farewell Gifts from G.G.H (1942) On leave Prior to Posting to RockCliffe, RockCliffe Ottawa Basic Training, No 1, T.T.S St. Thomas, Ontario (1945); No.4 Wireless School, Guelph Ontario (1945); 89 Entry A Flight I.G. Inspection; My Trip to Ward 300 Hospital St. Thomas (1943); Cards I received while in Ward 300; Hospital Staff 1944; 20th birthday (1944); and Odds and Ends.

There are photographs throughout the scrapbook some of which are captioned and or include the names of those pictured. Included are photographs of Jean Watson.

CA ON00126 F35 · Fonds · [ca. 1930], 1950-2000

Fonds consists of records related to the management of the Peerless Machine and Tool Company. Included in this fonds are two minute books for 1964-1990 and 1982-2000, containing the company's charter, by-laws, shareholder and Director's registers, securities ledgers, and share certificates. Also included are promotional materials, 1950-1962 shipment records, photographs of the Peerless plant circa 1930 and drawings of Peerless products. These records document the management of the Peerless Machine and Tool Company of Guelph. The records are arranged by subject.

Ralph W. Smith fonds
CA ON00126 F32 · Fonds · 1962-1970

This fonds consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence of Ralph Smith primarily during his tenure as mayor of Guelph. In addition, there is one appointment book dating from 1965 and one file containing assorted material such as newspapers clippings, an agenda from the 1967 Guelph Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting, post cards, and a copy of minutes from the meeting of the Elliot Board in 1968. These records are arranged alphabetically by file title.

John David Higinbotham fonds
CA ON00126 F26 · Fonds · [192-]-[196-?]

This fonds consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, poetry, radio scripts, biographies and obituaries of local people and scrapbooks created, collected and or maintained by John David Higinbotham. The newspaper clippings are from the Guelph Mercury and include the Lore of Bygone Days and Glancing back to District’s Early days. The letters contain information about Guelph such as people’s reminisces of the city or requests for information pertaining to histories of various townships. Of note are letters received from Alexander Tilloch Galt, the grandson of John Galt, providing information on Alexander Galt’s family and friends. The photographs include images of a camp at Puslinch Lake, Rockwood Academy, and of poet Wallace Havelock Robb. These records document Higinbotham’s interest in local history. These records are arranged by subject.

Carmino de Catanzaro
CA ON00335 F2361 · Fonds · 1946-1959

Fonds consists of records relating to the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College in the 1940's and 1950's. A small file of correspondence with the Provost, course outlines, and student lists (1946-1959) are included.

Mary Stedman fonds
CA ON00335 F2339 · Fonds · 1935-1944

Fonds consists of essays, documents, photographs and one artefact from Mary Stedman’s time at high school and Trinity College.

Carolyn Purden fonds
CA ON00335 F2334 · Fonds · 1968-1993

Fonds contains files created by Carolyn Purden to support her writing about the ordination of women as priests within the Anglican Community worldwide. Documents include her correspondence, notes, interview transcripts, and draft articles. Also included are publications, press releases and reports from the Anglican and Episcopal Churches, and clippings from newspapers and magazines.

Richard H. Steacy
CA ON00335 F2333 · Fonds · 1884-1950

Fonds consist of personal documents, notebooks, correspondence, and official documents from Richard H. Steacy’s student days at Trinity College, his time as Chaplain during the First World War, and his role in the church community following the war. Files also include newspaper clippings, poems written by Steacy and others, bibles, photographs and several artefacts from the war.

Clifton Gardner
CA ON00335 F2330 · Fonds · 1941-2000

This fonds consists of records about the life and career of Clifton Gardner as an Anglican priest in England and Canada as well as his time as Chaplain in the Royal Navy. The fonds includes some published and unpublished works authored by Gardner, his sermon notebooks, and a diary.

George Warren fonds
CA ON00335 F2321 · Fonds · 1893-1938

Fonds consists of handwritten and typed notes, addresses, sermons and newspaper clippings related to the Anglican Church and the debate over separate schools in Ontario.

CA ON00335 F2313 · Fonds · 1954-2001

Fonds consists mainly of files relating to both the administrative and public activities of the Atlantic Council of Canada during the years when Robert A. Spencer (RAS) was executive director of the Council. Also included are files relating to the ACC's involvement with the Canadian government, the North Atlantic Treaty Association, the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), the Committee on Atlantic Studies (CAS), and the Turkish Atlantic Council.

Earle Grey Players
CA ON00335 F2311 · Collection · 1949-1994

The Earle Grey Players Collection consists of programmes and brochures for the annual Shakespeare Festival held at Trinity College, historical information on the founding and development of the Shakespeare Festival, and ephemera related to the Festival, including a bronze plaque commemorating the location of a mulberry tree grown from a tree in Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-on-Avon.

John G. Hadwen fonds
CA ON00335 F2307 · Fonds · 1947-2000

Fonds consists of research material gathered by John Hadwen as source material for his manuscript on the Colombo Plan. He appears to have worked on this project at two different points: during a year leave to study in Geneva in 1971-72 and after his retirement in 1987. Included are original documents and later photocopies of External Affairs documents, published material, internal printed documents for delegates to Colombo Plan Consultative Committee meetings, correspondence, briefing notes, and draft manuscripts. The final copy of Hadwen's manuscript on the Colombo Plan, and his correspondence with a publisher, are also included.

Contains series

  1. Writings by John Hadwen
  2. Personal files
  3. The Colombo Plan
Meredith Hill fonds
CA ON00335 F2305 · Fonds · 1983-1993

Fonds consists of research files created and used by Meredith Hill while executing her part of the 'Divinity 150' project at Trinity College. This project was begun in 1987 to study the Anglican clergy, in particular their training at the Cobourg Theological Institute and its successor, the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College. Her research focused on the women who studied Divinity at Trinity College from 1915 to 1987. Fonds contains research obtained from records in the Trinity College Archives, and from surveys answered by former students. The fonds also contains a paper and course materials by Alison Kemper, a published paper by Meredith Hill as well as her presentation to the Divinity 150 Colloquium.

CA ON00335 F2303 · Fonds · 1922-2009

This fonds consists of textual material and artefacts including correspondence, a draft of William Kirby Rolph’s doctoral thesis, and drafts of articles. The fonds also contains newspaper clippings, certificates, pins and medals, and photographs relating to W.K. Rolph’s life and Ruth Bell’s academic career.