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Toronto Guernsey Breeders' Association records

This sub-series consists of one ledger, and includes the constitution of the Association, membership records, minutes, reports, and other information related to Toronto Guernsey Breeders' Association, collected and maintained by the Canadian Guernsey Breeders' Association.

So-ed club brochures

  • CA ON00126 F10-F10-0-5-F10-0-5-7
  • Sous-série organique
  • [195-?], [196-?]
  • Fait partie de YMCA/YWCA Guelph fonds

Sub series consists of the Y.M.C.A's So-Ed club brochures. The purpose of the So-Ed club was to combine social and educational activities for young adults between the ages of 20 and 35. Overseen by a committee of the YMCA, the club organized lectures on religious and health issues. They also organized dancing and recreational activities for participants.

Records are arranged by subject.

Chief Librarian's statistical information

Sub series consists of reports with recommendations for improved circulation and suggestions for the location of a branch library in ward six. Other records include pie and bar graphs showing overall distribution of circulation by sex, ward, and those who borrow or hold membership outside of the City of Guelph. Included are pie charts outlining the marital status and occupations of library members.

Records are arranged by subject.

Collection development policies and procedures

Sub-series consists of collection development and management policies and procedures. Included in this sub-series is a book selection policy. These records document the Guelph Public Library's collection development policies.

These records are arranged chronologically by date.

Building a dream : the clock tower

Sub-series consists of material relating to the "Building a Dream" campaign. This campaign aimed to build a clock town at the North Campus. The sub-series includes a videocassette, and a flyer promoting the project.

Pamphlets and news articles

  • CA ON00126 F10-F10-0-5-F10-0-5-1
  • Sous-série organique
  • [191-?]-[195-?], [199-]
  • Fait partie de YMCA/YWCA Guelph fonds

This sub-series consists of various pamphlets, prayers and newspaper articles that relate to the YMCA/YWCA in Guelph, as well as to world issues in general.

Chief Librarian's administrative materials

Sub series consists of research reports and studies related to library automation, feasibility studies for branch expansion, new central library planning, City of Guelph publications about zero based budgeting, and materials pretaininng to civic affairs issues such as the ward system and development projects within the city.

Also included are annual reports from various public libraries, publications pretaining to the role of the trustee, and labour relations matters. In addition, there are publications from the Ontario Public Library Service and The Midwestern Regional Library System. These records were used as reference and for consultative purposes to guide the Chief Librarian in library planning.

Records are arranged by subject.

Case Book March the 25 Robert Cunningham

Case Book March the 25 Robert Cunningham. Contains instructions on correct bookkeeping procedures. Expense accounts for James Cunningham for Refers to purchases from Mr. Martin, Trafalgar, Mr. Boomer, Mr. Hall, Andrew Cunningham, Mr. Morrow, Mr. Breckinridge, Mr. Barnhart, Mr. Bloomfield, and others. Booklet. 1825 - 1826

Thomas Fyfe, Ashgrove Correspondence

Thomas Fyfe, Ashgrove Correspondence. Correspondence with William Lyon Mackenzie. (Typed transcripts by Chris Raible, March, 1994, from the Mackenzie-Lindsey Papers at the Archive of Ontario). Letter. 1823 – 1828

Hugh Black Correspondence

Hugh Black Newspaper article. Hugh Black Correspondence. Typed transcripts and photocopies from Ontario Archive, Upper Canada Sundries. (Acc. #93). Letter. 1819 – 1838

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Hornby Baptismal and Marriage Records

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Hornby Baptismal and Marriage Records. (Photocopy of typed transcript by Canon J.E. Maxwell from the Register of Baptisms and Marriages of the Rev. George Graham, Minister of the Townships of Esquesing and Trafalgar (1836 – 39), kept in the Niagara Synod Office, Hamilton, Ontario.) (4 pages.) (2 copies) Records. 1836 – 1839

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