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Helen Knights fonds
CA ON00318 A 99 · Fonds · 1964-2003

The Helen Knights fonds consists of personal records, organization records and scrapbooks that were compiled by Helen Knights through her involvement with various craft and artistic groups. As a collection, these files actually give more information about the groups than about Knights herself.

Mike Graston fonds
CA ON00354 F 0153 · Fonds · 1981-2019

This fonds consists of original Windsor Star editorial cartoons drawn by Mike Graston that reflect local, provincial, national, and international public affairs of the period 1981-2016. The images have been arranged by date of creation. Politics and politicians figure prominently, at all four levels.

Municipal topics include mayors and city councillors, elections, public utilities and infrastructure, local Canada-US border crossings, automakers and other major local employers, unions and strikes, strip clubs, casinos, the downtown core, and riverfront development plans.

Provincial topics include premiers and Windsor/Essex members of provincial parliament, party leaders, economic policies, education, health care, and elections.

National topics include prime ministers and Windsor/Essex members of parliament, party leaders, economic policies, taxation, national defence, elections, same-sex marriage, Quebec separatism, Western alienation, and many political scandals.

International issues include wars in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, school shootings, the British Royal Family, American presidential politics, and Canadian-American relations.

Social issues are a secondary focus, with recurring themes of technological change, demographic change in Canada, Western popular culture (including television, sports, music, and celebrities), Remembrance Day, public health, and the environment.

A small amount of biographical information about Mike Graston and past exhibits of his work is also included in a textual file.

Mike Skreptak collection
CA ON00354 F 0161 · Fonds · 1863 - ca. 1998; predominantly 20th c.

This fonds consists primarily of historic postcards depicting landscapes, buildings, attractions, infrastructure, and vehicles in the region of Southwestern Ontario, with a particular focus on Windsor and Essex County. Many of the postcards are undated, but formats include hand-tinted Early Twentieth Century (ca. 1900-1914) and White Border (ca.1914-1932) styles, as well as Linen (ca.1933-early 1950s), Standard/Chrome (ca. mid-1950s-1970s), and Continental/Modern (ca. 1970s - present) styles. Also included are a small number of photographs and ephemera items including arrest warrants, tokens, medallions, patches, maps, brochures, tickets, and advertisements, all relating to local people, businesses, events, or locations.

The years 1900 to 1914 were a so-called Golden Age for postcards in North America, thanks to the popularity of photography and mass production techniques that made them an affordable collectible item. Views of all kinds were produced, including residential neighbourhoods, churches and civic buildings, commercial districts, industrial plants, bridges, and landscapes. From 1900 into the 1930s, many postcards were black-and-white photographs with colour added. In subsequent decades glossy colour photographs became the norm, and a narrower range of views were produced (often depicting popular tourist sites, where they were sold as souvenirs). By the 1970s most North American postcards shifted from the traditional small size (8.5 x 14cm) to the larger European (“Continental”) size (10 x 15.5cm) and continued to feature a small range of local tourist attractions. All of these trends are reflected in the postcards contained in this fonds.

John Donald McIntosh fonds
CA ON00318 A 73 · Fonds · 1929-1963

The John Donald McIntosh Fonds consists of twenty-four films taken by Dr. McIntosh, schooling and education related documents pertaining to his education in Thunder Bay and at the University of Toronto, and other miscellaneous records.

SWODA collection
CA ON00354 F 0163 · Fonds · ca. 1900 - 2021

This collection contains an eclectic assortment of material – primarily images –relating to the history of Southwestern Ontario and its surrounding areas. The collection has been arranged into series that reflect the types of material received for digitization by SWODA. Series I contains photographs, including a number depicting the work and premises of a Windsor-area construction company, ca. 1920s-1970s; a 1943 group photo from a Windsor factory doing war production; and a Windsor elementary school class photo, ca. 1918; and mausoleums in Windsor Grove Cemetery, 1987-2021. Series II contains several hundred historic postcards in various styles (ca. 1900-2001) depicting landscapes, buildings, attractions, infrastructure, and modes of transportation primarily in Southwestern Ontario (especially Windsor and Essex County) and Detroit, Michigan. Five 1946 postcards depicting other places are all addressed to Miss F. “Rose” Perjul of Windsor, Ontario, mostly from newly demobilized soldier “Frank.” One postcard commemorates a 1959 royal visit. Further series will be added as applicable. Any known details about a specific item are included in the finding aid.

Gertrude Dyke fonds
CA ON00318 A 60 · Fonds · 1920-1973

The Gertrude Dyke fonds includes speeches, addresses, manuscripts, correspondences and notes regarding the history of Northwestern Ontario including pioneer women, local churches, Silver Islet, and the Thunder Bay Historical Society. All documents were produced in Thunder Bay and Fort William.

Wendell Beckwith fonds
CA ON00318 A 58 · Fonds · 1963-1980

The Wendell Beckwith fonds consists of the correspondence and scientific notes of Wendell King Beckwith, scientist. Principal series include: incoming and outgoing correspondence with relatives, visitors to his cabin at Whitewater Lake, Ontario, and those interested in his research and lifestyle; sketches, plans and drawings of some of his inventions and buildings; audio tapes; and bound and unbound scientific notes. Beckwith established his own dating system, abandoning the normal calendar and it seems he began numbering days from the point he moved permanently to Whitewater Lake. This allows for some order to be made of the records though, unfortunately, most of his scientific material is undated. Dates indicated below are approximate except where confirmed by Beckwith. To some extent the dates of documents can be determined by the handwriting as he seemed to have developed a shake in his later years not present at the beginning. This, however, is unreliable. The records were gathered up in haste, years after Beckwith's sudden death in 1980, and placed in boxes apparently in no particular order. This order has been retained with a few exceptions. His papers appear to contain both rough and finished notes. The former may be nothing more than a few calculations scrawled on a page while the latter are often neatly handwritten with full colour diagrams. He often refers in his rough notes to a diagram or set of figures as having been "plated". This probably means that the rough notes have been rewritten, with colour plates, in a more finished form, possibly indicating a manuscript in preparation (though there is no indication of intended publication).

George S. Dennis fonds
CA ON00318 A 56 · Fonds · 1940-1960

The George S. Dennis fonds is a compilation video tape entitled "When Steam was King". Includes amateur films by George Dennis taken during the 1940s and 1950s. Shows the various types of locomotives, cars, stations, towns and people who served on the line. Some are in colour while others are in black and white and the video tape is narrated by George S. Dennis. The films were transferred to video tape in 1988.

G.R. Duncan fonds
CA ON00318 A 55 · Fonds · 1896-1971

The G.R. Duncan fonds consists of records relating to Mr. Duncan's business interests in the fields of real estate and insurance. Also included are municipal records which relate to Duncan's business interests, speeches which he gave at various venues, material relating to a number of organizations to which he belonged, and an account book from the G.R. Duncan Real Estate and Insurance Co. Ltd.

D.B. McKillop fonds
CA ON00318 A 53 · Fonds · 1944-1960

The D.B. McKillop fonds consists of the final summaries of the construction details of the Canadian National Railway's ore dock-viaduct and trestle approach at Port Arthur, 1944-1945 and 1958-1960. Includes a weekly progress chart of the trestle erected from Oct. 1944 to June 1945. Includes three items: Timber and pilings (1944-1945), 65 fol.; progress chart (1944-1945) (1 fol.); quantities for substructure (1950-1960), 45 fol.

George E. Eakins collection
CA ON00318 A 52 · Fonds · 1872-1962

The George E. Eakins collection consists of five series: scrapbooks, programs, publications, manuscripts/transcripts, and miscellaneous documents. It covers a broad spectrum of subjects all relating in general to the history of the Thunder Bay region. Most of the collection is composed of clippings and transcripts of the work of others. Some series, however, contain original materials such as speeches given and papers written by Eakins and others and some legal documents.

Bernard Rogan Ross fonds
CA ON00318 A 50 · Fonds · 1845

The Bernard Rogan Ross fonds consists of one manuscript entitled "The Athabasca Journal and English River Inquirer" handwritten by Ross giving an account of his trip up the English (Churchill) River towards Methy Portage and the fellow travelers and fur traders around him. It was written in the style of a popular newspaper of the period and is full of humour. Dated 8 Aug. 1845. Ross wrote this "newspaper" at the age of 18. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series A 50/1/1 - Manuscript - 11 p

Wayne Ray collection
CA ON00354 F 0164 · Fonds · 1897 - 1990s

This collection contains a selection of correspondence, ephemera and photographs primarily with a connection to Windsor/Essex, Chatham-Kent, or Sarnia/Lambton, acquired by Wayne Ray for digitization and addition to his Windfield Photo Archives online project. They are divided into series according to subject: Series I contains images of Chatham’s Dominion Sugar Company sugar beet processing facilities, ca. 1920s (?); Series II contains images of ships and homes on the Sarnia waterfront ca. 1990s; Series III contains late 1990s/early 2000s images of tourist facilities in other southern Ontario places, including inns in Port Severn and Ingersoll, and cruises on the Grand River and Lake Muskoka. Series IV contains correspondence from mid-20th c. Wheatley, including a discussion of 1950s United Church growth, and Series V contains ephemera connected to business, leisure, and religious activities in Windsor and Essex County, ca. 1897-1960s(?).

John A. Dyke fonds
CA ON00318 A 49 · Fonds · 1876-1934

The John A. Dyke fonds consists of original material (speeches and addresses) and material collected from other sources.

Carson Piper collection
CA ON00318 A 48 · Collection · 1763-1951

The Carson Piper collection consists of both original and published material pertaining to a broad expanse of the history of Northwestern Ontario, concentrating primarily on early fur trading and settlement activities. It is arranged into 12 series by record type. The first and eleventh series contain material relating to Mr. Piper's activities as president and member of the Thunder Bay Historical Society. Most of the rest of the collection contains pamphlets, articles and reports published between 1763 and 1951.

Blake-McNaughten collection
CA ON00318 A 47 · Collection · 1890-1964

The Blake-McNaughten collection consists of both original documents, mostly pertaining to the business of the City of Fort William, Ontario, and a research collection of clippings and information on the history of the Lakehead (primarily Fort William). The collection also includes some documents relating to the Mount McKay Golf Club and the Old Timer's Club. It is arranged into eight series by producer with one, A 47/7, for small miscellaneous items.

Ross Munro Matthews fonds
CA ON00318 A 46 · Fonds · 1970

The Ross Munro Matthews fonds consists of the unpublished personal memoirs of Ross Munro Matthews, entitled "Oft in the Stilly Night", written for his family. Recounts his growing up in early Thunder Bay, an anecdotal description of Walpole Roland, and accounts of cottage days on Silver Islet, the Cross family, the McKirdys of Nipigon, J.T. Emmerson of Port Arthur, Martha Dickinson (the first female City Clerk in Canada), I.L. Matthews, Harwood Matthews, the Munro family, Morson S. Fotheringham and Ross Matthews himself. Includes family tree. This is particularly good on descriptions of familial relationships and childhood in early Thunder Bay.

Keith Denis collection
CA ON00318 A 45 · Fonds · 1861-1977

The Keith Denis collection consists of six series dealing with his interests in Thunder Bay's history, in particular its 19th century history. Contains mainly research files, ephemera, publications, and some of the records of his business from 1937-1944 selling orange juice.

Robertson family fonds
CA ON00318 A 43 · Fonds · 1880-1943

Fonds consists of the records of the John Wilson Robertson family of Fort William. Includes the papers of John Wilson, his sons John Martin Robertson, J.A. Robertson, and Edwin L. Robertson, along with some items from his granddaughter, Belle Caroline Pudas and great granddaughter, Allane Pudas. The collection is divided into three series: John Wilson's papers, those of John Martin and those of the rest of the family.

Jack Miner collection
CA ON00354 F 0170 · Fonds · 1948 - ca. 1975

This fonds consists of a single file containing promotional publications related to celebrated Canadian conservationist Jack Miner, his work, ideas, and legacy. Many show the involvement of his son Manly, and touch on his migratory bird sanctuary near Kingsville, Ontario.