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Friends of Music Programmes, 1976-1999

  • 2019.5.1
  • File
  • 1976 - 1999

Series includes programmes from various Friends of Music events, 1976-1999. All events took place at Port Hope United Church unless otherwise noted. a) Oshawa Symphony Orchestra, December 11 1977 b) Oshawa Symphony Orchestra, May 11 1980 c) Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, October 29 1978 d) 'The Messiah' by Northumberland Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Choir, April 2 1980 e) Anton Kuerti, November 29, 1981 f) Hagood Hardy, February 20 1983 g) Hamilton Philharmonic, April 24, 1983 h) George Zukerman, November 20 1983 i) An Evening of Opera with Roxolana Roslak, Jean Macphail, Gary Rideout, Stuart Hamilton, March 11 1984 j) Maureen Forrester and Derek Bampton, April 15 1984 k) The Tallis Choir, November 18 1984 l) North York Symphony, April 28 1985 m) Jon Kimura Parker, October 27 1985 n) Hugh McLean, January 19 1986 o) Gabrieli Brass, April 20 1986 p) Vancouver Chamber Choir, February 22 1987 q) Anagnoson and Kinton, March 2 1987 r) The Moscow Woodwind quintet, March 6 1987 s) Kingston Symphony, March 27 1987 t) Mary O'Hara, October 16 1987 u) The King's Singers, November 27 1987 v) The Allegri String Quartet, March 26 1988 w) Angela Hewitt, April 24 1988 x) Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, November 18 1988 y) Elmer Iseler Singers, December 10 1988 z) The Amadeus Ensemble, April 29 1990 aa) Carrol McLaughlin, February 18 1989 bb) Mirelle Lagace, March 31 1989 cc) Great Lakes Brass, May 12 1989 dd) Toronto Symphony at Port Hope High School, September 30 1990 ee) 'In Memorian' Helen Kyle ff) Louis Lortie, November 23 1990 gg) I Musici De Montreal with Anton Kuerti, February 8 1991 hh) Loreen McKennit, March 17 1991 ii) American Boychoir, April 21 1991 jj) Gene Dinovi and James Campbell, April 18 1998 kk) Le Studio De Musique Ancienne de Montreal, December 11 1999 ll) Daniel Domb and Oshawa Symphony Orchestra, May 16 1976

The Northumberland Choristers Program, 1991-1996

  • 2019.5.3
  • File
  • 1991 - 1996

Series of programs for 'The Northumberland Choristers' events that took place at Port Hope United Church, a) 'A Northumberland Christmas, December 4 1994 b) 'Music to Make You Smile', November 26 1995 c) 'With a Smile & A Song, November 24 1996 d) 'Messiah', December 8 1991


Musical Event Programs

  • 2019.5.4
  • 1997 - 2005

Series of programs of entertainment and musical events that took place in Port Hope, a) Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean, at the Capitol Theatre, 1998 b) 'A Spring Concert' by the Upper Canada Boychoir at Port Hope United Church, April 20 1997 c)'An Evening with La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra' at the Capitol Theatre, April 28 2005 d) The Oriana Singers present 'Lest We Forget', at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Port Hope, November 7 1999 e) A promotional poster for a Friends of Music event

Bay Street Project

Records and reference material from five major research projects sponsored by the Finlandia Club and other organizations.

  • Bay Street Project I: A study of Finnish immigration to Canada
  • Bay Street Project II: A study of Finnish settlements in the rural Thunder Bay District
  • Bay Street Project III: A study of sports and athletics in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay
  • Bay Street Project IV: A study of religion and churches in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay
  • Bay Street Project V: A study of the arts in the Finnish community in Thunder Bay, including literature, theatre, and music


Photographs are divided into seven subseries:
A - Architecture
B - Arts (Theatre, music, dance, arts, crafts)
C - Business & industry
D - Churches
E - Communities in Northwestern Ontario
F - People, families, & genealogy
G - Organizations


Articles, clippings, research notes, correspondence, copies of organizational minutes, diaries, and other materials not categorized elsewhere in the TBFCHS collection. Includes materials related to the Finnish Building Company, Otava Male Choir, and a diary of the Finnish Civil War.

Don Hill fonds

  • CA ON00159 P193
  • Fonds
  • 1975-1979

The fonds consists of five sound recordings that attest to Don Hill’s professional work and research in Northern Ontario in the 1970s. Two copies of the double-LP vinyl record Men of the North Are We (1975), a collection of oral history interviews recorded throughout Northern Ontario by Don Hill and Anne Prevost, reflect Hill’s interest in both sound art, and documenting the traditions and work of pioneers in the area. Also included in the fonds are two 8-track tapes by the musical group CANO (Tous dans l’même bateau and Au nord de notre vie), as well as one electronic file of an interview with Wasyl Kohut, CANO’s violinist, by Don Hill (recorded December 31, 1979). These recordings highlight Hill’s professional work in radio, as well as his interest in the cultural landscape of Northern Ontario in the 70s.


John Doerr fonds

  • CA ON00159 P221
  • Fonds
  • 1973-2018

The John Doerr fonds documents Doerr’s professional life as a musician, composer, music producer, and administrator. The completeness of the files not only highlights Doerr's accomplishments and activities, but they also depict the path of the group CANO musique.

Composed of the files of the various administrators of CANO musique, namely John Doerr, André Paiement, and Gary McGroarty, the files cover the legal aspect of managing a music group and its financial administration. The files thus deal with promotion, production of concerts and LPs, and the creation of music and lyrics, and range from Doerr’s early involvement with the group CANO musique to the group’s dissolution and the subsequent founding of Majoma Music.

The John Doerr fonds not only attests to Doerr’s different roles, creations, and achievements within CANO musique but it also provides an overview of the different administrative and managerial aspects of a music group during the time period of 1975 to 1985. Moreover, the fonds documents the different processes, procedures, and interactions with records companies, as well as marketing and promotional strategies in those years.

John Doerr’s role as administrator of CANO’s financial records is well documented in the fonds. Doerr took over the responsibility of the accounts after André Paiement’s passing, at which time the records of 1975-1978 were transferred to him.

The financial records consist mostly of bank statements, budgets, expenditures, expenses and incomes, correspondence, and monthly royalty statements. The files provide insight into the operating cost for concerts and touring, as well as the cost associated with activities such as recording, rehearsals, buying instruments, and insurance payments. The files also attest to group’s organising and functioning as a cooperative. While the monthly statements for the royalties list each song and the amount received for each, it also indicates the popularity of their songs in a specific time frame. Some of the correspondence informs us on the contracts and agreements with recording companies, touring and festival organisations and on applications/bids to be part of festivals like the Ontario Bicentennial tour or representing Canada in Japan. It also attests to bids for different services they offered like staging, sound equipment, and music production.

The creation aspect is documented by the music scores, lyrics and correspondence which inform us more specifically on John Doerr as a musician, composer and producer. Indeed, music scores of many of the CANO songs – some with notations – provide insights on the process of collective creation of the music and lyrics and also on the translation of the lyrics. While some music scores are specifically for the parts of bass guitar, some are film scores. Doerr and Aymar composed music and produced the scores for films, as well as theme songs for programs like Légalement parlant or Great Movies (CityTV). A rough draft of video shooting images with notes to synchronize the music depicts part of the process for this type of composition. Also included are some texts of introductions of members of the group used during concerts, with notations on music to be played, the mood, and even the staging of the musicians. The fonds also contains some of Doerr’s diaries with notes on the rehearsals, tours and daily activities.

Many files document projects undertaken by the group after their dissolution. While not all projects were carried out, the fonds contains extensive documentation and correspondence on certain projects, such as agreements for the production of the CANO album The Millennium Collection: The Best of/Les Meilleurs Succès CANO, and the different agreements with all the partners in the realization of the project. Transcriptions of interviews with some of the members of CANO who talk of their time with the group and different events can also be found in the files on “CANO project,” as well as correspondence from fans, and pictures taken by fans during CANO concerts.

The fonds also contains Gary McGroarty’s files, who was the manager of the group. He turned these files over to John Doerr when he left the group. These files consist mostly of contracts with recording companies, the legal documents on the ownership of copyright for CANO songs and also for the different concerts. Membership, registration, payments made to different associations and unions as well as correspondence with these organizations are also found within those files. Some scheduling for rehearsals and traveling are also included. Marketing and promotional materials consisting of correspondence, opinions sent to specialized magazines, newspapers, press kits and also promotional materials such as cards, posters, letterhead with the official CANO logo illustrate some of the different marketing strategies used by the group.


Michael Gallagher fonds

  • CA ON00159 P222
  • Fonds
  • n.d.; 1967-2018 (predominant 1975-1985)

Fonds Michael Gallagher consists of graphic material, textual records, sound recordings, video recordings and books documenting Michael Gallagher’s professional career. The majority of the materials are derived from Gallagher’s work for CANO musique, predominantly between the years 1975 to 1985, and reflect the breadth of the organization’s objectives, as well as Gallagher’s many roles within it. The fonds also contains some materials related to Gallagher’s time spent as a member of the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario (C.A.N.O.) in the years prior to CANO musique, as well as several graphic design projects undertaken after CANO musique dissolved.

The graphic materials in the fonds represent a significant body of work created by Michael Gallagher, mostly as photographer and artistic director of CANO musique. Photographic materials include images for CANO album covers, publicity photos of the band, shots of CANO in concert, as well as individual members of the band. Not only do these images show the change in members over time, they also document some of the recording studios and concert venues CANO played throughout the years. The fonds also contains numerous mock-ups for CANO albums, promotional materials, and posters, as well as original artwork of logos, reflecting the various steps in Gallagher’s creative process. Posters promoting CANO albums and specific concerts are also included. Additional visual concepts and designs created by Michael Gallagher for other Sudbury organizations are included in the fonds as well, such as posters, promotional material, and mock-ups for La nuit sur l’étang, Northern Lights Festival Boréal, and Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (among others).

In addition to graphic materials, the fonds also contains a number of textual records primarily related to CANO musique including correspondence to and from Michael Gallagher about the band, as well as records documenting the band’s history and lyrics, available in both English and French, showing the pride they took in reaching out to their fans in both official languages. Also included are a selection of Gallagher’s day planners, and administrative documents related to his role in CANO such as contracts and financial reports, through which a sense of CANO’s cooperative roots can be gleaned, as they outline stipulations such as equal sharing among members. Complementing these records is a thorough collection of newspaper and magazine clippings which provide a wealth of information about the band, as well as their reception throughout Canada and the United States.

The fonds also contains several other types of records, including 14 books, many of which are limited editions and contain personal inscriptions, four CANO 45 rpm singles, an English version of the album Au nord de notre vie, and a VHS tape of the National Film Board of Canada’s documentary CANO, Notes sur une expérience collective. These records further serve to position Michael Gallagher within the extremely active network of Franco-Ontarian authors and artists in Northern Ontario during the 1970s and 80s, as well as highlight CANO’s prominent place within that community.


Rosary Fallon

This sub-series contains records related to the life of Sister Rosary Fallon. In it are found the bound and draft memoirs of Sister Rosary including detailed personal accounts of her family and religious life. A newspaper clipping from the London Free Press mentions Sister Rosary Fallon and her musical talent, and contains information about her famous brother, Jack Fallon. He was known for his musical career both in Canada and abroad.

Sister Rosary Fallon, born Irene Josephine Fallon, whose autobiography is included in this series, was born in London, Ontario on August 2nd, 1917. At age 13, she joined her brothers in the Fallon Family Orchestra, where she performed throughout southwestern Ontario. She entered religious life on January 16th, 1937 and taught from 1942-1979. She continued to play music throughout her life, even playing the piano for weekly sing-a-longs at the new Motherhouse on Windermere Road in London. In addition to being a gifted musician, Sister Rosary was also a talented artist who painted more than 200 paintings. She was known to enjoy historical research.

Sacred Heart Convent series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S124
  • Series
  • 1914-2008

Series contains Sister Norita Keenan’s single page memoir, a postulant requirement list, souvenir booklet of the Diamond Jubilee, chaplain list, meal seating plan, farewell ceremony agenda and schedule, photographs, land and property maintenance receipts, property sketch, chronology of property transfers and sales, rededication ceremony program and speech, letter from General Superior to Sisters, decorative Christmas card and envelope with list of donors of a car, newspaper clippings, student created books, and Bach sheet music owned by Cesar Borre.


Diocese of London School of Christ series

  • CA ON00279 F01-S127
  • Series
  • 1943-1971

Series contains of bulletins, newsletters, and newspaper clippings discussing the School of Christ program. It also contains a variety of photographs depicting its participants and organizers. There is one audio cassette of Sister Mary Margaret Childs, director of the senior choir, talking about her memories of the program, and one vinyl plaque presented to Sisters Mary Margaret Childs and Maureen Dalton from a group of alumni.


Sisters of St. Joseph Concert Band sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF01
  • Sous-fonds
  • 1955-2001

The sous-fonds consists of a variety of materials related to the Sisters of St. Joseph Concert Band, including photographs, various textual records, scrapbooks, audio cassettes, and compact discs.


St. Joseph's School of Music sous-fonds

  • CA ON00279 F01-SF03
  • Sous-fonds
  • 1914-1995

This sous-fonds contains materials related to the activities of the St. Joseph's School of Music, including rosters of staff and students, music festival results, sheet music, photographs and scrapbooks.


Deane Cameron fonds

  • CA ON00353 AFC 370
  • Fonds
  • [192-]-2013, predominant 1970-2013

The fonds consists of materials related to Deane Cameron’s professional career in the Canadian music industry ,predominantly as President of EMI Canada and as a member of various national music associations and committees. It also consists of material relating to Cameron’s personal life, including correspondence, photographs and ephemera, much of which involves musicians or individuals in the music industry.


Gustav Mahler-Alfred Rosé Collection

  • CA ON00353 AFC 382
  • Fonds
  • [1780], [18-?-1996]

This collection consists of extensive personal correspondence, concert documents, scores, manuscripts, recognition, primary publications, secondary publications, university papers, photographs, recordings, memorabilia and artifacts mainly relating to the private and professional lives of Gustav Mahler, Alfred Rosé, Arnold Rosé, Alma Rosé, Bruno Walter, Justine Rosé, and Maria Rosé. Other material relating to Alma Mahler-Werfel, Marie Mahler, Otto Mahler, Maria Rosé, Albine Adler, Dorothy Beswick Hetherington, Lorraine Busby, Jacob Dont, Martha Freud, R.A. Loederer, Nora Nathan, Richard Newman, Richard Strauss, and Arturo Toscanini are included. Also included are materials in the collection whose connection is unclear


Opera Laurier fonds

  • CA ON00362 RG-103
  • Fonds
  • 1971-2022

Fonds contains records relating to Opera Laurier performances including programs, promotional material, planning material, audio recordings and video recordings.
For many performances, the records include production books outlining stage blocking, lighting cues and other information as well as annotated scores.


Fonds Choeur Franc-Nord

  • CA ON00402 CFN
  • Fonds
  • 1991 - 1998, 2001

The fonds Chœur Franc-Nord includes textual record, audio and audiocassette.


Brad Brown fonds

  • CA ON00416 F09
  • Fonds
  • 1949 - 1954 ; 2014

Fonds consists of material of Brad's time as a student at Appleby College. In particular, it includes material pertaining to his time as a member of the school's Coronation Choir. Fonds consists of two series: Coronation choir and School days.


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