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Innerkip West 4-H Club fonds
Fonds · ca. 1972-1992

The fonds consists of a Treasurer’s Book (ca. 1972-1992) and a Scrapbook of various materials related to the operation and activities of the Innerkip West 4-H Club between the years 1980-1982. Such materials include:

Attendance sheets

Awards Programmes

Minutes of the Meetings (or Secretary Reports) of the Innerkip West 4-H including such groups as the Homemaking Club, Munchkins, “Breadwinners”, Quilting Club, Etiquette for the 80’s, Social Recreation, etc.

Newspaper clippings

Photographs including the Innerkip 4H Club “What shall I wear” group

Treasurer’s Book – ca. 1972-1992

Fonds · 1859-2018

The fonds consist of records related to the Zorra Caledonian Society. They are arranged in the following series and subseries:

Series 1: The Society
Subseries A: History
Subseries B: Meeting Minutes
Subseries C: Correspondence
Subseries D: Invitations
Subseries E: Photos
Subseries F: Record Books
Subseries G: Certificates

Series 2: Highland Games
Subseries A: History
Subseries B: Entry Forms
Subseries C: Opening Ceremony Speeches
Subseries D: Programmes and Schedules

  • File 11: 1949-1950
  • File 12: 1960-1969
  • File 13: 1970-1989
  • File 14: 1990-1999
  • File 15: 2000-2009
    Subseries E: Souvenir Programmes
  • File 16: 1937-1939
  • File 17: 1940-1959
    Subseries F: General Articles
  • File 18: 1930-1949
  • File 19: 1950-1969
  • File 20: 1970-1979
  • File 21: 1980-1989
  • File 22: 1990-2015
    Subseries G: Tug-of-War Articles
    Subseries H: Results
  • File 24: 1938-1949
  • File 25: 1950-1959
  • File 26: 1960-1969
  • File 27: 1970-1979
  • File 28: 1980-1989
    Subseries I: Awards
    Subseries J: Photos
  • File 30: 1944-1969
  • File 31: 1970-1989
  • File 32: Not Dated
    Subseries K: Advertisements
    Subseries L: Guest Book

Series 3: Events
Subseries A: Newspaper Articles
Subseries B: Programmes
Subseries C: St. Andrew’s Night Banquet Menus

  • File 37: 1930-1949
  • File 38: 1950-1959
  • File 39: 1960-1969
  • File 40: 1970-1989
  • File 41: 1990-2012
    Subseries D: Advertisements

Series 4: Miscellaneous

Series 5: Oversized Scrapbook

Highland Games
ON00098 MG7 A16 · Collection
Fonds · 1955-1999

The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Woodstock Branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1 – Constitution, By-laws, Pamphlets, Historical Notes (1955-1999)

Series 2 - Membership

a) General Membership (1956-1999)
b) Executive (1965-1999)

Series 3 – Reports: Financial and Committee (30 April 1956 – 8 December 1999)

Series 4 – Correspondence
a) General Correspondence (7 March 1957 – 30 September 1987)
b) General Correspondence (4 October 1987 – 13 December 2000)
c) Scholarship Correspondence (24 October 1986 – 19 May 1999)
d) Scholarship Correspondence (7 June 1999 – 8 October 1999)

Series 5 – Report (September 1967 – September 1998)

Series 6 - Bingo/Lottery Licenses (31 December 1992 – 8 December 1999)

Series 7 – Bulletins (September 1966 – December 1984)

Series 8 – Disbandment (28 April 1999 – 4 June 1999)

Sir James Whitney fonds
CA ON00009 F 5 · Fonds · 1860-1922, predominant 1874-1914

Fonds consists of records documenting the personal, political, legal, and business activities of Sir James Whitney. Fonds details Conservative political strategies in elections and in the legislature, as well as in regard to proposed legislation. Contents include requests from residents in Whitney's home region of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry concerning issues such as employment and local improvements.

Fonds includes certificates of election expenses, certificates from returning officers, election leaflets, financial statements of Ontario, insurance policies, mortgages, promissory notes, estate records, correspondence, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, notes for political speeches, memoranda, and copies of speeches given in the legislature. Outgoing correspondence is personal in nature, though its contents also concern Sir James Whitney's professional life. Fonds also includes some newsclippings concerning the death of Lady Whitney in 1922.

For a more detailed description, use this link to the Archives of Ontario's descriptive database:

Donald Sutherland fonds
Fonds · [after 1901] - 1949, 2006

The fonds consists of records related to the personal life and political career of Donald Sutherland. It is arranged into the following series and subseries:

Series 1 – Personal

Series 2 – Political
a) Elections/Government Proceedings
b) Regulating speed and operation of motor vehicles
c) Agriculture
d) Colonization and Immigration
e) Indian Affairs
f) Welland Canal
g) Military

  1. Rebellion 1837/Boer War
  2. Fenian Raid Comp.
  3. Armoury Ingersoll
  4. WWI
  5. WWII
  6. Misc.
    h) Prohibition
    i) Women’s Franchise Act
    j) Combine Investigation Act (Tobacco)
    k) Senate
    l) Requests, favours, appointments
    m) Invitations and Events
    n) Miscellaneous Correspondence

Series 3 – County of Oxford
a) Woodstock Jail
b) Post Offices/Mail Routes
c) Noxon Co. / John Morrow Screw and Nut Company of Ingersoll
d) Zorra Log Church and Tug of War Team
e) Miscellaneous

Series 4 – Government
a) Federal/Provincial issues
b) Newspaper clippings
c) Liberal-Conservative Association
d) Photographs

Fonds · 1830s-1990s

The collection consists of various materials relating to the Vansittart family (specifically Vice Admiral Henry Vansittart) and to the early history of Woodstock. It includes newspaper clippings, land documents, wills and other legal style documents, photographs, booklets and essays as well as a framed miniature portrait and military cross. Subject Files are as follows:

  • Admiral Henry Vansittart
  • Vansittart Family
  • John George Vansittart
  • George Henry Vansittart
  • Vansittart Legal Documents
  • Land Documents (Lot 15, Concession 1, Township of Blandford)
  • Vansittart Homes (Eastwood Park and Bysham Park)
  • Old St. Paul’s Church
  • Andrew Drew
  • Vansittart Avenue
  • Miscellaneous Local History (including the Old Stage Road)
  • Correspondence of George A. Calder
Herbert Milnes fonds
Fonds · 1930s - 1970s, nd.

The fonds consist of the following Series:

Series 1: Essays

  • on various Flora and Fauna topics including a number of observational essays on Turtle, Snake and Bird behaviour

Series 2: Watercolour sketches

  • mostly depicting local flora found in places such as Benwell Swamp, Tobin’s Bush and Hodges’ Pond as well Long Point in Norfolk County.

Series 3: Field Books/Nature Journals

  • bound volumes including loose clippings, drawings, checklists, photographs etc.

Series 4: Statistical Records and Classification Systems

  • includes statistics on several bird species in Oxford County such as Northern Shrikes, Rough Legs and Sparrow Hawks; bird breeding records in Oxford County and compilations of biological classifications for species of wildlife form around the world.

Series 5: Miscellaneous

  • includes newspaper clippings re. talks given by Herbert Milnes, correspondence with the Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology and other ephemera.
Innerkip Community fonds
Fonds · 1854-1994, nd.

The fonds consists of various materials related to the history of the Village of Innerkip. Such materials include:

Brochure entitled “Take a walk through time” A walking tour of homes and historic buildings. – ca. 1991.

Correspondence. – 1870, 1898, 1940

Front roll card for St. John Sunday School. – 1910.

Ladies Aid Birthday Calendar, Presbyterian Church. – 1948.

Local History Books:
“A History of Blandford Township” by George Oliver. – 1966.
“The Early Days of Innerkip District” by Zella M. Hotson. – 1952.
“History of the Village and neighbourhood of Innerkip” by Zella M. Hotson. – nd.

Topographic Map of Woodstock and Area. Original survey 1908; revised 1935.
Whiteprint map of Oxford County. - ca 1950s

Membership card for the United Church Women, Innerkip United Church. – 1962.

The story of an old house, lot 15, Vincent Survey – Innerkip. – 1962.
List of former residents of Innerkip. – nd.
List of teachers and students of S.S. No. 10 East Zorra. – nd.

Newspaper clippings. – 1854, 1967, 1978, nd.

Photographs. – 1909, 1955-6, 1959, 1963, 1967-9, 1978, 1989, 1991, nd.

Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid programme booklet. – 1944.

Prize List for the Annual School Fair for East Zorra Township. – 1932.

Innerkip Annual Decoration & Memorial Service. – 1990.
Innerkip Cemetery Decoration and Memorial Service. – 1994.
Innerkip Centennial and Old Boys’ Reunion. – ca. 1967.
Innerkip Centennial Celebrations. – 14-16 July 1967.
Innerkip Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society, 90th Anniversary. – 1991.
27th Annual Innerkip Cemetery and C.O.F. Decoration Service. – 2 August ?

Scrapbook for the Innerkip Unit of the Red Cross. – 1939-1946.

Township of Blandford Minutes of the Meetings of Blandford Council. – 1961.

Fonds · 1977-1985

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the establishment and administration of the Innerkip Ratepayers Association. Such materials include:

Application for Facilities Rental - 1985

By-laws and Resolutions – 1977

Correspondence from G.A. Calder, Barrister & Solicitor - 1984

Directors’ Register – 1977-1984

Expenditures and Receipts – 1977-1984

Letters Patent – 1977

List of Members – 1977, 1980-1982

Minutes of Meetings – 1977-1984
Beachville Community fonds
Fonds · 1922-1955

The fonds consists of various materials related to the history of the Community of Beachville and include the following series:

Series 1: Police Village of Beachville
A: Minutes – 1922 – 1955

Series 2: Beachville Hydro Electric System
A: Minutes – 1917-1980
B: Financial – 1912-1960
C: Meter Registers – ca. 1950s – 1983

Series 3: South-West Oxford Public Utility Commission (P.U.C.)
A: Minutes – 1980-1995

Col. Joseph W. Boyle fonds
Fonds · ca. 1979-1984

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the life of Joseph W. Boyle as well as the repatriation of his body to Woodstock in 1983 from Hampton Hills, England. Such materials include:

Miscellaneous information:
  • Oxford Historical Society Newsletters re. Joe Boyle
  • Correspondence
  • Russian Decorations
  • Outline for Military Funeral Procession for Joe Boyle in Woodstock – 1983.

Newspaper articles:

  • life of Joe Boyle (Klondike days and military career during WWI)
  • Joe Boyle Repatriation Committee / Repatriation of Joe Boyle’s body to Woodstock

Photographs and Negatives:

  • Joe Boyle (throughout his lifetime including years in the Klondike, military career, etc)
  • Yukon Trip – 1976. (Len Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Ed Bennett, Lee Bennett and Flora Boyle Frisch)
  • Flora Boyle Frisch (daughter of Joe Boyle) – 1982.
  • Hampton Hill, England gravesite – 1982.
  • Joe Boyle Monument, Woodstock. – [198-].
  • Joe Boyle Repatriation – 1983.
  • Joe Boyle Day, Woodstock – 1983.

Beta Video:

  • Joe Boyle Day 1983 and Flora Bole Frisch Interview Cassettes:
  • Dawson City: Land of the Midnight Sun produced by Miriam Evans & Cathy Jones-Gates,
    manufactured by Finley-Holiday Film Corp. – nd.
  • Flo Whyard on “Morning Side” on CBC. – nd. (name Martha Black is also written on the cassette)
  • Interview with Len W. “Red” Taylor by Kathie Richards, recorded at Woodstock, ON. – 25 September 1985.
  • Interview with Ed Bennett on Klondike Joe Boyle by Kathie Richards. – 10 May 1985.
Y.M.C.A. of Woodstock fonds
Fonds · ca. 1888-1994

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of the Y.M.C.A. including the Y.W.C.A before amalgamation. Such materials include:

Series 1: YMCA History, Programs and Services
  • Minutes of the Board of Directors (1919-1942)
  • Annual Membership and Financial Campaign and Programs
  • YWCA
  • Amalgamation of YMCA and YWCA
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Photographs / slides
  • Capt. W.H. Pierce
  • “Y” Beaver Minstrels
  • Christian Emphasis School
  • Miscellaneous
  • Video Cassettes

    Series 2: Fisher’s Glen “Y” Camp

  • History/ newspaper clippings (1930-1992)
  • Fisher’s Glen Reunion (1993)
  • Photographs / slides (includes photocopies of photographs)

    Series 3: Scrapbooks (majority are photocopies, not all complete)

  • Margaret Flower’s Scrapbook (1955-1964)
  • Jean Schwass’ Scrapbook (1957-1967)
  • Kay Fulham’s Scrapbook (1957-1983)
  • Scrapbook – original (1962 – 1963)
  • Scrapbook (1965)
  • Scrapbook (ca. 1965-1971)
  • Ruth Gilmar’s Scrapbook (February 1966 – December 1968)
  • Jean Schwass’ (May 1973 – July 1974)
  • Jean Schwass’ (1974-1975)
  • Jean Schwass’ (July 1975 – May 1976)
  • Jean Schwass’ (June 1976 – June 1977)
  • Scrapbook (1982)
  • Scrapbook (1982)
  • Scrapbook (1983)
  • Scrapbook (1983)

    Series 4: Bill Butt’s play - Women and Men: The Story of the YMCA-YWCA of Woodstock (1994)

  • Script
  • Background research notes / rough notes
  • Production
  • Costumes and Props
  • Sheet Music
  • Photographs / slides
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Audio cassettes – oral histories (1993)
Fonds · 1965 - 1989, nd.

The fonds consist of Minute Books (that include newsletters, newspaper clippings, bird censuses, etc) and a couple of Financial Ledgers. A copy of the Club’s Constitution and By-laws and Procedures, dated 7 November 1977, is also included.

Fonds · 1940 - 2005

The fonds consists of various documents related to the history of the Woodstock Women’s Music Club. These records include:

  • Minutes (includes membership lists)
  • Financial statements, receipts, accounts
  • Correspondence
  • Insurance
  • Membership
  • Scrapbooks (includes recital programmes, newspaper articles,
    photographs, correspondence, constitution, etc)
Fonds · 1953, 1978 and 2003

The fonds consists of various materials related to the centennial celebrations of the Village of Innerkip: 1953 Centennial, 1978 Silver Centennial and 2003 Homecoming Weekend. Such materials include:

1953 Centennial:
Programme for the Melrose Presbyterian Church Centennial Services

Souvenir Programme entitled Innerkip Centenary (two copies)

Guest Book/Scrapbook

1978 Silver Centennial:
Bumper sticker

Correspondence and schedule of events

Financial records

Guest/Register Books

Newspaper clippings

Photographs (b/w and colour)

Programme for Innerkip’s Silver Centennial

Souvenir Booklet

2003 Homecoming Weekend
Articles and schedule of events published in What’s On Woodstock Magazine


Souvenir Booklet (two copies)

Fonds · 1971-1978, 1997

The collection consists of 11 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to:

File 1: Utting-McKinney Northgate Towers High Rise, Woodstock. – 1971-1974.
File 2: Goff High Rise Application Huron Street, Woodstock. – 1971-1975.
File 3: Happening ’73, Woodstock. – 1973.
File 4: Ingersoll Avenue Reconstruction, Woodstock. – 1973-1978.
File 5: Devonshire Avenue Subdivision, Woodstock. – 1974-1975.
File 6: Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce. – 31 January – 31 December 1974. (includes Happening ’74)
File 7: “Save the Golf Course”, Woodstock Golf Club. – 1974-1977.
File 8: Admiral Riddell Development Limited Condominiums – Northgate Towers, Woodstock. – 1976.
File 9: Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce. – 1975-1976. (includes Happening ’75)
File 10: Goff Application for Zoning By-law change on Huron Street, Woodstock. – 1976.
File 11: Innerkip Area Ratepayers Association. – 1977-1978, 1997.

Fonds · 1969 - 1981

The fonds consist of a wide spectrum of documents that relate to the reconstruction of Vansittart Avenue and the formation, and subsequent activities of, the Vansittart Area Association Inc. Records range from the local, provincial and national level and include such topics as the road width, provincial government subsidy, street parking and lighting, tree preservation along the street and flower planting in the boulevard in Vansittart Park. The fonds also touches on the Association’s input into the possibility of a truck by-pass in Woodstock, the creation of the Oxford County Official Plan (specifically the section on historical buildings and sites), the selling of St. Joseph’s Academy building on Vansittart Avenue to Timard Properties, train noise within city limits, and the condition of 53 Vansittart Avenue. Materials included within the fonds include correspondence, newspaper clippings, agendas, and reports as well as maps and drawings.

Woodstock sewers fonds
Fonds · 1890 - 1943, nd.

The fonds consist of letters and reports re. sewer work, drainage, estimates, calculations, sewage effluents from factories, etc (1890-1910, nd.); approx. 100 sewer plans/drawings (1899-1917); and 19 sewer permit booklets (1903-1943). Most of the letters and reports are written to the Mayor and County Council from the City Engineer, though some of the correspondence is with the Chief Health Officer of Ontario.

Bud Case fonds
Fonds · 1960’s -

The fonds consists of various materials relating to the history of Oxford County and is broken down into the following Series and Subseries:

Series 1: Photographs
a) Gordon Pittock Dam Project (+ contact prints and negatives)
b) John Meathrell Bridge Project
c) Water Pollution Control Plan Ext No. 3, Admiral Street, Woodstock (contact prints and negatives)
d) Aerial photographs

  • Conservation Authorities/Dams
  • Gordon Pittock Dam
  • City of Woodstock and surrounding areas
  • Road/Bridge Construction work
  • e) General

  • Bridges
  • C.P.R. Main line relocation Pittock Dam
  • Drainage Maps
  • Kelsey-Hayes Canada
  • Miscellanous
  • Oxford County/City of Woodstock
  • Woodstock Fairgrounds

Series 2: Plot plans / Building site plans

  • for farms and properties in Oxford County and other Ontario Counties

Series 3: Maps and Plans
a) Drains
b) General (including a City of Woodstock map dated 1907)
c) Reference Plans
d) Roads