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Methodist Church, St. George

This photograph shows the second Methodist Church building. The 1st Methodist Church was in the now Union Cemetery.

Lower Wyndham Street

This photograph shows lower Wyndham Street looking north towards St. George's Square.

Old Tobacco Shop

This photograph shows Herbert Johns standing in the doorway of his store on Quebec Street West, 1st store from St. George's Square in the Mahoney Block. Mr. Johns was a great sportsman and his store was a hangout for sports enthusiasts. He lived in a stone cottage at the corner of Suffolk and Glasgow Streets. James McEwan worked for Mr. Johns and then took the store over when Mr. Johns died.

Eramosa Bridge

This photograph shows the Eramosa bridge and the Speed River.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot

This is Mr. And Mrs. Elliott's wedding photograph taken in Wingham, Ontario.

Rev. Robert Torrance

Shown here is the Reverend Robert Torrance, Superintendent of Guelph Public Schools from 1856-1892 and Secretary to the School Board from 1857-1892.

Allan's Mill

This image was taken from Horsman's Hill looking south west toward Allan's Bridge. In the foreground is Mr. Sayre's cottage now 30 Regent St.

Elmer Schlesinger

This photograph shows Elmer Schlesinger, a prominent lawyer.

Stewart Medill

This photo shows Dr. Joseph Medill's son. He died just after the photo was taken.

Ross Medill

This image shows Ross Medill with his future wife Dorothy Dixon (right) and his neighbour Mable Rolls (left).

Yowing girls

This image shows three girls pictured together. Written on the reverse of the image, from left to right, are the names Jacqueline, Josephine, and Judy Yowing. It is believed the girl in the middle is actually Peggy Joanne and that the last name is Gowing and not Yowing.

Old Tobacco Shop

This photograph shows E. H. Johns Tobacco Store on Quebec Street West.

Carden Street

This photograph shows a view along Carden Street looking west towards Wilson Street. The picture predates the completion of the Church of Our Lady.

La Guayra Settlers

This image shows a plaque describing the history of the La Guayra settlers.

Miss Whyte's private school

The building shown here, at the corner of Norfolk and Suffolk Streets, housed Miss Whyte's private school and later the Miss Macdonald's private school.

Red Oak Farm

This photograph shows Red Oak farm at Wheaton.

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