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Anthony Richmond fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0095
  • Fundo
  • 1943-1991

Fonds consists of Anthony Richmond's records pertaining to his career as a scholar and includes his research files, professional files, manuscripts, as well as his personal files.

Richmond, Anthony H., 1925-

Harry Boyle fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0101
  • Fundo
  • 1934-1995

The fonds consists of records created during Harry J. Boyle's career as a broadcaster, including sound recordings of programmes, interviews, and speeches; transcripts of speeches (1968-1973) delivered while working for the CBC and the CRTC; personal and administrative files while chairman of the CRTC and during his tenure at the Banff School of Fine Arts. There are files related to the writing and publishing of his books, and articles and stories published during his years as a journalist with the Toronto Telegram. Also included are items from Mr. Boyle's library about communications, broadcasting, and advertising.

Boyle, Harry J. (Harry Joseph), 1915-

Ernest H. Bartlett fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0122
  • Fundo
  • 1910-1971

Fonds consists of personal files containing correspondence, articles, photographs, certificates, etc. relating to Ernest Bartlett's family and career with the Toronto Telegram.

Bartlett, E. H. (Ernest Henry), 1903-

Avrom Isaacs fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0134
  • Fundo
  • 1942-1996

Fonds consists of business records of The Isaacs Gallery (TIG) (1942-1991), consisting of correspondence, exhibition catalogues, mailings and financial records (1984-1986); artist files (1961-1988), consisting of correspondence, biographical sketches, press clippings, and other material relating to artists represented by Isaacs (e.g., Dennis Burton, Graham Coughtry, William Kurelek, Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland) and some who were not represented by him; artist portfolio files (1955-1988), consisting of press clippings and catalogues of their works; and promotional files (ca. 1960-1989) relating to the Isaacs Gallery.

Isaacs, Avrom, 1926-

Paul Sullivan fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0141
  • Fundo
  • 1848-1971

The fonds consists of correspondence to Paul Sullivan from family members, including 22 letters from cousin Vernon Sullivan written between 1911-1915 and describing the daily life, concerns, and opinions of a young man first as a farm worker, and then teacher, on the prairies immediately prior to enlisting to fight in World War I at the age of 16. There are also ca. 40 letters from brother Edgar Sullivan written between 1914-1943 describing the life of a homesteader who has moved to Saskatchewan to homestead and operate a business during difficult economic times. The fonds also includes diaries (1915-1971), municipal tax notices (1886-1961), personal correspondence, family wills, deeds and mortgages (from 1848), some business papers, 4 newspapers, a child's book, ca. 15 photographs and 3 business ledgers (1934-1950). The letters are arranged chronologically.

Sullivan, Paul, 1895-1971

Sara Woods fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0145
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1940]-1987

Fonds consists of literary manuscripts, correspondence, financial records and other documentation relating to the writing career of Sara Woods.

Woods, Sara

James Laxer fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0166
  • Fundo
  • [1959]-2006

The fonds consists of records created by James Laxer in his capacity as a student, writer, and activist. Fonds includes some of Laxer's highschool debate speeches, MA and PhD research, professional correspondence, Waffle records, political reports, research notes, newspaper columns, book proposals, and drafts of articles and book manuscripts for both published and unpublished material including 'Leap of faith,' 'Decline of the superpowers,' 'The undeclared war : class conflict in the age of cyber capitalism,' 'Stalking the elephant : my discovery of America,' 'The border : between uneasy neighbours,' 'Red diaper bBaby : a memoir of childhood in the age of McCarthyism,' 'The groundwork guide to empire', 'The Acadians : in search of a homeland' and 'Jamais Provence.' It also includes correspondence and draft scripts for his films, 'The CCF-NDP : building Jerusalem' and 'Reckoning.'

Laxer, James, 1941-

Ray Stevenson fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0167
  • Fundo
  • 1915-2000

The fonds consists of correspondence, notes, speeches, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, newspaper clipping files and publications relating to Ray Stevenson's various activities as trade union member, labour organizer, member of the Communist Party of Canada, participant in the peace movement and Paul Robeson supporter.

Stevenson, Ray, 1919-

G.R. Lowther fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0174
  • Fundo
  • [1983?]

The fonds consists of handwritten notebooks relating to G.R. Lowther's research in archaeology and evolutionary theory.

Lowther, G.R., 1928-1984

Nat Taylor fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0183
  • Fundo
  • 1929-1999

Fonds consists of correspondence, subject files, clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, contracts, financial records, reports, photographs, video cassettes and sound recordings that document Taylor's career as a film and theatre executive.

Taylor, Nathan A., 1906-

William Greer fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0185
  • Fundo
  • 1962-1980

The fonds mainly consists of William Greer plans, memos, correspondence and architectural drawings about York University.

Greer, William

Norman S. Endler fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0186
  • Fundo
  • 1960-1999

Fonds currently consists of offprint copies of Norman Endler's journal articles and other publications, as well as approximately 258 York University Research Reports authored either by Endler himself or in collaboration with his colleagues.

Endler, Norman S., 1931-2003

Stevie Cameron fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0190
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1966]-2000

The fonds consists of records documenting Stevie Cameron's career as a journalist and author. It consists of research materials such as copies of government documents, interview and court transcripts, clippings and correspondence, audio recordings of research interviews conducted by Cameron, and drafts and manuscripts for her newspaper articles and books, including 'Blue Trust', 'Ottawa Inside Out', 'On the Take', and 'The Last Amigo'.

Cameron, Stevie, 1943-

Rick Salutin fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0193
  • Fundo
  • 1971-1997

The fonds documents Rick Salutin's career as a writer, playwright and social activist. Records consist of manuscripts and drafts of Salutin's publications, and theatre, TV, and radio productions, including Fanshen, 1837, Maria, Gorongosa, The Mirror of Hockey, Les Canadiens, and others; correspondence; resource material; lectures, awards, conferences, and travel files and audio cassettes of Salutin's works.

Salutin, Rick, 1942-

Clayton Ruby fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0208
  • Fundo
  • 1979-1985

The fonds documents Clayton Ruby's activities as a lawyer and activist. Records consist of professional correspondence and subject files. General correspondence is mostly with politicians, colleagues, and the Law Society. Subjects file topics include: the Law Society, Advocates Society, Amnesty International, Conferences, Law Reform Commission, Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, and the Charter of Rights Education Fund. Also included are various photographic portraits of Clayton Ruby.

Ruby, Clayton, 1942-

Sydney Eisen fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0209
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1965]-1997

The fonds consists of records created by Sydney Eisen in his capacity as a professor and university administrator in the Department of History and Humanities at York University. Types of records include subject files, professional correspondence, course outlines, lecture notes, research notes, and student references.

Eisen, Sydney, 1929-

Hepatitis C Society of Canada fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0212
  • Fundo
  • 1983-2000, predominant 1994-1997

The fonds consists of press releases, clippings, legal files including briefs and exhibits, reports, correspondence, reference materials, Board of Directors meeting minutes and documents, and copies of the society's submission to the Krever Commission.

Hepatitis C Society of Canada

J. David Wood fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0215
  • Fundo
  • [195?]-2000

The fonds mainly documents J. David Wood's activities as a student, research geographer/historian and instructor. Records consist of undergraduate course notes, research notes, correspondence, maps, and photographs relating to his 1958 M.A. thesis, The Historical Geography of Dumfries Township, Upper Canada, 1816-1852", his 1962 Ph.D. thesis, The Geography of the Nithsdale-Annandale Region, Dumfriesshire, 1813-1816" and other published articles. Also included are teaching notes from Edinburgh University, 1957-1961 and the University of Alberta, 1964-1965, and records concerning his consultancy work on the external review of the Undergraduate Environmental Studies Program at York University in 2000.

Wood, J. David (John David), 1942-

Mary Young Leckie fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0220
  • Fundo
  • 1997-2000

The fonds consists of records relating to the Tapestry Pictures/CBC Televison co-production of the programme 'Gzowski in Conversation', starring Peter Gzowski. Includes production, administrative and research files, transcripts, production video and audio material and publicity photographs.

Leckie, Mary Young

Paul Axelrod fonds

  • CA ON00370 F0224
  • Fundo
  • 1950-2001

Fonds consists of material that documents Axelrod's personal and professional career and is arranged in the following series: S00221 Correspondence files S00222 Academic files S00223 Professorial files S00224 Research and Writing files

Axelrod, Paul Douglas, 1949-

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