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St. Lawrence Starch Company collection

  • CA ON00009 C 105
  • Fundo
  • 1935-1967

The collection consists of radio programs and films sponsored by the St. Lawrence Starch Company. These include programs including "What Price Loyalty," broadcast by radio station CKOK in Hamilton, as well as "Air Check, Know Your H...

St. Lawrence Starch Co.

Robert B. Townsend fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 107
  • Fundo
  • 1930-1975

Fonds consists of footage of activities of the Queen City Yacht Club in Toronto, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and the Lions Club. Also included is footage of Junior Olympics in Cleveland, Ohio, and scenes from Camp Beausoleil on Beausoleil Island...

Townsend, Robert B., fl. 1930-1975

Frank X. Amoss fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 156
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1907]-1962

Fonds consists of 3 albums, along with 238 additional prints, including panoramas and postcards, related to the activities and life of Frank X. Amoss. Most of the photographs depict construction of the National Transcontinental Railway in various ...

Amoss, Frank X.

R.E. McDonnell fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 16
  • Fundo
  • 1909-1954

Fonds consists of the records of Hamilton architect, R.E. McDonnell. Fonds includes architectural drawings and photographs from McDonell's various projects. Projects documented include: the Ranchman's Club; the Norton Palmer Hotel; the R...

McDonnell, R.E., 1887-1963

Page & Steele Architects fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 20
  • Fundo
  • 1924-1988

Fonds consists of the records created and accumulated by Page & Steele Architects. Fonds includes architectural drawings, change notices, orders, specifications, contracts, tenders, correspondence, progress reports, accounting records, filed i...

Page & Steele Architects (firm)

Walter Moorhouse fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 231
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1909]-1957

The Walter Moorhouse fonds consists of photographs and motion picture film taken by Walter Moorhouse depicting Moorhouse’s family, his homes, and the community in which he lived. Moorhouse also captured the activities and students at the schools w...

Moorhouse, Walter, 1883-1957

William T. Clegg fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 232
  • Fundo
  • [ca.1832]-[ca.1845]

Fonds consists of watercolours depicting various locations on the Rideau Canal created by William T. Clegg. The watercolours may have been prepared to document the construction of the canal for presentation to visiting officials. The drawings are ...

Clegg, William T., 1796-1894

Anne M. Logan fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 238
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1975]-[ca. 1986]

Fonds consists of ca. 10,600 colour photographic prints and negatives depicting converted one-room schoolhouses. The photographs were taken in the course of Logan's research for the book "School's Out: A Pictorial History of Ontario...

Logan, Anne M.

Bill Montaigne fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 239
  • Fundo
  • 1946-1987

Fonds consists of photographic, textual, sound and moving images material created, accumulated, and maintained by Bill and Barbara Montaigne.Fonds includes black and white and colour photographic negatives depicting local community life and news e...

Montaigne, Bill, 1915-1988

Canada Packers fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 262
  • Fundo
  • 1845-1991

Fonds consists of textual records, photographs, sound and moving image materials pertaining to the personnel, facilities, products and activities of Canada Packers, Inc. and its various predecessor companies. Companies represented include the Will...

Canada Packers

Bellevue Pathé Quebec fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 263
  • Fundo
  • [ca. 1970]-1975

Fonds consists of films created by Bellevue Pathé Quebec for Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Trade and Development, as well as footage pertaining to Ontario Liberal Party candidate Harry Nixon's 1975 Ontario ge...

Bellevue Pathé Quebec

Dean Sherratt fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 265
  • Fundo
  • 1966-1975

Fonds is comprised of blueprint and diazo print copies of election district maps showing poll districts in 19 Metropolitan Toronto provincial ridings. The blueprints and diazo prints were used as base maps, with polls being coloured in on the maps...

Sherratt, Dean, 1954-

Addington District Women’s Institute fonds

  • Fundo
  • 1914-1993

The fonds consists of a Tweedsmuir History, minute and cash books, receipts and financial statements, reports and attendance register for the annual district meeting, pertaining to the activities of the Addington District Women’s Institute. Fonds ...

Addington District Women’s Institute

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family fonds

  • CA ON00351 GA 138
  • Fundo
  • [1877?]-1990

Fonds consists of material relating to the lives and activities of members of the Augustine, and Kaufman families of Kitchener, Ont. and of the Ham family of Toronto, in particular of the parents, aunt and grandparents of Mary Ham. Includes biogra...

Kauffman (family)

Town of Vaughan (Ont.). Cemetery Advisory Committee fonds

  • CA ON00373 RG 8A
  • Fundo
  • 1897-1986

The records of the Town of Vaughan Cemetery Advisory Committee reflect its functions and activities and include: plans, correspondence, sketches, occasional photoprints, slides, agreements, contracts, deeds, indentures and other legal documents, c...

Town of Vaughan (Ont.). Cemetery Advisory Committee.

A. Pacchiarotti fonds

  • CA ON00373 MG 4
  • Fundo
  • 1989

Fonds consists of images which were taken by Angela Pacchiarotti in an unofficial capacity documenting the presentation of original 1868 architectural plans of the Vellore School by the Vaughan Township Historical Society to Archives Vaughan in De...

Pacchiarotti, Angela, 1965-

Del Brocco family fonds : [ca. 1919-1949]

  • CA ON00373 M989.49
  • Fundo
  • Copied 1989

Fonds consists of photographs which chronicle the lives of the Del Brocco family and provide evidence regarding prevalent occupations, working conditions, modes and systems of transportation, architecture, landscapes, and styles of dress in the ea...

Del Brocco (family)

Ontario Office of the Registrar General fonds : [1800-1934]

  • CA ON00373 MG 18
  • Fundo
  • Microfilmed [ca. 1980]

Partial fonds constituted of index to land patents by township, 1793-1852, and by district, 1793-1825; district marriage registers, 1800-1870, 1896; and county marriage registers, 1833, 1841-1934; and Roman Catholic marriage registers, New Market ...

Ontario. Office of the Registrar General

Ray M. Hall fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 28
  • Fundo
  • 1916-1955

Fonds consists of ca. 200 architectural drawings of Galt architect, Ray M. Hall. Projects represented are predominantly from the Galt area and include: a building for Galt Malleable Iron Company, residences for the Hespeler Housing Commission, sto...

Hall, Ray M., 1892-1960

Charles Trevelyan fonds

  • CA ON00009 C 283
  • Fundo
  • 1929-1960

Fonds consists of home movie footage photographed by Charles Trevelyan. Fonds includes footage of the Trevelyan family fishing, swimming and boating at their cottage at Willow Beach on Lake Simcoe. Also included is footage depicting an early Shrin...

Trevelyan, Charles, 1896-1981

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