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Ellen and Margaret Batty

This image shows (left) Ellen Batty (Mrs. Cowherd) and (right) Margaret Batty (Mrs. Baston).

M.J. Brown

This image shows the interior of M.J. Brown's bicycle shop on Cork St.

Joseph Medill

This photograph is a copy photograph of Joseph Medill from Sandburg's book 'Life of Abraham Lincoln"

Baker Street

This image was taken on Baker St. looking south and shows the YMCA building and the Guelph Creamery.

Central School

This image shows the north east corner of Central school.

Allan's Mill

This image was taken from Horsman's Hill looking south west toward Allan's Bridge. In the foreground is Mr. Sayre's cottage now 30 Regent St.


This image shows the Priory after it became the CPR railway station.

Goldie's Dam Flood

This photograph shows the aftermath of the bursting of Goldie's Dam between Norwich and Eramosa Streets.

St. Stanislaus

This photograph shows the north side of St. Stanislaus Catholic Boys School on the corner of Northumberland and Dublin Streets.


This photograph shows, from left to right, Laura, Arthur, and Alice Higinbotham.

Group photo

The names of the people shown here are listed on the back of the original photograph.

Joseph Medill

This photograph shows Joseph Medill, owner of the Chicago Tribune and one of the founders of the Republican party of the USA.

Kloepfer Coal Yard

This photograph shows the Kloepfer Coal Yard, located on the corner of London Road East and Dufferin Street in Guelph.

Kenneth Parr

This photograph shows Kenneth Parr at the Kitchener-Waterloo Airport.

Douglas and Kenneth McGregor

This photograph shows Douglas and Kenneth McGregor. More detailed biographical information can be found on the back of the photograph.

Dr. Thomas Medill

This is a photograph of Thomas Medill at graduation. He died of tuberculosis after finishing his course in Chicago.

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