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The Higinbothams on the porch of Riverview

This image shows the Higinbothams and other relatives standing on the porch of their home "Riverview," situated at 5 Queen Street, Guelph. In front are William A. Higinbotham and John D. Higinbotham (holding doll). In the back stand W.Y....

Speed River

This photograph was taken from the Eramosa Bridge and may have been taken shortly after the carrying away of Allan's Dam in the spring of 1869 and before the building of the new dam.

Speedvale Mill

This photograph shows Speedvale Mill. The owners of the farms shown in this photograph, from left to right, were John Pipe, William Hood, and Richard Greet.

Armstrong's Mill

This photograph shows Armstrong's Mill located in Guelph township about three miles from Marden, Ontario.

City Hall

This photograph shows Guelph's former City Hall, located on Carden Street.

City Hall

This photograph looks west along Carden Street and on the left of the image is the former City Hall building of Guelph. The wood covered pavilion shown in front of City Hall was a vegetable market.

Lower Wyndham Street

This photograph looks north up Wyndham Street towards St. George's Square. In the Square can be seen St. George's Church and the Old Wellington Hotel.

Horsman's Hardware

This photograph shows the business area on Wyndham Street between Carden and Macdonell Streets. Shown are Horsman's Hardware store as well as the shops of John Hogg and James Cormack.

Wyndham and Carden Streets

This photograph shows the northeast corner of Carden and Wyndham Streets where stood the shop of James Cormack and Horsman Hardware.

St. George's Square

This photograph shows St. George's Square at Douglas St. and Quebec St.

Post Office

This photograph shows the Post Office at St. George's Square and Upper Wyndham St.

Douglas Street

This photograph looks down Douglas Street in Guelph to St. George's Church.

St. George's Church

This photograph looks west across the Speed River at St. George's Church, shortly after its construction.

St. George's Church

This photograph shows St. George's Church shortly after its construction.

St. George's Church

This photograph was taken from Horsman's Hill and shows St. George's Church from a distance.

St. Barthlolomew's Church

This photograph of St. Bartholomew's Church was taken on the day of the laying of the foundation stone of the Church of Our Lady by Bishop Connory, delegate apostolic. As the Church of Our Lady was built, it gradually replaced St. Bartholomew...

First Baptist Church

This photograph shows the First Baptist Church on Woolwich St. On May 7th, 1872, the cornerstone of the Baptist Church was laid by Rev. Thomas Leslie Davidson.

Old Collegiate

This photograph shows the Old Collegiate on Paisley and Yorkshire Streets, the predecessor to the Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute. Beside the main building is the drill shed.

James Anderson

This photograph, likely taken from a book or newspaper, shows James Anderson, first President of the South Wellington Agricultural Society.

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