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1992 event album

Photographs from a number of association events, including dinner meetings and holiday dinners. Individuals depicted in the photographs include: Susan Eng, Denise Bellamy, Nancy Miller, Mary Duncan, Dolores Morrell, Sylvia Watson, Mary Ellen Bench, Carolyn Tate, Lisa Osak, Deborah Ditchfield, Celia Hitch, Patricia Rae, Donna Cappon, Dorothy Krouskie, Linda Kolyn, Libby Burnham, Jill Doherty, Mary-Jo Egan, Judy Kingston, Sara Blake, Rosalind Morrow, Mary Satterfield, Dana Richardson, Madame Justice Susan Greer, Helene Yaremko-Jarvis, Anita Lerek, and Sandra Thwaites.

Photographs of Christmas Dinner, 1986

File consists of photographs from the Women's Law Association's Christmas Dinner at the Royal York Hotel. Individual's depicted in the photographs include: Margot Warren, Judge Marie Corbett, Sandra Chapnik, Madam Justice Van Camp, Helene Yaremko-Jarvis, Reine Reynolds, Tom Hendy, Pat Drozdoski, Fern Levis, Margaret Haig, Judy Hendy, Gillian Burton, and Sharon Miller.

Photographs of holiday party

File consists of photographs from the Women's Law Association holiday party. Individuals depicted in the photographs include: Professor Constance Backhouse, Honourable Justice Van Camp, Sandra Chapnick, Dana Richardson, Jill Dougherty, Mary Lorraine Gibson, Meredith Donohue, Rosalind Morrow, Helene Yaremko-Jarvis, and Carol Albert.

Photographs of holiday event

File consists of photographs of a Women's Law Association of Ontario holiday (Christmas) event. Depicted in the photographs are Elissa Gamus, Justice Susan Lang, Lisa Osak, Abby Bushby, and others.

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