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S.S. No. 6 Perry's Corners School fonds
Pièce · 1907-1944

The fonds consists of one ledger containing the minutes and financial records of the Trustees of S.S. No. 6 Perry’s Corners School between the years 1907 and 1944.

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Tecumseh United Church (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F2954 · Fonds · 1945-2008

Fonds consists of records of Tecumseh United Church, 1945-2008.

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Palgrave United Church (Ont.) fonds
CA ON00340 F2577 · Fonds · 1858-2006

Fonds consists of records of Palgrave Methodist Circuit (includes Palgrave, King Church in King Township, Siloh Church in Albion Township, Churchill Church in Tecumseth Township), 1885-1924; subscription lists of Shiloh Methodist Church in Albion Township, 1921; records of Palgrave Methodist Church, 1904-1918; records of Macville Methodist Church, 1913-1924; Sunday School membership lists of King Methodist Church in King Township, 1919-1922; Official Board minutes of Palgrave - Mono Mills Pastoral Charge (includes Palgrave Pastoral Charge [inlcudes Palgrave, Shiloh Church in Albion Township, King Church in King Township, Castlederg, Macville], Adjala, Hockley, Macville, Mono Mills, Palgrave), 1964-1973; records, including baptisms, 1914-1956, marriages, 1915-1948, burials, 1914-1951, of Bolton Pastoral Charge (includes Bolton, Palgrave, Macville, Castlederg, Palgrave Methodist Circuit, Palgrave Pastoral charge [includes Palgrave, King (now King City), Shiloh]), 1914-1957; records of Palgrave Pastoral Charge (includes Palgrave Methodist Circuit, Palgrave, Shiloh Church in Albion Township, King Church in King Township, Castlederg, Macville), 1918-1976; collection book of King United Church in King Township, 1919-1922; records of Macville United Church (includes Macville Methodist Church), 1924-1976; records of Castlederg United Church, 1933-1965; records, including baptisms, 1896-1910, baptism stubs, 1933-1941, marriages, 1858-1887, 1958, of Palgrave United Church (includes Albion Primitive Methodist Circuit [includes Bolton, Albion, Columbia (now Coventry), Tecumseth Township, Shiloh in Albion Township, Caledon East, King Township, Palgrave], Palgrave Methodist Circuit), 1858-2006.

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Windsor Maltese Community fonds
CA ON00354 F 0139 · Fonds · 1969-2019

This fonds consists of a single file containing five short histories (written 1969-2019) about aspects of the Maltese-Canadian community. As one of several significant settlement areas for Maltese immigrants in Canada, Windsor is featured prominently. Three of the items (including one early draft with handwritten corrections) are by Maltese-Canadian Windsorite Angelo Dougall; two are by Maltese-Canadian Dan Brock and originally appeared in a Maltese-Canadian newsletter.

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P. A. Taverner fonds
CA ON00259 SC51 · Fonds · 1890-1984, predominantly 1890-1947

Fonds consists of natural history notes, bird watching journals, correspondence, photographs and manuscripts belonging to Percy A. Taverner.

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Registered Plans
ON00098 MG11 A4 · Collection
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ON00098 MG11 A2 · Collection
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ON00098 MG11 A1 · Collection
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CA ON00126 F55 · Fonds · [between 1990 and 2004]

Fonds consists of minutes of the association including general, annual and quarterly meetings, the association’s newsletter Tree Talk, correspondence, promotional materials and architectural drawings.

Records have been arranged into five artifical series.

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Henry Law fonds
CA ON00126 F94 · Fonds · [19-?] - [20-?]

Fonds consists of the research interests of Henry Law who was an avid genealogist. His research interests included various families such as Law, Davis, Dennis, Dryden and more. Other families of interest included Marvin, Howelett, Hutchinson and Hungerford. There is also a file of letters or correspondence relating to his research requests and some handwritten notes on various families and or names he researched.

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Valerie Jackson estate fonds
CA ON00126 F93 · Fonds · [19-?], [191-?] - [198-?]

Fonds consists of photographs, slides, textual records documenting the life of Valerie Jackson and family. This fonds is arranged into two series.

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Girl with Rabbit
CA ON00126 F93-F93-0-1-F93-0-1-0-0-150 · Pièce · [195-?]
Fait partie de Valerie Jackson estate fonds

This photograph shows an unidentified girl holding on to a rabbit. A dog can also be seen in this image.

CA ON00126 F93-F93-0-1-F93-0-1-0-0-147 · Pièce · [197-?]
Fait partie de Valerie Jackson estate fonds

This photograph shows an unidentified man tending to a barbeque while two women can be seen sitting down facing the camera.