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Common Schools

This series contains letters, security bonds, receipts, reports, etc., relating to the various common schools within the District of Brock. The amount of information generated by the school sections increased each year as more children attended schools and as more requests were made for the building of new schools. From 1844-1847 there are numerous school reports from each Township Superintendent, teacher salary receipts, and financial reports. The District Superintendent also produced many reports, including several asking for an increase in school grants. In 1846, the School Act was repealed and the office of the Township Superintendent was abolished. From 1847-1850 all of the work had to be completed by the District Superintendent, the Rev. W.H. Landon. The School Act was again repealed in 1849.

This series is divided into the following subseries:

A) School Section Meetings (divided by Townships)
B) Financial
B1 – Trustees
B2 – Teachers
C) Reports (divided by Townships)
D) Correspondence

The first subseries is School Section Meetings and is arranged by Township. These meetings were held in the common school house for the purpose of nominating and appointing trustees.

The second subseries contains records relating to the apportionment of the School fund and includes a number of receipts and requisitions. The subseries is further broken down into two sub-subseries: Trustees and Teachers. Both contain records related to the payment of teachers' salaries and the appropriating of the School Fund.

The third subseries is divided by Townships and consists of entitled Reports and annual reports by the Town Superintendent for the District School Sections, which were sent to the District Superintendent. With the repeal of the School Act in 1846, the reports were created by the Trustees of the School Sections and sent to the District Superintendent.

The last subseries includes correspondence to and from the Superintendent of Education for the District of Brock and securities for that position. There is also correspondence to Council from the Township Superintendents regarding keeping the School Sections in their existing state. There are securities for the position of Township Superintendent and miscellaneous correspondence as well, including several related to the unbecoming behaviour of certain teachers.

District of Brock


This series contains a variety of petitions expressing concerns of councillors and inhabitants of the Brock District. This series is divided into the following subseries:

A) Council
B) Finance
C) Public Improvements
D) Common Schools
E) Miscellaneous

The first subseries includes petitions from Council to the Legislature and provide an excellent source of information on a variety of topics including taxation and the separation of certain portions of land from the District of Brock. Of particular interest is an agricultural petition which expressed that the concerns of the rural farmer seem secondary to the Government’s concerns for the merchants of Ontario.

The second subseries includes petitions from individuals relating to financial disputes, such as assessment, taxation, and payment for work completed.

The third subseries contains petitions referred to the Committee on Public Improvements and typically contains the name of an individual or freeholder, or a list of names of individuals requesting that road or bridge be built, or compensation made for land taken.

The fourth subseries contains petitions to the Committee of Common Schools and indicate the progression from the need expressed for the establishment of a new school section in 1845, through to the levying of taxes for teachers' salaries and the building of schools in 1847-1849.

The last subseries of petitions includes a number of concerns such as a request for an Inn license, the unfairness of the 1847 election, the moral and religious character of the works in the prison library, and the improper taxation for a dog which did not exist.

District of Brock