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R.A.M. Stewart fonds
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R.A.M. Stewart fonds

  • CA ON00126 F38
  • Fonds
  • [18-]-[1994?]

The fonds consists of records generated during the course of his work as a historian and a collector of historical records. Also included are records related to his family.The fonds is organized into seventeen series.

Stewart, Robert Alan McLean, 1916-2000

McIntosh Church

In this photograph is seen the McIntosh Church, located 2 1/2 miles east of Belmore, Ontario.

Russell Daly House

This photograph shows Russell Daly's house at Manor Park Crescent.

Metcalf and Grange Streets

This photograph shows the house owned by Mr. Yeates on the corner of Metcalf and Grange Streets. The house was turned 90 degrees in 1914.

Guelph Fire Department

This photograph shows the Guelph Fire Department in St. George's Square with mayor John Hamilton holding the reins.

Suburban Electric car

This is a photograph of the first Toronto Suburban electric car to come to Guelph. The photo was taken by Bay Street in Guelph.

R.A.M. Stewart unpublished picture histories

This series consists of 6 loosely bound volumes containing photocopies of newspaper articles, photographs, essays, mansucripts, pamphlets, booklets, advertisements, genealogical trees, maps, and telephone directories collected and assembled by Rob...

Old Boys reunion

This photograph shows the Old Boy Reunion parade in St. George's Square.

Old Boys reunion

This photograph shows the Old Boys Reunion parade with a marching band.

Old Home Week

This photograph shows St. George's Square looking north This photograph shows celebrations during Old Home Week.

Old Home Week

This photograph shows the Old Home Week parade with a marching band moving down Wyndham St.

Train wreck

This photograph shows the train wreck at Tramor's cut across from the Ontario Reformatory.

R.A.M. Stewart military photographs

This series consists of photographs of Guelph and area militia and military installations. Included in this series are photographs of Robert Stewart and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Centralia and #6 Stations, and RCAF Avro trainers. These recor...

Auro trainer

This photograph shows an Avro Anson trainer plane flying some where over Ontario. This plane was flown by Robert Stewart during World War II.

RCAF Avro trainer

This photograph shows an RCAF Avro trainer in flight over Ontario.

David E Hastings

This is a photograph of David Hastings who was mayor of Guelph from 1958-1960.

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