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Naval Intelligence Report
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-127-314-1 · Pièce · 1887-1888
Fait partie de Shephard Fonds

An 1890 Naval Intelligence Department report on the comparison on the naval fleets of England, France and Russia.

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-117-188-3 · Pièce · 1938
Fait partie de Shephard Fonds

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. England and Wales. Contents includes:

Part I

Table of Geological Formations
Description of Formations

Superficial Deposits
Beds Below the Chalp

Part II
Abbreviations, Explanations, and List of Well Sinkers
Maps and Catalogues of Wells

CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-116-285-11 · Pièce · August 1, 1939
Fait partie de Shephard Fonds

Note No. H.O.P.P./25. Report on the strength tests taken on different trench linings including "Plain reinforced concrete slabs" , "Corrugated Slabs" , "Cast Iron" , "Timber". Different yields of explosives were detonated nearby to test the different linings' resistance.

Safety of Air Raid Shelters
CA ON00411 MG-0002-6-122-304-10 · Pièce · February 24, 1939
Fait partie de Shephard Fonds

Brief providing analysis on the effectiveness of air-raid shelters in minimizing casualties from aerial bombing by mapping casualty rates. Provides examples and calculations.