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Kitchener meteorological fonds

  • CA ON00247 2006A065
  • Fonds
  • 1914-1977

Fonds consists of records created by Daniel Heisey (1914-1924), Mrs. Louise Heisey (1924-1931), Norm Helmuth (1931-1938) and Ernie Ronnenberg (1938-1977), who were observers for the Meteorological Service Office and later the Meteorological Division of the Federal Government of Canada. Records include meteorological registers, climatological registers, instructions and maximum/minimum temperature log sheets. Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Meteorological Registers, 1914-1977
Maximum and Minimum Temperature log sheets, 1915-1973

Canada. Meteorological Service (Kitchener)

Waterloo Region Social Resources Council fonds

  • CA ON00247 96A003; 4-20/SRC
  • Fonds
  • 1974-1995, predominant 1978-1995

The fonds consists of records generated by the Social Resources Council and its various standing, advisory, special and ad hoc committees in the course of local planning for voluntary and government social services in Waterloo Region from 1974 to 1995. Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Social Resource Council annual reports and publications, 1978-1995
Social Resources Council meeting packages, 1978-1995
Social Resources Council standing committee records, 1978-1995
Planning group and advisory committee records, 1979-1995
Special and dd hoc committee records, 1981-1990
Annual Think Tank records, 1980-1994
Joint Health and Social Services Committee recordss, 1979-1985
Reorganization records, 1984-1986
Social planning and Council history records, 1974-1989
Personnel records, 1981-1995
Financial records, 1988-1993
Health and Social Planning Steering Committee agendas and minutes, 1974-1977

Waterloo Region Social Resources Council

Township of Waterloo fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1855-1973

Fonds contains records created by the Township of Waterloo from 1850 to 1972. The records include agendas, minutes, journals of proceedings and by-laws, financial records, assessment rolls, collector's rolls, by-laws, contracts, agreements, correspondence, voters lists, dog tax lists, tavern petitions, and public notices. The fonds is comprised of the following series:

Township of Waterloo Committee of Adjustment minutes, 1963-1972
Township of Waterloo Committee of Adjustment applications for consent, 1965-1972
Township of Waterloo Committee of Adjustment administrative records, 1962-1970
Township of Waterloo journals of proceedings and by-laws, 1889-1896
Township of Waterloo minutes of meetings for selection of jurors, 1879-1886
Township of Waterloo Committee of the Whole minutes, 1965-1972
Township of Waterloo Standing Committee minutes, 1854-1964
Waterloo Township Planning Board minutes, 1948-1972
Statutes of Upper Canada, 1853
Township of Waterloo roads ledger, 1945-1972
Township of Waterloo journal of transactions and explanations, 1966-1972
Township of Waterloo consolidated by-laws, 1913
Township of Waterloo by-laws, 1854-1972
Township of Waterloo road by-law index cards, ca. 1972
Township of Waterloo assessment rolls, 1853-1970
Township of Waterloo assessment field books, 1956-1960
Township of Waterloo collector's rolls, 1854-1960
Township of Waterloo election material, 1899-1948
Township of Waterloo debentures, 1920-1978
Township of Waterloo contract and agreements, 1855-1914
Clerk Gordon Cooper correspondence, 1973-1976
Township of Waterloo auditor's reports, 1970
Township of Waterloo accounts ledger, 1953-1972
Township of Waterloo road operations, 1967-1972
Township of Waterloo collector's report to treasurer of taxes received, 1944-1956
Township of Waterloo women voters assessment rolls, 1921-1922
Township of Waterloo voters lists, 1855-1879
Township of Waterloo dog tax list, 1866-1867
Township of Waterloo Council minutes, 1879-1972
Township of Waterloo Clerk’s Department, 1855-1973
Local Board of Health for the Township of Waterloo minutes, 1891-1960
Local Board of Health for the Township of Waterloo correspondence, 1952
Township of Waterloo petitions for licensing inns and tavers, 1853-1854
Township of Waterloo receipts, 1850-1853
List of Quakers, Menonites, [sic], and Tunkers liable to pay exempt money, 1852

Waterloo (Ont. : Township)

Elmira Public Library fonds

  • CA ON00247 2009A004
  • Fonds
  • 1888-2008, predominant 1888-1988

The fonds consists of records from the Elmira Mechanic’s Institute, Elmira Public Library, Elmira Branch of the County of Waterloo Library and Elmira Branch of the Region of Waterloo Library. These records document the activities of the different forms of the Library from 1888 until 1988. The records were created by the Elmira Mechanic’s Institute Board, Elmira Public Library Board and librarians. The records consist of minute books, cash books, reports, membership lists, roll and record books, accession books, letters, notes, invitations, receipts, posters, printing plates, newspaper clippings, plans, drawings, specifications, library cards, book bags, photographs and negatives. The fonds is arranged into 9 series.

Fonds is comprised of the following series: Library Board minutes, 1888-1956; Financial records, 1915-1942; Reports, 1918-1974; Membership, 1888-1968; Accession books, 1908-1969; Building and ground plans, 1910-1995; Library history, 1912-2008; Artifacts, 1967-2008, Oral histories, 1974-1983.

Elmira Mechanic's Institute

New Dundee Public Library fonds

  • CA ON00247 2009A041
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1969

The New Dundee Public Library fonds documents the activities of the Library and its Librarians from 1900 to 1969. The fonds consists of a membership book, membership lists, cash account books, annual reports, circulation registers and registers of books donated and purchased as well as the original library stock catalogue book. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Minutes and memberships, Financial records, Annual reports, Circulation and cataloguing records.

New Dundee Public Library

Townline Community Club

  • CA ON00247 TCC
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1967

This fonds contains records relating to the operation and history of the Townline Community Club, a club that was active in the areas of Dumfries and Blenheim townships between 1929 and 1967. The fonds includes minute books, a history of the Club written by its members and a set of yearly programmes showing the activities of the club. This fonds contains three series.

County of Waterloo fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1829-1973, predominant 1852-1972

Fonds consists of the County of Waterloo records, which document the activities of successive county administrations beginning in 1852 through to dissolution in 1972.

The records document the development of the County of Waterloo from a predominantly rural to an increasingly urbanized community. The records include letterbooks, council and committee minutes and reports, by-laws, correspondence, assessment records, property deeds and sales, and financial registers. They comprise bound books, handwritten and typed records, ledgers, and registers. Fonds also includes several photographs of council members. The fonds is arranged into the following series.

County of Waterloo Clerk/Treasurer letterbooks, 1852-1909
County of Waterloo Auditors' abstracts and statements, 1864-1970
County of Waterloo Financial day books, 1852-1919
County of Waterloo Accounting ledgers, 1852-1971
County of Waterloo accounts, 1851-1968
County of Waterloo Treasurer's cash books, 1852-1972
County of Waterloo committee reports, 1866-1972
County Engineer and Roads Superintendent records, 1861-1972
County of Waterloo property sales and taxe records, 1853-1948
County of Waterloo census records, 1966-1967
County of Waterloo Financial records, 1852-1971
County of Waterloo Assessment Commissioner records, 1951-1967
County of Waterloo Clerk-Treasurer's correspondence A, 1939-1972
County of Wateloo council minutes, 1852-1972
County of Waterloo Roads and Bridges Committee records, 1907-1972
Suburban Road commissions records, 1917-1972
County of Waterloo committee minutes, 1861-1971
County of Waterloo budgets, 1966-1972
Court house building, 1957-1966
County of Waterloo journals of proceedings, reports and by-laws, 1852-1972
County of Waterloo Centennial records, 1952
County of Waterloo Clerk-Treasurer's correspondence B, 1943-1973
County of Waterloo land deeds, 1829-1972
Waterloo Area Local Government Review records, 1966-1972
Association of Counties and Regions of Ontario convention records, 1967-1971
County of Waterloo Clerk-Treasurer's correspondence C, 1956-1973
County of Waterloo Assessment rolls, 1854-1968
Old Age Pension and Mothers' Allowance Local Board records, 1920-1949
Indigent hospitalization records, 1942-1973
Waterloo County forests records, 1943-1968
County of Waterloo Weed Inspector records, 1950-1970
County of Waterloo Clerk's Return and Declaration of Office records, 1950-1970
Children's Aid Society records, 1934-1972
County of Waterloo by-laws, 1852-1972
Waterloo County Board of Education records, 1965-1972
House of Industry and Refuge records, 1869-1972
Waterloo County Court house records, 1858-1871
County of Waterloo corporate seal, n.d.
County of Waterloo photographs, 1890-1972
Waterloo County Hospital Planning Council records, 1971
Waterloo County Area Planning Board records, 1964-1972
Ciounty of Waterloo Clerk's records, 1950-1974
County of Waterloo Committee of Adjustment records, 1965-1979
Regional Jail Sub-Committee records, 1965
County of Waterloo directories, 1971-1972
Waterloo County Library records, 1956-1975
Marriage Returns to the County Clerk, 1858-1969
County of Waterloo Warden's Dinner programme. 1972

Waterloo (Ont. : County)

Kitchener-Waterloo Track and Field Association fonds

  • CA ON00247 94A008
  • Fonds
  • 1970-1993

Fonds consists of records that document the activities of the Kitchener-Waterloo Track and Field Association from its inception in 1970 until 1993. The series illustrate the operations of the Association and its relationship with the community, as well as, documenting the KWTFA’s relationship with its athletes and the community as well as its legal records and organizational structure.

Fonds is comprised of the following series: Executive administrative records, Community events, Marketing, Financial records, Communications, Membership records, Member events, Legal documents.

Kitchener-Waterloo Track and Field Association

Town of Elmira fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1887-1981, predominant 1887-1972

Fonds consists of administrative records of the Town of Elmira: assessment rolls, collector's rolls, by-laws, birth death and marriages registers, list of voters, correspondence as well as other legal records and agreements, taxation documents, accounts and receipt ledgers and council and committee minutes. Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Elmira Town Clerk, 1887-1936
Elmira Town Treasurer, 1887-1936
Elmira Town Clerk-Treasurer, 1937-1973
Elmire Municipal Council, 1887-1972
Elmira Union Cemetery Company, 1884-1926
Elmira Public Utilities Commission, 1908-1977
Elmira Local Board of Health, 1897-1919
Elmira Arena Citizens Advisory Committee, 1979-1981
Elmira fire insurance plans, 1923, 1937
Elmira architectural and cartographic records, 1933, 1971
Unemployment Relief Committee, 1930-1936 C
Elmira Committee of Adjustments, [ca.1965]-1972
Elmira Library Board, 1905-1967
Elmira Planning Board, 1947-1972
Elmira Welfare Board [ca.1936]-[ca.1941]
Elmira Centennial Committee, 1966-1967

Elmira (Ont. : Town)

St. Jacobs Public Library fonds

  • CA ON00247 2009A040
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1971

The St. Jacobs Public Library fonds document the activities of the library and its librarians from 1933 to 1971. The fonds consists of membership books, cash books, bank books, invoice books and petty cash books, bills and receipts, annual reports and grant forms, miscellaneous correspondence, circulation registers and registers of books donated, purchased or disposed and the original 1933 building specifications. For the most part, this fonds was arranged according to the order in which it was received. Fonds is comprised of the following series:

St. Jacobs Library membsership books, 1934-1968
St. Jacobs Library financail records, 1934-1971
St. Jacobs Library administrative records, 1934-1968
St. Jacobs Library circulation and cataloguing records, 1934-1969
St. Jacobs Library building specifications, 1933
St. Jacobs Library Board minutes, 1934-1967

St. Jacobs Public Library

Blenheim-Dumfries Farm Women's Club

  • CA ON00247 BDFWC
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1982

This fonds contains records from the Blenheim-Dumfries Farm Women's Club. The fonds contains records relating to the operation and history of the Club, and include annual reports, financial records, a written history of the club, minute books and several documents relating to the history of the Club and its 50th Anniversary in 1970. This fonds contains six series.

Ayr Women's Hospital Aid Association

  • CA ON00247 AWHAA
  • Fonds
  • 1927-1956

This fonds contains records relating to the operation of the Ayr Women's Hospital Aid Association. These records include minute books, financial and annual reports, receipts, their constitution, questionnaires from the Freeport Sanitarium and newspaper clippings. This fonds is arranged into eight series.

G.E. Duff Wilson fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1946-1969

The fonds consist of hand-written and typed records created by G.E. Duff Wilson, Medical Officer of Health for the Kitchener Department of Health. They include information regarding community health issues with a focus on prevention and education, the Stanley Leavine Building construction and opening, financial statements, and annual reports written by the Medical Officer of Health to the Kitchener Board of Health.

The annual reports are primarily those of the Kitchener Department of Health, however, there are some typed and hand-written annual reports (1961-1966) by Allan S. Taylor MD, Medical Officer of Health for the Waterloo County Health Unit. In 1968, Allan S. Taylor MD passed away prior to the amalgamation of the Kitchener Department of Health and Waterloo County Health Unit. It is probable that Wilson acquired Taylor’s reports following the amalgamation when he accepted the position of Medical Officer of Health, Waterloo County Health Unit that same year. The 1968 and 1969 annual reports for the Waterloo County Health Unit were written by G.E. Duff Wilson. The reports offer historical information on the continuity, change, and transition of health services in Kitchener and the County of Waterloo.

Fonds is comprised of the following series: Public Health diploma records Medical Officer of Health, Kitchener Department of Health records Annual reports Financial records Stanley Leavine Building records

Wilson, G.E. Duff

Township of Woolwich fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1851-2007

Series consists of administrative records; assessment rolls, public notices, by-laws, birth death and marriages registers, correspondence as well as other legal records and agreements, taxation documents, accounts and receipt ledgers, job cost ledgers, council minutes, council resolutions, local board of health records, and LACAC records. Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Township Clerk, 1852-2007
Treasurer, 1852-2007
Clerk-Treasurer, 1952-1972
Municipal Council, 1851-2007
Local Board of Health, 1884-1972
Woolwich Agricultural Society, 1895-2007
St. Jacobs Snider Memorial Park Board, 1956-[ca. 1967]
Woolwich Township Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, 1975-[ca. 1990s]
Woolwich Township Arena Committee, 1973-[ca. 1989]
Township of Woolwich Committee of Adjustment, [ca. 1960]-2007
Township of Woolwich Planning Board, 1957-1972
Police Village of St. Jacobs, ca. 1900-1972
Woolwich Township Parks and Recreation Committee, [ca. 1970s]-1973

Woolwich (Ont. : Township)

Fred Kent fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1994-2003, predominant 1998-2003

Fonds consists of project records collected by Fred Kent and accumulated during the daily business of the Councillor’s Office at the Region of Waterloo from 1994 to 2003. The records in this series consist of originals and copies of letters, memorandums, reports, maps, drawings, newspaper clippings, newsletters, media releases, conference packages, and meeting notes, agendas, minutes, and supporting documentation.

These records document Fred Kent’s involvement in the Planning and Works, and Administration and Finance committees, including his work with the Cambridge Area Route Selection Study (CARSS), and the Growth Management Strategy.

Kent, Fred

Ayr Travel Club

  • Fonds
  • 1911-1979

Fonds consists of records relating to the operation and history of the Ayr Travel Club. The fonds contains minute books, annual programs and reports, financial records, the club Constitution, papers relating to individual members and keepsakes from the Club's anniversaries. This fonds is arranged into eight series.

John A. Thackeray Fonds

  • CA ON00247 JT
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1942

The fonds consists of negatives created by John Allen Elbridge Ivison Thackeray while he lived in Waterloo County. The images include a variety of subjects: people; the Royal visit to Kitchener on June 6, 1939; a tank parade; camping; buildings; the beach at Owen Sound; and objects.

John Allen Elbridge Ivison Thackeray

Marvin C. Smith fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1850-1980

The Marvin C. Smith fonds consists of photographs and textual records related to Marvin Smith's family history and the history of St. Jacobs, Ontario. Featured are photographs of the Oscar J. Smith Shoe Store which operated in St. Jacobs from ca. 1898 - 1950. Several of the photographs in the Marvin C. Smith fonds were featured in Virgil Emerson Martin's book "The Early History of Jakobstettel" (1979). The book provides contextual historical information about the Smith family and items featured in the fonds.

Marvin Carl Smith was born on February 24th, 1910 in Waterloo County, Ontario and passed away in 2000. His parents were Oscar John Smith (January 1st, 1879 - June 1963) and Clara (Cress) Smith (June 24th, 1878 - October 12th, 1969). Oscar John Smith owned and operated the Oscar J. Smith Shoe Store in St. Jacobs, Ontario. The store was established in 1898, renovated in 1906 and served the community until the 1950's.

Marvin Carl Smith

Craig A. Campbell fonds

  • CA ON00247 CC
  • Série organique
  • 1922 - 2012

The Craig A. Campbell fonds consist of research of threatened and endangered flora and fauna in the Region of Waterloo. Textual records consists of research related to conservation, botany, herpetology, mammalogy and ornithology, observational records, correspondence related to research and naturalist organizations, published articles and books, field notes, records created by Gerald W. Knechtel and Willard H. Schaefer. Graphic records include photographs and photograph negatives of amphibians, birds, plants, mammals, Environmentally Sensitive Areas etc. Fonds also includes cartographic records and botany diagrams.

Campbell, Craig

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Chief Administrative Officer fonds

  • CA ON00247 Series 11
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2000, predominant 1973-1997

The fonds consists of files generated by the Chief Administrative Officer's department at the Region of Waterloo. These files contain correspondences between the Chief Administrative Officer and Regional directors, internal and external committees, the province of Ontario and external organizations. Included with the correspondences are original and file copy reports, minutes, memorandums, charts, maps, plans, agreements, proposals, newsletters and photographs. A small portion of these records are on microfilm. The fonds also contains photographs, slides and negatives created between 1991 and 2000 by staff photographer, Earl Evens of the Chief Administrative Officer's department. These images cover a wide range of topics from the everyday business of the Region to special events.

Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Chief Administrative Officer

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