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Armstrong's Mill

This photograph shows Armstrong's Mill, a general store, an icehouse, and a driving shed.

Armstrong's Mill

This photograph shows Armstrong's Mill in the township of Guelph in 1969.

F.B. Skinner

This photograph shows the residence of F.B. Skinner

Exhibition Park

This photograph shows two constables playfully arresting a baseball player from the Guelph team.

CNR platform

This photograph shows four unidentified women standing on a platform of the Guelph CNR station.


This photograph shows school S.S.# 4 in Aberfoyle.


This photograph shows a young boy standing by a windmill on the farm of Archie Fraser in the Yore of Puslinch

Gow's Bridge

Gow's Bridge, on Waterloo Street, is shown here.

St. George's Square

This photograph looks north into St. George's Square shortly after the turn of the 20th century. The Customs House is figured prominently in the centre of the image.

Guelph Old Boys reunion

This photograph shows the Old Boys reunion parade at the corner of Carden and Wyndham St.

Mahoney Block

This photograph shows a group of men standing in front of the Mahoney Block in St. George's Square. Left to right: John J. Mahoney, Harley Mahoney, W. Barton, Harry Mahoney, Jeff D Mahoney, William A Mahoney, Dick Mahoney, Richard Mahoney,...

Eramosa Bridge

This photograph shows the Eramosa Bridge at the Speed River. Just prior to this picture, Robert Stewart had his factory here before moving to Wyndham Street in 1869.

St. George's Square

This image shows a photographic copy of a postcard showing the bus circle in St. George's Square.

Wyndham Street

This photograph shows Wyndham Street with St. George's Church in St. George's Square.

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